Friday, August 31, 2001
August 2001 - 08/31/2001

Oh,how time flew. I'm just throwing this last entry up for August because I didn't write anything else in the month. WTF happened? Where the hell did it go? DAMN!I Well, on a positive note the loathe that was a part of my life had a little 'assistance' from me with a certain search. = ) It's great when patience and honestly pay off. The truth, ahh, what a great thing it is. I was asked my opinion and my reasons for someone being my loathe and I was able to share. Ahhhhhhhh. Satisfaction ...<- meaning -> out

August 2001 - 08/31/2001

Nearly ten days now I've been away from this machine. The update machine from Hades! Last week can be summed up, but it can only be summed up with many words - making it a lengthy summary. DIG?

Fri - Kazi arrived. Went to a kick ass BYOB Restaurant named - MEMORY GAP. Went home saw my Aunt from Cali at my Aun'ts from Connecticut. Went home. Slept

Sat -

Sun - Jumped from another plane after many hours spent waiting for the skies to clear up. Went home and watched Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Not the shortest title out there, but one helluva flic. Everyone jumped by the way. The worst injury of the day was suffered by some short asian chick. Her nose started bleeding either on the way down or just before. Damn altitude huh!? Opps for you

Mon -

Tue - New York City, the city that never sleeps. Guys what boys and girls, at 5 PM Virgin Records was closed for Usher. I responded to this along with Kazi-man in the following way "Who the fuck is Usher?!" The POlice man we spoke to asked the same thing. He along with his 5 or 6 other buddies were lucky to 'ward off shoppers'!!!!!!! Hello, I want to spend money in your store!!! Silliness. SUPREME silliness. Not like it's in the CENTER OF NEW YORK CITY OR ANYTHING!!!!!! WTF!

Oh yes. Kazi wanted to get food. He said "How about TGIF?" I replied "Enn, I've never had good service there dude." He said, it's right here, let's go in." I followed. After we were sent to the second floor only to see nobody there to help us. About 4-5 minutes later we were seated. Then, it took about, lemme think back... ah yes, another 5 minutes just to SEE a waitress - she almost went to a table seated after us mind you. AWFUL EXPERIENCE - yet again. TGIF peeps, it happens at more than one store. Sorry to say it, but you're not winning the race. That type of service along with the disgusting heat on the street, not good. Not good at all.

Wed - ALUM TIME! Kazi and I spent a good 4-5 hours at TPU chattin and chillin with old friends. A pretty cool day. It felt good to be on a campus again. This day really helped me to clear my head related to work and the type of atmosphere I like. Take a gander what I'm refering too. Hehehehe. Oh PAT?! Got a sec? I'd like to talk to your woman and see what thoughts she has regarding a certain Univ. = )

Damn, this is pretty long.

Thu - Money earned allows for money to be spent. = ) Headed out to Woodbury Commons to enjoy the hell outta the sales all around. What impaired us though? Well, let's see, the FRIGGIN HEAT! The wind was warmer than the ground. Kazi, Tieu and I all spent our money nicely though. We did it people, we braved the heat, and we won. Though not as easily as you might think. We fought back with: Lemon Ice, H2O, Nestea, H2O, Nestea, various food, etc. YEA! Unhuh, take THAT Mother (ewwww) Nature. That's what I thought.

Fri -

Sat - Salem, MA is far away. VERY VERY far away. It's so far away that there were mad cars in the way to get there. Yes indeedily Ned, there was traffic up the WAAAAAAZOO! Not once, not twice, not enough for the traffic gods to chuckle at that is. Well, after we arrived in Salem the search went on to explore history. FYI -- get there early, nearly everything closes at 5 PM. Yes, 5 PM. It felt like a tourist attraction, not a relic of American History. Who's the marketing genious that came up with that? Not a bad excursion though.

We hit something called Medival Manor in Boston on the way home for dinner. That is, after the 5 to 10 attempts to find the place. The three of us in my car were a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit agitated. The meal and entertainment was well worth the stress though. I HIGHLY recommend this place. We did the 9:30 dinner and didn't get back till 2. Guess what. It didn't matter. Do it, go there; laugh and be merry.

Sun - An old friend of ours from Univ. came over to see Kazi off. She, wildly enough, has over 11 jumps under her belt. That's out of an airplane folks. Go Senior! After that Mon and I brought Kazi to the airport at JFK. This wasn't as hard as it has been in the past. I think I'm getting used to seeing people leave for long periods of time. Hmm, a good thing? I'd like to think so. Of course on the way home mid Sunday afternoon we hit traffic. Yes, at 2 PM on a Sunday there was traffic. ??? Well, we made it through and all was well and good after we got back. I do know that I'm not driving much for a few days now.

There we go, One week of Kazi visitation. After more than 1,000 miles and hours upon hours of talking I'd say that it's time for me to visit Kazi in Japan. Umm... Ok, next year...<- meaning -> out

Thursday, August 09, 2001
August 2001 - 08/09/2001

Again, I repeat - I hate this weather. I actually attempted that 'shopping' thing at Woodbury Commons in NY. I did my best and walked away with some great deals. I don't need to work out with the weather the way it is, I think I've actually lost some weight regardless of all the nights out at various restaurants. I need to cool off. I think I feel my skin melting at the moment...<- meaning -> out

Wednesday, August 08, 2001
August 2001 - 08/06-08/2001

Humidity is something I will never get used to. I hate this weather...<- meaning -> out

Sunday, August 05, 2001
August 2001 - 08/05/2001

Kazi has arrived and he's happy to be back. Goooooo Kazi! Ever been to Nata's in Branford? No? Go there. Bring cash and your own drinks. you'll be very very very happy that you did. Oh, that pic you see there... that's where the bastard works. Damn you and your revolution.

Ever heard of a JOY PAD before? Check out this great product at Sigma Koki! Just look at the Product information.

Today I am the only person to think this thought... Don't you bloodly wish you knew what it was...<- meaning -> out

Wednesday, August 01, 2001
August 2001 - 08/01/2001
Hello August. Just wanted to say hi.<- meaning -> out
August 2001

Monthly ramble: garyploski.COM is here when the mind is willing and the time is able. D'oh, I mean when the spawns are chilling and the chef is able. GAH! Lemme try that again. garyploski.COM is HERE because it can be - deal with it.

And a-one and a-two and-a one, two, three...

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