Thursday, February 28, 2002
February 2002 - 02/20-28/2002

The Wrap

Many things have happened since my last couple posts. I'm quite late it seems, whoops = ) all right, here's the lowdown that I can recall:

I paid the damn infraction - I am still pissed about that bloody thing.

I've roped three people into a trip to Japan! Hell yea. Within one night the number doubled from 2 to 4. BT, YB, and PM will travel 14 hours with me for a 10 day trip in the land of the Rising Sun. ROCK!

As I mentioned 'the door' FINALLY told me some things I needed to know about. Good? Nah. Fact, ayup. My options are limited as they have always been, but at least I know where I stand now.

Speaking of which, I've actually met a certain X chromosome at class...

Continuing with the ex topic, a certain person from my past (that is quite far away) has found the Internet to be an extremely cheap and effective way of reaching me. We've built up something that was there a long time ago - 1993 to be specific - but faded due to time and distance.

All in all, a pretty damn good wrap up to a month I must say...<- meaning -> out

Monday, February 18, 2002
February 2002 - 02/18/2002


1st - the recyclable were not picked up even though schedule is slated for today.

2nd - work was a battle or ridiculousness even though it was super dead since the markets were closed.

3rd - I fucking hate cops. Yes that's the first time I've ever spelt out fucking - oh and look, the second.

On a twisted positive note I now know where I stand with 'the door'. Yea me. As I said to myself earlier 'The rips are now visible, now let the healing begin.'

What a fucking day. I HATE COPS! HATE THEM! I'm going to go to class now and sing a song about love. Ah yes how nice huh. It's called -- Fallin' -- and goes a little like this...

I'm afraid to fly,
and I don't know why

I'm jealous of the people
who are not afraid to die.

It's just that I recall,
back when I was small,

someone promised that they'd catch me,
then they let me fall; and now I'm fallin',
fallen fast again.

Why do I always take a fall
when I fall in love.

Just gets ya right there doesn't it. ))sigh((...<- meaning -> out

Sunday, February 17, 2002
February 2002 - 02/17/2002

Returning to the day to day

Look at that, 3 straight days of updates. Hmm, I think I'm getting back into it. Hey Hey Hey! NY was a great release. I spent lots-a money on that hooker, I MEAN, the CD's, DVD & TAPE!!! Heh, that slipped out didn't it. Heh, whoops. I could be slimmy and delete it but I'll live with the repercussions. Damn.

Garbage - Beautiful Garbage (Japanese Import), Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and two THUMB presentations - Thumb Wars & The Blair Thumb. = ) All is fine and good with the listening and viewing world now. Ahhh glee and bliss. Now all I need to do is see LOTR again with 'the door' and my eyes will be pleased all around - yup, all around - you read into that properly mr/ms reader.

Regarding the 'changing of my actions' toward women and how I can find happiness I am making progress. I feel that the first step has been taken and many more are to follow. I feel better, though I still want to clear up some truths that are out there waiting for me to learn about. Once that objecive is complete I expect to proceed nicely nicely...<- meaning -> out

Saturday, February 16, 2002
February 2002 - 02/16/2002

Time creates numbness

A Beautiful Mind was endearing and yes, it was beautiful. I highly recommend this film to the general audience as well as the actor sort out there. Crowe makes a wonderful transition from a freshman in University to the present. $8, $5, $3.75, whatever you pay -go see it. It's well worth it.

On another note, the Britney Spears flic came out last night. Reviews aren't very positive, though the film will bring in a reasonable share from the weekend. I read a review from a fan (I believe) and felt the need to share it with you/me/everyone. I'll let you decide what type of audience this film is bringing in:

Get Yours Girl 5 Stars (The post at yahoo) by: swcgetspaid
02/16/02 03:52 pm rating: * * * * *
All you people can say what ever you want. I didn't think the movie was Academy material, but come on, let's face it! she's know dummy. She's paid in full. Keep your thumb out as she passes you in one of her 2002 Bentley's. Jelousy will get you know where!! When was the last time you where in a motion picture????? Whens the last time you sold 7 million CD's. If she can't sing, act, or dance I'll say she's pretty f**cking smart!. I say you go girl!!!

Feel better "noing" what you know now? Oy. The post from last night about "The big 'W'", well, I still feel it. I didn't do anything to resolve it either. Though I am considering a venture to NY to visit some friends. WTF, why not. The car is clean, the night is quiet and I don't feel like being around people just to hear the same conversations. Hmm, I'll know soon, in about 10 minutes soon...

About 1 hour later - I had to do somethings to the pc, like delete about 200 messages in the sent folder. After a phone call, a call back, and some directions, I do be doin the goin'. Mileage here I come...<- meaning -> out

Friday, February 15, 2002
February 2002 - 02/15/2002

The big 'W'

farce - (www.m-w.com) -- 4 a : ridiculous or empty show

Yes, the term/word 'What-ever' is on my mind. Why? Well, I've come to the conclusion I am a farce when the topic is that of relationships. How so? Well, well, well, isn't that an interesting question. I've realized 2 way roads last probably as long as Windows OS. There are rare instances, but in general, Windows OS is a nearly the perfect comparison. I'm far from perfect, do this isn't a preaching session. FAR FROM IT. I just know that I need to 'not care' because when I do I get to that second stage 'anger' - I don't like that stage. Denial is pretty simple to cope with. But the anger thing. BLEH.

Now I've learned that absolute disclosure of all information can be extremely dangerous and possibly very final. With that understanding I decree - "I ain't changin that philosophy boy-o." How about partial truths Gar? Quite effective for the good and bad. Ever try to pull a surprise on someone? Partial truths work quite well. Sometimes flat out lying is required. Huh, I've gone from 'whatever' to 'truth vs. lie' Heh, neat. As I was blabbing aloud. Each lie/truth/partial lie or partial truth is more situations that one might ever think.

Where are the lines though? I'll tell you, from my POV, when someone DIRECTLY related to a circumstance is affected by influence (internal or external) the persons DIRECTLY related to the issue need to know something whether it be partial or complete truth. Sure it could fuc someone up for a little while, but it is needed. Imagine finding out one week after the fact only to have someone say, 'well, i wanted to tell you but i thought you might be upset.' FUC'n tell me so I CAN CHOSE whether or not to be upset thanks. Let me be my judge, jury, and executioner.

Rant rant rant. Blah blah blah. Yadda yadda yadda. The last series was the most difficult to type if you were wondering. So, I'll end this purging with one last spew wrapping up why I am a farce when the topic comes to relationships. I keep hidden (emotionally) for too long and I reveal myself at the wrong time/too late (emotionally). I have managed to complete this cycle multiple times so I'm sure of it. It's not that I've seen it happen once and said "EUREKA I've got it!" - Some other guy said that first. = )

Seriously, I'm a techy, I look for patterns and this is one. What am I going to do about it? Hmm, goo question to ponder. I think it's time to reassess my actions when it comes to dating/relationships/Y chromosomes in general. Should I flirt more? Should I reveal sooner? Should I use the 6 day rule from "Swingers"? Ah the questions that race through my mind. Okay, enough brain spewing. Besides, typing the word 'spew' is getting to me. Ekkkk. Off to the movies I go - A Beautiful Mind - A Beautiful Mind it is...<- meaning -> out

Tuesday, February 05, 2002
February 2002 - 02/05/2002

All over again

Gypsy starts tonight with a simple read through, but first some comments on 'The Glass Menagerie':

entaruis:you rocked, great job!
chitieu: fantastic!

That's all I have for now. Once I hear from more people I'll be sure to post their opinions and such. On a slightly different note I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dream Theater has released a new CD. Thank you THANK YOU gentlemen! Off to the races as that's where I'll be for the rest of the dee...<- meaning -> out

Monday, February 04, 2002
February 2002 - 02/04/2002

Happiness is on the house

Since the play is over I can get back to the net. Reactions from the play to follow. HOPEFULLY I'll have some pix too....<- meaning -> out

Friday, February 01, 2002
February 2002

Monthly ramble: garyploski.COM is here to do battle with the negativity of the world damnnit!

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