Sunday, April 28, 2002
April 2002 - 04/28/2002


Yup... that movie. The one that I started on the 2st. = ) Un huh, it's over and I liked it. I really did. Training Day. Actually, I loved the movie it was incredible. Why am I writing about it now at 4:52AM? Because I've got my web page running on my server and I finally set up my ftp connections. Alllllso, the theater company I've been working with will finally have a voice on the net. Athos has already designed the site, now all he needs to do is upload it. Check it out - NEW ZENITH THEATRE. I'm going to bed now. I really need to get to bed now..<- meaning -> out

Sunday, April 21, 2002
April 2002 - 04/21/2002

1800 eyes later

I'm getting so excited. As I write this there are 11 days and only 04 hours 08 min and 03 seconds until the screen goes dark and THE film will begin. Well, the previews will probably play first -- BUT THE FILM will follow immediately after with BUZZ BUZZ BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ throughout the theater.

LOTR was great fun and struck a chord with a large number of fans. But this, this is huge.From positive reviews plastering the Internet, to

more to come - watching a movie...

...<- meaning -> out

Monday, April 15, 2002
April 2002 - 04/15/2002

1800 eyes later

The show was a success. Rather, it wasn't just a success - it reached monumental levels within the success realm. 2 evening shows and 1 matinee show later 900 people witnessed the story of Gypsy Rose Lee - the famed stripper of Burlesque in the 20's & 30's.

A summary of Gypsy Rose Lee's life and career

What have I learned? First off, this cast was amazing. Not in the way you think though. This cast was like a mini-family. Not the way you might think - not regarding talent and performance. This group, this mini-family seemed to merge into one tightly knit unit over the past 2+ months. From knowing one person in the cast to 2 people to 3 to 25+. Absolutely incredible. Thank you all for your patience, hard work, comfort, laughs, smiles, suggestions, etc. I don't know how else to thank you all - so I'll just say it again - Domo arigato gozaimashita.

What's next? Nooooooooooo clue. Okay I lied - next is this... I am going to find a way into the entertainment field as a means to day to day income. Meaning? I want to work in the entertainment field. I love the results, I love the opportunities, I love the people. All around goodness - of course there will be difficulties and hardships. If I have to choose I think I'd take that over the plateau that I've been cruising on now for quite sometime.

On another note briefly - Mare in Venezuela has been going through some STRANGE day to day activities. For what's it's worth, please try to realize how lucky we are, how fortunate we are to have the lifestyle and how great it is to have the freedom so many long for. My thoughts are with you Mare and I hope that the civil unrest subsides soon so that you and your fellow countrymen can focus on the good things in life again.

It's late so I'll go with a big ol. ZZZZZZZZZZ for ya...<- meaning -> out

Monday, April 08, 2002
April 2002 - 04/08/2002

7 days left

7 days left to an approximate 10 week run of rehearsals. Am I sad? Yes and no. This has been a roller coaster of an experience in many aspects. I've learned how a LARGE musical can be quite time consuming to all regardless of the role. I've learned that dance numbers - long or short - take a good deal of time to learn. I've learned that some things don't go away. ))SIGH((

It's late, I'm not tired - though I should be. Sunday was a day I will look back on and say --- damn I slept HOW long? DAMN 12 hours! Yes I went to bed shortly after we lost our hour - oh yea we need daylight savings time because... ah well, because... I'll try thinking of a reason later. That is, I'll REALLY try to think of an excuse to stick to an old habit for no reason whatsoever. = )

"Happy" I say - and I will continue on down that road regardless of the momentary speed bump(s) that I may encounter. Hmm, there is one thing I am concerned about though there is little I can do regards a friend over seas in South America. If you do some research regarding OIL and VENEZUELA you'll see that the people are on strike and the government shows no signs of weakening their stance. I'll know soon enough if she's in any danger. If there is anything to worry about in my life --- it is for her and her fellow people in Venezuela...<- meaning -> out

Monday, April 01, 2002
April 2002

Monthly ramble: garyploski.COM is here... but the PC that is used to keep garyploski.COM here decided that the hard drive should be replaced and that the newly purchased 1 Ghz AMD Duron chip should be DOA and that the fan purchased for the newly arrived DOA chip should be louder than the A/C. Ah fun.

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