Friday, November 30, 2001
November 2001 - 11/30/2001

Round 4353098778b & 2/3

NVCC is amazing, Ed W kicks ass, and Monty Python destoyed thousands of TVs during the "whisper incident." Then again, strippers 'kick' ass too. Check it. Some dude is pissed that he was kicked in the head at a strip club and is, you guessed it - SUEING!

Club Patron Sues 'Reckless' Stripper
The Coquitlam man's lawsuit also seeks damages from the dancer, identified only as ``Jane Doe,'' for allegedly ``dancing in a negligent and reckless manner.''

As upsetting as that is, there is more that's absurd. This is a must read:

Dwarf Sues to Overturn Dwarf-Tossing Ban
``Dwarf tossing'' is a contest in which dwarfs don harnesses and allow bar patrons to hurl them through the air onto mattresses."

Insane. Funny, but insane. Looks like things are back to normal and we're worried about the little things again. I truly seeing the turn around of the economy soon. Our heads are clearing and the fog is lifting. Regarind NVCC, I saw my rooomie's monologue and Athos's monologue as well as many others last night and I throughly enjoyed the experience. All did a splendid job and deserve smoe kudos for putting their "secret place" on the line for all to know about. Congrats all. YEA YOU! Work? Yea, I have to do that now. FUC'n A...<- meaning -> out

Wednesday, November 28, 2001
November 2001 - 11/28/2001

What we've all been waiting for!

Techies are geeks. Geeks and techies are two words that go together like go & together. So what happens when the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) makes an announcement about the economy? Geeks/techies say "DUH!"

Good news--it's a recession - COMMENTARY
Well, folks, it's official; We're in a recession. Now get out those party hats!

Why be happy just because a panel of economists--also known as the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)--has officially declared a recession dating back to March? Because that means the worst may be over, especially for the tech sector, which showed signs of a recession well before other industries went into a collective tailspin.

When six sages from fancy universities tell you what tech CEOs and their customers have been saying for months, you know things are about to turn up. The group has a tendency to be a little late to declare a recession.

And this time is no different. Any techies who have lost their jobs, watched stock options drown, or have used one of those "perfect storm" analogies know we're in a recession. "Duh" is the appropriate reaction to NBER's statement, which surprised absolutely no one.

I happily read this and gleefully smiled as I know times are going to change once the new year hits. Geeks/techies unite...<- meaning -> out

November 2001 - 11/28/2001


In a strange turn of events the ultimate battle has been faught and has been won. Detail to follow the colon -> :

Scissors Defeats Rock

MEDFORD, OR--Scissors defeated rock Monday, marking the cutting instrument's first-ever victory over its longtime nemesis. Scissors, which had lost to rock an estimated 44 million times before the win, was widely expected to lose the match. "I was incredible," witness Maria Wellsey said. "The rock was trying to smash the scissors, but it just couldn't. Then, all of a sudden, the scissors got up and cut right through the rock, just like it was paper or something." Rock has lost its last two matches, including Friday's defeat at the hands of paper, which easily covered the helpless stone.--November 26, 2001

Thank you Athos. I can sleep easy now...<- meaning -> out

Sunday, November 25, 2001
November 2001 - 11/25/2001

Hey look. Hey look. = ) Hello Gattaca!

Alright, After a nice 4 day weekend I feel good. I feel pretty damn good. Thinking nothing about work, until typing it just now that is, has been wonderful! Of course I need to explain myself slightly. First, the best news of the weekend:

The First Human Cloned Embryo - Scientific American
Cloned early-stage human embryos—and human embryos generated only from eggs, in a process called parthenogenesis—now put therapeutic cloning within reach...

First human embryo is cloned
Dr Robert Lanza, vice president of medical and scientific development at ACT, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, said: "Our intention is not to create cloned human beings.

"Rather it is to make lifesaving therapies for a wide range of human disease conditions, including diabetes, strokes, cancer, Aids and neuro-degenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease."

Two words - Happy happy, joy joy. It's the 'Happy Happy Joy Joy Song'. "I don't think you're happy enough! That's right! I'll teach you to be happy! I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs! Now, boys and girls, let's try it again!" While there may be some of you against this type of thing. I ask one thing of you. Just one, only one. Seems like it's gonig to be huge with me asking so many times doesn't it. Well, it's not. It's actually pretty damn simple. Small. Tiny. Petite one might say if one were in France. But, why would someone want to go to France? <PIC OF ME IN FRANCE> Okay, so I was in France. I left, i'm back I'm happy to be back. Oh, the one thing, sorry, almost forgot. The one thing is... DEAL WITH IT. It's going to happen. Too many people WANT it to happen. = )

Ahh, I'm so excited. What a great first step toward an extended life. Ahhh...

On the movie front I saw a couple movies this weekend. First up on Thanksgiving I saw 'Spy Game' with me mudda. Pretty good flic. Nothing AMAZING, but worth the 8 dollars in coins. I'd suggest it as a bargain matinee flic aka 3 of 4 stars.

Also in movie news I finally sat through 'James Clavell's Shogun'. Impressed? Not all all. AMAZED is more like it. Stunned also fits the bill better than impressed. This is a marvelous piece of cinema. If you get 549 minutes of free time I suggest you spend it in front of a TV with this series in the VCR. So what if it's 4 VHS cassettes. So what if you'll go through a pack or two of cookies and a half gallon of a% milk. So what, it's all in the fun of it. Rent it at Blockbuster, it's only $4. Can you say BARGAIN.

$4/4 cassettes/549 minutes = Um, bargain.

The weather has been great with rain and warmth. I spent money on a new jacket thanks to the help of 'the door'. G-thanks, not like I wanted to spend all that money. Dannngit. I say to you again "G double R." I'm going to go run around in my head now. I feel good. Relaxed. I wonder when I'll type the word stress again and mean it. Hmm, what can I say? I'm a happy boy...<- meaning -> out

Thursday, November 22, 2001
November 2001 - 11/22/2001

'Happy Thanksgiving' translated

I deem this day - Happy excessive chaloric intake day! Others have a slightly different view, though, not that different. Take a gander:

GPloski:Happy excessive chaloric intake day!
Fresh J Nice:Happy wild fowl consumption day!
Kpinto01:yay big fat bird day!

PILGRIMS: We've escaped the religious persecution of Europe! Now we can start persecuting each other here!
NATIVE AMERICANS: These people wear stupid hats.

PILGRIMS: Damn, I'm hungry. What the hell do we eat?
NATIVE AMERICANS: Here. This is corn, berries, fish, potatos, turkey, and grubs. You will survive now.

NATIVE AMERICANS: Ah! I see you have made it through the winter!
PILGRIMS: open fire on the natives.


Happy roast a bird day!

Mako: (in JPN)It's Labor Thanksgiving Day here (KINROU-KANSYA NO-HI).

That's the lot of em. Sorry but none to many were interested in joining in on the fun. Alas, the above thoughts are quite good I must say. Till next year. chi chi chi-a...<- meaning -> out

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
November 2001 - 11/20/2001

Joy and Pain. Pump pump pump it up. Sunshine and rain.

First for the joy. This is gleeful for those Hitchhikers of the Galaxy.

Final episode of Hitch Hiker Guide found in author's files
THE unfinished final novel of Douglas Adams, the cult science-fiction author, has been recovered from his computer and will be published on the first anniversary of his death next May.

A Salmon of Doubt will be the sixth and final episode in the Hitch Hiker series and, though it will be edited, it will remain "unfinished".

Yea Team! He was a brilliant writer and made nearly everyone that read his work laugh. Time for one final Hoorah!

On the Painfull side of things. People continue to impress me on their stupidity. How so this time? EBAY! Go to EBAY and search for this "BRAND NEW XBOX picture FREE SHIPPING!!" or any derivative of "XBOX & PICTURE". You will find people bidding on a PICTURE OF THE XBOX! People READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION! WTF is wrong with you?! Here is the worst of the bids I saw.

BRAND NEW XBOX picture FREE SHIPPING!! - Item # 1298463710
Someone paid $320.00 for a picture! Idiot(s).

"People are a great idea, the reality of them sucks."JC (during his Uni. days) If I smoked this would be one of those moments...<- meaning -> out

Monday, November 19, 2001
November 2001 - 11/19/2001


This is a must see. Go to this site. Laugh and then say "I want tako for dinner." Yumm yumm...<- meaning -> out

Saturday, November 17, 2001
November 2001 - 11/17/2001

Here they come

This upcoming morning is bound to be a site to remember for a lifetime. Why is that? Well damnnit the friggin sky is falling. As Reuters has worded it:

Meteor Storm Set for Americas, Asia, Australia
The most spectacular Leonid meteor storm in 35 years is forecast for November 18, 2001 in the Americas and Monday in Asia and Australia as Earth passes near centuries-old debris left by comet Tempel-Tuttle. The celestial storm could affect some satellites orbiting close to earth, so NASA scientists are making sure their spacecraft stay out of harm's way. (Reuters Graphic)

So get your coat and hat then put your arse outside at 4 AM to watch something you'll probably never see again.

Times have been slightly trying on the personal level. I feel as if I'm out of touch with reality. This isn't bad of course, but it is strange nonetheless. For example. I recently had the chance to catch up with someone from my past. Actually it was one week ago today that I saw her. As I told you when we hung out, "Thanks Mare." It was quite a 'shock' indeed.

To my recollection, and our discussion, we hadn't seen each other in about 2 years. Then we figured out that we've known each other for 8 years. Let me say this - "Holy Hogwarts™ up a burning tree Batman©™!" As time moves on so do we, but it sure feels good to know that the past isn't long since forgotten just because of a small time lapse.

Geesh, I'm gettin' all sappy and such. That means I need to take a nap, fly out to Wisconsin for my daily hot cocoa, and lastly grate on someone's nerves for 3 minutes...<- meaning -> out

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
November 2001 - 11/14/2001

The answer to GOD?

Above: God
"Uh, hey, you're not supposed to know that."

Hey religious guys and gals, looks like the science guys and gals have something that you need to see. What's that you ask? Well, a 2 mile wide crater in Iraq. Looks like they finally found what could be the link to the comet theory. Wanna se? Noooo, of course you don't. Well, here it is anyhow:

Comets, Meteors & Myth: New Evidence for Toppled Civilizations and Biblical Tales
So far, the comet theory lacks firm evidence. Like a crater.

Now, though, there is this depression in Iraq. It was found accidentally by Sharad Master, a geologist at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, while studying satellite images. Master says the crater bears the signature shape and look of an impact caused by a space rock.

I smile with this news. = ) Big smile...<- meaning -> out

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
November 2001 - 11/13/2001

No breasts fo'you

Get this, some scientists believe that "...the first few months of life are critical to the development of obesity." So, if you're going to have a kid you're thinking, which is better breat feeding or formula? Well kids, as always it's the breasts that come out on top! YEA genetics! Take a read:

Babies' Rapid Weight Gain Linked to Obesity
''We know that breast-fed infants gain weight more slowly and it also appears to protect against obesity."

On a 'BLACK & WHITE' note, or a 'PIG' note as the situation may be; I saw 6, that's right 6, cops on the way TO work yesterday. After I left work I saw 3. WTF!? So that means they were alllllllllllllllll worried that people would be out and about on LABOR DAY - a day off for most - at 7:30 AM. I don't know of anyone that was up unless they needed to be up. 5 0's, you're killin me.


Men Get 'Bulge' Jeans to Enhance Their Assets
``The (jeans) are designed for the ultimate in bulge enhancement...so men can put their assets on display.''

Personally I'm feeling pretty damn good. I saw a friend this past weekend that I have not seen in a long, long time. I guess it's difficult when she lives in Venezuela. As it seems to happen we only had a few hours to hang out together. Luckly this time no vehicles died and no strange happenings took place. Instead we had a few hours of conversation in a small bar/restaurant. Only took 3 visits for us to have the opportunity. Patience can be a wonferful thing. Mare, I had a great time. Thanks for the visit. Look forward to the next one - which'll probably be in another year or two.

More locally the door is still around is doing all good. Keep up the randomness lass. Ha. Cha. Cha. Work? Well, I've found a way to let the iritation go from me into nothingness. Apathy - it's Fannnnntastic...<- meaning -> out

Sunday, November 11, 2001
November 2001 - 11/11/2001

Admitted - b : to concede as true or valid

Bin Laden: Yes, I did it
By David Bamber
(Filed: 11/11/2001)

I truly know not what to say to this news...<- meaning -> out

Friday, November 09, 2001
November 2001 - 11/09/2001

Brassier of the future

This is friggin HILLARIOUS! I'm serious. Probably one of the strangest things I've seen that cattle ate my favorite lawn chair. I'll never forget that lawn chair. ))sigh((

Triumph International campaign girl Anri Takao displays a "baseball bra" made of genuine cowskin at their Tokyo headquarters as part of its 2002 Spring/Summer collection November 7, 2001. The baseball bra was created celebrating Japanese baseball players playing in the United States, offering cheer and excitement amid gloomy news of attacks in the U.S. and the anthrax scare. REUTERS/Toshiyuki Aizawa

Baseball fans -- LOL!!! What a buncha friggin fraggin fan boys...<- meaning -> out

Thursday, November 08, 2001
November 2001 - 11/08/2001

Improv night

From 2 to 7. Leo drove us up in his newly acquired Mustang. I'm sorry Leo. We'll find you another car soon enough. There is bound to be out there. Maybe an Accord, a Prelude or even a Supra ya know. Don't worry m'man, we're all there for you. So this thing at CCSU was all good. Doug organized it all and I say to thee in a nice soft tone for a grizzly "DAMN STRAIGHT! All good!" What was this night about? It was about getting out and having a random good time.

AND A RANDOM NIGHT IT WAS! The orgy scene in "Space Jump" where a girl felt that "if this is college I wanna go home.". It was probably the wildest of the night. After the entertainment was the foooooood. Always need food. So the 11 of us. Yea, we seemed to duplicate randomly. I think that's the kinda of thing to expect at a University. I don't remember -- it's been so long since I graduated. ))sigh((

I am so not able to write at the moment. Brain not feeling it tonight. Creativity fading.. fading... gone...<- meaning -> out

Tuesday, November 06, 2001
November 2001 - 11/06/2001

Long time till February

I have been having one HELLUVA time at work recently. A roller coaster isn't this wild. I think someone on 'E-bay' has the right idea:

Item # 1641798199 - If only I could hire him to go after someone other than me. = )

On the flip side of things I'm happily moving along with my html/www learning curve. CSS has become an amazingly integral part of my life. On the web. On the web numb nut. I do apologize to the 2 of you for no updates recently. I'm back to my 8-5 shift with MUCH happiness. I get out of work now and get to say hello to friends and family and chipmunks. They're all so receptive.

I'm going to leave you with a nice non-interpretive quote:
sp4cec4pt41n: and don't rub it raw...<- meaning -> out

Friday, November 02, 2001
November 2001 - 11/02/2001


I feel like the Internet has opened a new window to me. I'm live now! I'm actually ON the Internet. So, to all you fine outstanding webizens start voting for me and such. Time to build up a following. Click the image to the left and make me a popular boy on the web. = )...<- meaning -> out

Thursday, November 01, 2001
November 2001

Monthly ramble: garyploski.COM is here. How a'friggin bout that. If that angers you, I ask you to go away. Short, sweet, and never to the point. 11/30/01

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