Wednesday, June 12, 2002
June 2002 - 06/12/2002

The World Cup

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

The past two weeks teams from around the world have shown an oogling fan base some of the BEST soccer EVER seen! If you're not watching get to it! Remember that this event takes place once every FOUR years! Just like the Olympics boys and girls.

So what else is happening... I DON'T CARE! The World Cup is here and it's CRESANT FRESH! Please search for Sifl & Olly on the net if you're lost with that comment. Happy happy happy happy haaaaaaaaappy!!!! ...<- meaning -> out

Saturday, June 01, 2002
June 2002

Monthly ramble: garyploski.COM is here, and so is the WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 Jun USA:POR 3:2 (3:1)
10 Jun KOR:USA 1:1 (0:1)
14 Jun POL:USA 7:25 am ET ESPN

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