Friday, May 29, 1998
May 1998 - email14
From: Gary Ploski
5/29/98 0:06
Subject: Thursday, May 28th, 1998 - A day to remember...
To: me

        Two words "I'm scared." That's right, I'm scared. I've just read and listened to things that should not be happening. The world we live in should have learned by now! It's been 50 some years since the first time and the second time. Have people forgotten what happened to those that burned with no fire. The fire I refer to is the typical fire we would discuss. The type of 'fire' that burns down a house. The type of 'fire' that lights cigarettes. No tangible fire, but another form of fire was present.

        Fire so hot that people were jumping into the river, fire that burned out the black painted cloth that was part of a students name tag. Nothing was wrong with it.... only the name was burned away from this invisible heat, this invisible fire. To those who are unfamiliar with this lineage of thought I need only mention two more words: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        "I'm scared!" What the hell is going on?! Have the leader of these countries never heard of what those types of weapons can do?! I doubt that. Is proof of a countries power in its ability to "test" a nuclear weapon? Read this...

        “I am very glad we have done it,” said Raisuddin, 33, a

        butcher from the southern port city of Karachi. “It was

        the right thing to do. If we hadn’t then India would

        have invaded Pakistan.”

HUH?! If they didn't perform a "TEST" then India would have invaded? Possible, but the question is this... "A" test? Since when did "A" become plural? 5! 5 times! 5 times in ONE DAY! AHHH! Is anyone else worried about this? I'm not going to lose sleep over this, not that I know of at least, but, uh, where will it all end? Some people in Pakistan are thinking a bit differently....

Mohammed Hayat Khan, a cook, said Pakistan could not afford the test.

        “We are a poor country. Now inflation will go up,”

        he said. “We should have been more patient and it

        is the poor people who will suffer now ... It will

        not help us get enough to eat.”

The latest news that I've read states that  missle has been mounted with a nuclear capabilities in Pakistan. This missle has the capability to reach numerous major cities in India. Oy vey. KOWAI! CHO KOWAI! Let us all hope that the leaders of these countries realize what repercussions might occur if this escalates any further. Let us hope. with that... have a crazy day. ciao cito The quotes within are from ABCNews.com If you want more info take a look.
Tuesday, May 26, 1998
May 1998 - email13
From: Gary Ploski
5/26/98 22:56
Subject: I saw something most marvelous today...
To: Brian Trusewicz

        It began with a trip to school this morning. A typical morning, hop on the bike and pedal, pedal my way toward my destination 20 some minutes away. It went as smoothly as possible; despite that creature jumping out and me and nearly poping one of my tires. "Stupid dog." How about a quote from the past.

        I arrived with both wheels in tact - luck me. I did the class thing twice and read -- some stuff I've been looking forward to reading. It was good reading. If I don't say so as someoneelse. That's right, I am presently someone else. Ewwww, the suspense. I read a bit and liked all of what I read. Learned stuff I did. Learned lots a fun stuff. The day finished at that school, and I was on my way to the next.

        I was loving the ride - it was a beautiful day, a nice breeze, the whole anshalata. I have no idea how to spell that and neither does my spell checker. How about that, ain't technology great. Hee hee. On my merry way and what do I see? Well that would give it all away wouldn't it! Sorrrrry. Keep readin' dude.

        I want to tell you about one last thing... ok? O.K.  While in the second school I saw something that I hadn't paid much attention to before -- a white line. Yes indeed, a whilte line that is in the middle of the hallway. Looks kinda like a road, except there aren't any spaces in the line and... well, there aren't any cars cause it's a school. Talk about strange stuff huh, ..... no cars. I mean, sheesssh! What's this world coming to when cars aren't allowed into school hallways. Boy-o boy.

        So I asked that the white line was for and was told... "It's so they students walk on one side one way, and the other side is to walk in the opposite direction. Basically.... a road. I'm tellin ya! There should be cars! It would complete the Lego set! Gotta love it. I stayed there for about 2 hours then left and returned home. BUT.....

        It was during the trip to that school when I saw a very cool thing that I've not told you about quite yet. It was during this trip that I saw an infamous insect, at least to a few of us. I, along with the rest of a group, known to many as STARR, saw a beautiful creature that brought pain and striff into our lives. This creature.... a single butterfly.

        That my dear friend Rahotep, is what I saw today while I was riding my bike back from school today. Let me also inform you, that this was the first and only butterfly that I've seen here during my stay here in Japan. The book I was reading..... Mummy: Second Edition.  Irony has a way of finding a place in our long lives does it not. Soon I hope to greet you in person with news of such importance. We've led lives away from each other and upon our reunions we've always shared lots of laughs. Though, I'm not sure what adventure we will embark on next. I am confident when I say "Let's ROCK!"

        With the deapest respect I humbly bit you a worry free day from those who haunt your daily life. Those of the worm. Be well my friend. Soon the time will come for us to join together in battle. Let us hope there will be more from STARR to join us. Have a crazy day Rahotep. Later gator. HA! Never said that one to before did I? Hahaha. ciao cito
Monday, May 25, 1998
May 1998 - email11
From: Gary Ploski
5/25/98 0:46
Subject: Resistence is futile...
To: meyou will be assimilated.

        That is the truth for what's happened to me. I've assimilated and I didn't even realize it. While watching a 'dorama' drama the other night that was based in the states I thought an interesting thought about a particular scene. A car was coming toward the camera and as the car passed the camera panned along to follow its progress. As the car neared the corner it slowed to turn; my first thought was "Huh?"  The car continued its progress through the turn and I though again "HUH?! Why is the car driving on that side of the road? It's the states!"

        FYI -- the driver had turned properly. I realized this about 3 seconds or so after I had the thought. "Hello me! Anybody in there?" I've assimilated. Along the same line of thought --- As I approach a street and need to cross I don't do the same thing that I did about a month ago. I look the correct way.

        That's right! I look right then left. I typed that without thinking!! It's in my head now. Boy oh boy is driving gonna be fun. "What did you say? I can't go! It's a red light!" "Gar, you can turn on red here--" "But I can't cross the traffic! ...Oh, wait, you meant right turn on red. hehehe. Opps" Yes I'm gonna have fun. Goin from LRL to RLR to LRL again, Somebody get this man a Slurpy(tm). BRAIN FREEZE... I wonder it that'll get me back into the US way of life quicker than gradual time thing.... Hmmmm. Do I smell a book in the works? "Slurpy: The Reverse Culture Shock Cure.

        Yes I'm all mixed up. I read things with Japanese pronounciations. Oy vey. I'm alllll messed up. Aint it a beautiful thing! Haha. Somebody get me a SLURPY (tm) QUICK! At least, before it melts. It would taste good, but I'd lose the brain freeze thing. Bummer. Get me the frozen juice.

        So as it looks I've found the trains and roads to be a normal way of life. I don't even think about it anymore. Weird and not. I guess it was a fairly painless occurence.... NOT! Crazy am I? Yeah. A few times in need of saying is that. Somebody break out the BBQ cause I here there's a holiday happening in the states - Memorial Day.

        Well, that's the wrap on what I've realized over the past week or so. I wonder what will happen next. Will I start to feel comfortable sitting in seiza? THat's the position in which you kneel for lengthy periods of time. Who knows, I've been doing it a lot at night. Nobody knows......

        Till next week.... Find the break out the BBQ's and make sure you don't watch "Village of the Damned" before you crank it up. If you rememeber the movie, you'll understand my warning. If you don't wanna break out the BBQ, get out your Lego's (TM), Y?  just because they ROCK! Lego's are the answer to the worlds problems. Now that I've typed that I need to think for a while to come up with some lame reason that I can tell all of you later. : )  Hey, I gotta try.  have a crazy day. ciao cito ANNINJAPAN

From: AnninJapan 5/25/98 22:19
Subject: Re: Resistence is futile...

Dear Gary, LRL,RLR I do the same thing.  Except it refers to the legs that I itch with mosquito bites.  They love me.  I thought just maybe, MAYBE the mosquitos in this country... appropriately named KA (which sounds like the sound I make when I get bit) wouldn't like me.  They love me in the states.  I got attacked once in Virginia by a feasting party... 40 bites in 3 minutes...  I just hoped they wouldn't love me here too...  They do though.  I must be an international cuisine.  I go to Korea next month.. do you think they will like me there too?

I watched Village of the Damned last night.  I always wonder about the selection of those Sunday night movies.  Have you ever noticed that they seem to show nothing but the violent ones?  I mean where is Bridges of Madison County or something like that?  I heard a friend say one time that they always seem to show the most violent American movies... lots of blood and guts.  Have you ever heard of the gaigin buses here in Japan?  Have you seen one?  They are the buses that are big and black and drive around broadcasting in Japanese "Foreigners go Home".. etc. etc. etc.  I think maybe the Sunday night movies are another form of brainwashing... like America is a violent place... which it is... at least from my recent updating of a kid killing kids and family in Oregon.

Yep, your culture shock upon your return will be great.  I have had my own 10 months of "Ignorance is Bliss" here in Japan and I am not overly fond of the info. that people think I need to know back home.  I keep trying to tell them "Imagine what your world would be like if you woke up each day and there was nothing earth shattering"  I wonder if I will ever be able to go home.

That's your next topic Gary, things that will be different..... like big people... BIG PEOPLE.  Like families that can't afford school trips and supplies while Japanese kids explore their country side.... like people blatantly shop lifting in grocery stores... like food stamps.... like walking down the street and wondering about your safety.... like kindergarteners that can't even walk to school by themselves let alone commute to a different city.....ahhh the things I don't miss.

Speaking of bar-b-que...... I tried a new restaurant in Ginza the other day. The name was Farm Grill.  They had a lunch buffet.. all you can eat for 980 yen.  They must not have realized that I was comming when they set the price. The biggest draw of this restaurant was the rotisserie chicken with real bar- b-que sauce.  The food was plenty, and delicious.  A little taste of home if you are missing it.  If you want directions let me know.

While in Ginza saw a strange thing.  Couldn't get an interpretation on it. For lack of a better description we saw a ton of riot police and a group of men arms all linked together marching down the street.  There were also a ton of buses in the area.  Buses with wire caging all over them.  It implied that the people marching were criminals.  My friend Emily believes it was the public humiliation marches... like hey everyone... take a look at these people.... We don't know for sure... but I have this gut feeling she was right. Later, Ann
Sunday, May 24, 1998
May 1998 - email12
            Here's Ken! He's at school and well, his email is quite interesting. I had to get the correct one from his school. Opps. It happens. Ken has some questions as well, though not as many. Wonder what he'll think of the video.... hmm.

From: Ken Higa
5/24/98 7:03
Subject: Hello from a future Canadian ALT
To: me

Hi from Canada,  

        Since you all took the time to write personal letters to me, I will eventually do the same within the next two months.  For now, though, I'm using the cheapest means I know to communicate across the world. So I'll just ask a few questions and save the deeper stuff for later.

        One immediate problem I'm having is faxing my acceptance to the office fax machine.  Is it 00-81-48- I type before the number or is it 048- only?  I know I'm typing something wrong in my fax/modem software, I just need the correct sequence/address.

        And when you define cold weather, are we talking above or below -15 Celsius?  If it's less, Japanese winters will be easier than living in Edmonton in January (-30).  Actually, I'm planning to stuff some winterwear in my suitcases, the advantage of light, synthetic fabrics.  Especially since summer wear is light, so a week's worth can be stuffed into a handbag.

        Also, are the kitchens well stocked with all the necessary pots and pans, and knives and graters?  Or are there some pots and cooking implements that I should bring over from Canada?  Or should I start brushing up on the Japanese cooking lessons?

        I was going to ask about if the school had any Internet access, but looking at your e-mail address answers my question.  I guess I do some shopping in Akihabara for a palmtop or a desktop.

        Well, that's all I can think of for now, I will write to you and Philip and Liz in more detail in the next two months.

Domo Arigato (Mr. Roboto)

Ken Higa
Saturday, May 23, 1998
May 1998 - email10
From: Gary Ploski
5/23/98 0:32
Subject: Re: hot and sweaty
To: ApeRille

        What happens! Happenin is it? happenen here it is. happenen happenen happenen. That's what's happenen.  Hmmm, I wonder if that's a legitamate quote. I wonnder........... that's all. I just wonder. : )

        Howdy howdy. How goes the workin lifestyle? Sounds like you're busy even though the summer has truly yet to begin - a good thing. Sorry for the delay. I've been focused on a few things here in JPN that regarding my stay/departure and have pretty much wrapped it all up. Happy days. Phewwww. Mo sugu warimashta.

        Ma is having a tough time, but enjoying it just the same. She has it made, not Shop Rite and is getting paid for the days she missed that week. A good thing it is for her. I think we are both lookin fwd to my return. I say this because I can tell she wants to be able to "talk" to someone again. We always seem to do that -- it's a cool thing. I like the juice.

        Stuff here is not quite yet wound down, though it is nearing that time. Maybe in about 1 month. Then I'll be getting stuff into suitcases and getting ready to LUG them to the airport. The KOTATSU is going to be fun, actually, the 2 KOTATSU will be fun to get ready for shipping. I'm sending home the black kotatsu as well as the BIG one. I figured, what the hell, I bought it and there is another one here. Why not? Hahaha! Lovin it.

        Ahhhh, I've been in contact with one of the new Asaka AET's. She's on America Online, so I got to chat with her for a little bit. She had tons of questions. I was quite happy to read them as well; for Philip and I answered alllllll of them on the VIDEO! HAHA! We done'd good. *clap* Philip isn't here so I clapped my hands together substituting mine for his. : )

        Uh, that's about it. Looking fwd to gettin home and getting stuff organized again. I hear the extra room is a DISASTER. yeah? I'm not sure if that's gonna be fun ---- hell why not. I'll get to see everything again. Sure it'll be fun. Well with that I hope that your having fun at work. Hope things are going well with fam as well. have a crazy day. ciao cito
May 1998 - email8
From: Gary Ploski
5/23/98 0:11
Subject: Re: Dude!
To: m.skinner

        Yo, dude. Was up! I'll be back during the first full week of August. Gimme a buzz then. I ask that of you cause I'm gonna need to get re-adjusted to my surroundings first, so please call and leave a message with my mom, not the guy (dave). If he gets it I may never get it. SO.. ring ring ring pleaseeeee.

        Go with the woman thing! It's very nice to read that you're happy with your present status. Go for it dude! You know that everytime I email you I am going to mention that "ISSUE" that you mentioned an email of yours --- the one about "a man should not see certain things" You know I want to hear about this! You know it!

        I look fwd to the Ho Jo's night cause I wanaa hear this stuff over a HOT Chocolate and my pic albums. THEY'S BIG! We'z gonna be there for a whilllllle. hehehehe. 1st album is 54 pages. 2nd is presently.... WOW!! 28 pages! I;ve got lots more pix too! Long loooong time it'll be. Maybe it'll be 3 albums. YIKES!! that's gonna be heavy! Keep in mind these numbers contain one sheet. One sheet has both front and back filed with stuff. So... double those numbers! YIKESSSSS! lots of stuff to look  at and.... talk about.

        I WANNNNNAAA KNOWW!!! mo sugu. very soon. yokata! alright! eheheh. hehehehe. LOOKKK OUT MIKE!!! DUCK!!  No really, a duck, you see it? it's on the fence over there. : ) have a crazy day. ciao cito
Friday, May 22, 1998
May 1998 - email6
From: Gary Ploski
5/22/98 23:48
Subject: Re: Hola!

        Good mornin calllliiifoooorrrnniiaaa! Does that work? Hope so. The beach, I need the beach -- Oh, Y? you ask, WELL, as it is I am working INSIDE a school all day. Yes there are classes outside and stuff, but I don't get to go to those classes often. I've gone maybe 3x since I've been here in Asaka. Weeeee!  SOOOOOO the beach the beach the beach will bring me to a fire. YEooowww!! Gotta love it. bye bye white skin, heeelllllllllloooo tan. haha. Summer of 94 all over again. Yessss.

        The coutdown is 9 weeks - almost to the day actually. Want some fun to read news? Ok good, glad to hear it -- I'll be arriving in CA on the 23th of July. I leave from Narita on, get this, the 23th of July. Love the time travel. It's not gonna be as cool as going from Narita to NY though. If I did that I would land about 30 before I took off. Cool huh. There's the latest news and gossip from this corner of the globe.

        OOh before I "leave" let me tell you the date of departure -  November, HA not! August, nope sorry, July 30 12:45pm. One full week. Yes I'll be ready to do stuff on the 30th. I'll be on a high and a low, so you better bring me up higher and take me to "higher ground" as the RHCP (red hot chili peppers) put it a while ago.

        with that. I'm bill clinton with this week gossip. : ) have a crazy day. ciao cito
Thursday, May 21, 1998
May 1998 - email9
This is an email from SANDRA, a soon to be AET in Asaka. She contacted me via email with loooooots of questions. I didn't reply back to her because of the video that Philip and I made. Ya see, I didn't want to answer the questions twice, so I figured I'd wait until she saw the video. I wonder what questions she has after the video. I think the list is gonna be a lot shortttter. We done'd good, Firipu and me's. ciao cito From: Shinyoda

5/21/98 14:38
Subject: hi.
To: me

hey gary.

How's it going?  I hope you are doing well.  I'm very glad to find that you have e-mail.  However, you may find this to be a disadvantage in this regard--b/c of my impatient need for a quicker gratification, I am e-mailing YOU b/c yours is the only e-mail address I found amongst the letters that I received from you, Phillip and Liz.   You lucky, lucky, guy you;)

First off, I was hoping you could do me a favor.  I've been trying to fax an affirmative response to Mr. Kenichi Watanabe for the last few days but I have been having much trouble.  I called earlier this evening (my time) but I spoke with two very friendly individuals who unfortunately, do not speak English very well; and I unfortunately, do not speak Japanese.  I received confirmation that the fax went through, but I do not feel comfortable that it has been received b/c I had so much trouble.  If it isn't too much trouble, could you please let Mr. Watanabe know that I am thrilled to have been accepted into the JET program and that I look forward to meeting him in July and working for Asaka city?  Thanks, I really appreciate it.

I don't know how much you know about me or if you guys have had a chance to read/see any blurbs about my bio; but I'll give you a bit of info just in case you haven't.  I'm 24 years old (gosh, that sounds really old) and I've been out of school for three years.  I worked in NYC as a legal assistant for my first two years out and have been working in Princeton as a legal assistant for the past year.  If it isn't evident yet, my plans are to attend law school; this will probably be straight after JET.  I love running, photography and horseback riding.  I try to read like crazy, foreign languages are my passion (I speak Korean fluently, am conversant in Spanish and am a bit rusty on my French), I love to watch basketball and I love to cook.

Okay enough about me.  I've got a ton of questions and I hope you don't mind filling me in...  I know that some of the questions may be better suited to Phillip b/c I'll be taking over his place, but whatever you can answer would be great:)

- okay, they say the rent is about 36,500 yen.  Does that include utilities? If not, how much additional can I expect utilities to run per month?

-  do they subtract apartment rent and the health insurance before giving us our paychecks or do we actually receive paychecks in the amount of 300,000 yen each month?

- How much is it to take the train into Tokyo?  How far is the Asaka station from Phillip's apartment?

-What is a typical workday like?  Do you teach classes literally all day long?

-Phillip's apartment seems to include a lot of things like the tv, vcr, microwave, etc.  Did you guys have to buy beds, blankets and pillows or do they typically come with the apartments as well?  What can you advise to definitely bring or definitely wait and buy there?

-Are the restaurants and supermarkets generally expensive in Asaka city in comparison to the U.S.?  I heard the prices for meats and fruits are outrageous.  Could you give me a few comparisons?  Are there certain foods I should definitely send over-- like coffee (I'm a coffee fiend) for example-- does it taste like ours or does it taste funky?

-How do you guys travel to the different schools?  By bike, bus, car?  Do you guys teach at the same schools/time at all?

-Is Asaka city really a city or is it more like a suburb?

-Is it difficult and expensive to send over money to the states?  (I realize I'm asking a lot of money questions but I've got car payments, student loans, etc. to pay-- so I'm worried about the "will I make it in Japan?" aspect as well as the burden of having to send money home more often than the typical JET participant.)

-How close/far apart do you guys live from one another?  How often do you guys see each other?  I suppose this depends on your friendship, but basically do JETs typically end up hanging out with other JETs most often?

-How much free time do you have typically on the weekend?

-Is this e-mail account something you had to arrange on your own or does the Board of Education have computers/e-mail capabilities of their own that we can use?  I love e-mail and I think it would be the most ideal way to keep in touch...  I really hope they offer it.

-B/c you guys travel to the different schools, are your offices/bases in City Hall?  If so, how often do you have to report there?  Or do you report straight to the schools all the time?

-What's the dress code like?  Do you wear those slippers inside the schools or can you wear regular shoes?

-And finally, do you have any other tips or advice about any individuals, schools, customs, etc?  Anything I should watch out for?  Does Phillip like his landlord and neighbors, by the way?

I would imagine many of my questions will be answered in the video you guys are sending.  (What a really great idea... thanks so much for it. I can't wait to see it.) But if you could provide whatever other info you can, whenever you have a chance, it would be really nice.  I'm sorry to bombard  you with so many questions, but if you clue me in on Phil's and Liz's e-mail addresses, I promise not to victimize you alone in the future:)

Anyway, I'm very sad to learn that I won't get the chance to meet you before you leave...  (How come you're not renewing?)  I hope we can keep in touch in the meanwhile and perhaps we'll meet in the future as JET veterans.

Thanks for the Watanabe request and for reading this really long message;)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday, May 14, 1998
May 1998 - email7
THE PRELUDE: From: AnninJapan
5/14/98 22:10
Subject: Zannen desu ne.

Dear Gary, Your stories are always amusing. Although mine are a bit simple I thought you might like the two funny little things that happened today.

The teacher's room is on the second floor of the building.  To one side of the teacher's room there is a balcony that runs the lenght of the building.  When you stand on the balcony (as I often do to smoke a cig.) you look straight into the playground of the adjacent elementary school.  I like the vantage point.  It is fun to watch them run around the huge playground.  Today I was outside with a guy that works in my building.  He doesn't speak any English so we were just smoking and looking at the kids from our perch.  The little ones started charging onto the playground and one of them came over to the side of the school yard and in an area kind of hidden off whipped out his little penis and started peeing on the ground.  I kinda went, "uhhh---uhhh" and started pointing at the kid to the guy standing next to me.  He saw where I was pointing and just started laughing.  He had one thing to say in Japanese, "Ichi-nensei".  I shook my head and agreed.  We had a nice laugh about it. Why do little boys pee outside?  Probably because they can.

Later in the day I was outside again.  Two little girls spotted me from the playground and came up to the fence.  One little girl yelled in plain English, "What's your name?"  I said, "My name is Ann, what's your name?"  She said, "My name is Kanna"  I of course said, "Hi Kanna"  She seemed so pleased with herself for talking in English.  Her little friend seemed so confused, and they started to whisper to each other.  The next thing I know her friend is saying, "What's      your

        name?"  Of course since she had no idea what to say her friend had to whisper each word in her ear as she repeated them.  I of course said my name and "What's your name?"  She had no idea how to respond so the friend coached her again.  They just stood there grining from ear to ear and waving after the conversation was done.  Cute.

I  guess one could say I am doing double duty as an English teacher.  Junior High school by the fifty minutes and elementary school during the breaks.  So much fun in one country.  I should be shot for being so happy. Later, Ann THE REPLY

From: Gary Ploski
5/23/98 0:02
Subject: Re: zannen desu ne!
To: AnninJapan

Hi there. gomen ne. I must say that your stories had me laughing quite a bit. Gotta love the boys and their pen icz(as the japanese pronounce it. Pen is, hmmm, could work for some people I guess. Opps, I went there. hehehe. I must say that it's cool to hear that your having fun at work.

        I've been having some mad times at school now cause I'm at a school with a total of 6 classes. 2 classes in ichi, ni, and san nensei! That's it! No more, no less. I've been to some of these classes sooo many times. It feels wierd to see the same students so often. Usually I would see a class once or twice during my vist to the school. weird

        Well, I hope that your summer goes on well enough that you won't need to buy an A/C for the apt. I can only imagine how hot it's gonna get. I LIKE THE WINTER!!!! AHHHHHHHHH my body is in denile right now, rather, it wishes it were in ... the Nile.  hehee. a joke from a looooong time ago. My friends and I were playind Dungeons and Dragons and were at the Nile and had a conversation and someone said "He's da Nile." and then we went with it and had fun... but you are probably lost with that one. no worries---- I've got my fish and it's ready to fly! Hehehe. have a crazy day. ciao cito
Wednesday, May 13, 1998
May 1998 - email5
From: Gary Ploski
5/13/98 22:47
Subject: zannen desu ne!
To: me

        I'm gonna miss this... I'm presently watching a show that is documenting/interviewing the Jamaican National Soccer Team. The players are having just as much fun as the commentators. This is crazy funny! The players are winning $100 if they hit the post from 25 yards out. If the ball hits the post and goes into the goal.... they get $500!!!!  So far 4 ppl have hit the post, but have yet to put it into the goal on the deflection.

        This is GREAT! Now the National Team is competeing against the Japanese Commentators..... in a PK match!!!!  1-0, JPN... Ewwwwww, nice try by the keepa, but now it's 1-1. ni-hon-me.... GOAL!!!!  2-1... 2-2. Eww, this is heating up. Same dude?! HUH?! Same guy that shot the first shot... He keeps answering questions with "yessss". His name, is NORI. TAKANAKA!??! Is that you? san-bon-me..... UHHH>.. commercial.

        Ok, Today I was witness to changes in class. Parents were allowed into classes. Only mothers came though... a sign of the times. Uhh... SAVE!!!! SAVEEEE SAVEE!!!! Nice save keepaaaa. next up... Jamaica. Keeper vs keeper.. and the keeper wins!! 2-3. yon-hon-me... GOAL!!!! 3-3. Wait.. what's this? SAVED by the keepaaaaaa!!!! Nope, the shooter missed. 3-3.  5-hon-me. straight on and saved. and of course.... a commercial.

        Ok the students. They were so quiet cause they were nervous and it was English. What a topper. During class, one of the teachers that rarely uses Japanese in class, broke into Japaese for lots of the class. I told him and he said "Oh, really. Ok, thank you for telling me." When I tried to do something that I had done before... GOAL!!!!!!! 4-3 Jamaica wins! He acted like he was surprised. I did the same thing 2 hours earlier. HUH?

        Everyone was kissing up to the parents. I took part in a way... I was SUPER GENKI!!! I was havin FUN, FUN, FUN! Unfortunately my cohort, was a little bit more reserved than normal. Usually he just laughs at what I do in class. Guess the pressure changed that in a way that my changing of voices to accomodate the role I was to fill didn't pass with him. Ya see, I was to be Mrs. Light - an older British woman. So, I thought I'd have fun with it, again. zannen desu ne. bummer uh.

        That was today's experience. I have been noticing something about myself over the past week or so. I've been on an extreme rollar coaster. I've been on the kiddie ride for a long time, but "Black Widow" has somehow become the ride of choice for my life. If you don't know what the "Black Widow" is, zannen desu ne.  : )  I'll tell you after, after I bring you to RIVERSIDE PARK and put you in front of a roller coaster that goes from left to right. Only for a very short period of time as well.

        That isn't the key focal point though. In the middle is a looooop, that's what I've been doing recently. One side is the US, the other JPN. The middle is the insanity. Oy vey. Taihen desu yo. It's a little different from the up/down roller coaster. It's just as cofusing though, maybe more so cause I don't know where I am in respect to mental wishes... in JPN or in the US. A tough thing. zannen again. ganbaru!

        So days have been passing in which I will go to do something and wish oh so much that it would be like that in the states. Then moments later, I'm comfortable just sitting in my apt. thinking things in Japanese, about the Japanese and about Japan.  Only moments later, you get the point I think. There are fun times, but I see those happening primarily on the weekend. I think I've concluded that the AET position is not anything what I want to do for any length of time. THat time includes now I think. I'm not sure, it seems to change daily.

        What do I do? Nani o shimasuka. kotaewa.... nandemonai. It's all I can do. I've just got to live and live some more. I'm gettin stuff out of my visit, but what I feel is that it's limited to the time I can spend outside of school. I'll only do what I can... unfortunately I know that incorprates just about anything... namely - everything. We all can do that - everything. ahhhhh. How could it be so easy? Who knew?

        WEATHER REPORT --- I am presently going to ASAKA DAI GO-CHUGAKO. What does that mean? It means.... ame o furimasu!!! ITSUMO!!!!! Honto da yo! Shinjararenai!  Anyway, sorry about that. It's raining! Everytime I go to go-chu it rains. It's just like the morning sun - it will happen. Well, there's something for those of you that have been reading fromt eh begining. hehe.

        Well, as 'time goes by' (the title of the Every Litte Thing CD -- Thanks MA!!) I can only keep my head up and try to rid myself of any and every ounce of stress. NOTE - to releave stress in your life find some sort of group activity to enroll in... v-ball, b-ball, soccer, softball, etc. It helps to relieve stress. I would know cause I havn't played v-ball in about a month and DAMN were my muscles sore about a week ago.

        I relaxed a LOTTTTTT and it seemed to relieve that stress that was in my body, it felt good when I was able to see without squinting. I had a slight eye-migrain(second time - 1st was at TPU my last year sometime around this time of year. sense a trend?)  Gotta do what you gotta do. I'm doing what I feel will work, and it seems to have worked so far. I'm in Japan right. : ) YOKATA!!!

        By the way if anyone wants to sell you fish on a Tuesday afternoon and you're not sure if the prices are good... contact Yorick Brown at yorick@yorick.org  He's got his own organization, who knew he was doin so well. : )  Check it out. Yorick has got the latest and greatest available for you and for everyone else out there. moshi dekiru -- TRUST ME.

        Soon my friend, soon. I've been asked way to many times. Please get a pen and calender before you read on. Have you gotten a pen yet? Ahhh, gewd, how bout a calender? hmmmmm? That's the important thing. Go for it... I'll wait. (30 secs pass. seriously!!!)  Sometime during the first... do you have a pen and calender? ...full week of August. THat's between the 2-8 (sun-sat). I'll probably be in realistically toward the middle of that week, so if you want to contact me you've got the dates.

        Regaring email. Thought I'd mention it breifely. No worries at all. If you want to email me... send it to the same address I gave you so many months ago =  me    Use that address and I'll get your email. Honto ni! Dozo, send away. till then all you crazy ppl, my fingers have begun to grow extentions to make this typing thing faster. WOOO scary! KOWAI! AHHHHH!! Help! ok, before this really happens. have a crazy day. ciao cito
Friday, May 08, 1998
May 1998 - email4
From: Gary Ploski
5/8/98 17:52
Subject: ?
To: April Harvey

        I'm curious if you've been hangin around with a group of Japanese students. Y? Well there's this new game here in JPN, probably in the states as well, that let's you be a DJ. It's a pretty cool game. You need some INCREDIBLE co-ordination to do well. Anyway, my point. You seem to be doing this... DJ-ing that is. How so? You're mixing things up, primarily -- signals. A few days ago you said that you wanted to maintain our friendship, and then last night you sign off without a word. Then..... nothing. I thought you typed an email telling me you were busy/upset/etc... but nothing. HUH?

        How can you want to continue something without putting anything into it? I'm refering to our friendship. You don't seem to want any part in it, then you say you do.... mixin signals up.  Regarding the keys... Ma didn't ask you for the keys nor did she get to talk to you about why she wanted the keys cause you brought ppl with you and then upon arriving you were in a hurry to leave. She was thinking of you and your friends reaction to such a request.

        This whole thing will be behind us soon enough, just remember we create our own life. Let's get this behind us asap cause it's not making things any easier. I just need you to be honest with me when it comes to what you tell me. If you say you're going to do something, I expect that you'll do it. If you aren't sure, then tell me that you're not sure. Ok ok, enough of this crazy stuff. I feel like I'm saying the same stuff I said ages ago. I hope to hear from you soon. I really do hope you have a great time in FL. have a crazy day. ciao cito
Thursday, May 07, 1998
May 1998 - email3
From: Gary Ploski
5/7/98 18:11
Subject: Re: Fighting the battle!
To: Mike Skinner

        OH MY!!!! How can this be? What is it that's happening? Please do, please do, please don't push the button!! Not ... the "HISTORY ERASER" button!! "Noooobody knows what it'll do. Nooooobody knowwwwwss." Well, Ren said that to Stimpy... as you know... Stimpy ...Wait a second. I don't know if you know what happened. I'll wait to read if you can finish the sentence. hehehehe.

        Ok, now my point... WHAT HAVE YOU SEEEN? You knew I was gonna ask! You knew it! I have that flaw... it's a flaw, but yet also a beneificial thing cause I learn a lot... but then again it gets me info. Mike I wanna know. If I call you will you tell me? will ya? huh? huh? huh? will ya? will ya? will ya? Does it involve sexual matters? Does it involve gossip? What's the topic? Give me the bait so I bite down onto it so I don't forget about it... yeah right like I'm reallly gonna. NOT.

        Well big guy, things are goin nicely nicely. I'm wantin to get out and stuff, but that's outta here, not out into the town/city. I want to get on with my life now. I know I want to start on some stuff regarding... oh how do you say... a career. ahhh well, I must congratulate you on makin out. It's kinda a cool thing to go with someone for pure physical pleasure. I did it my junior year, it ended really quickly and I never thought about it again. It was a thing that both ppl wanted to do, such is the way. hope you have a great fun time. ciao cito
May 1998 - email2
From: Gary Ploski
5/7/98 0:05
Subject: Sunday, bloody nichi-yobi.
To: me

        Sunday in Japan is a day off for anyone in 'higher eduation'. The question has been, for a looooong time, "What do high school girls wear their uniform on Sunday?"  The(an) answer has been told to me by way of an old student from one of the Asaka J.H. schools! Yes the answer is in! .... tune in next year for the results. bye bye            

        Ok, so I'm bad with jokes and stuff. SO I'm a little predictable with the endings of all my emails. That's a good thing in my opinion. The reason this is done is because the girls say that 'guys are more willing to speak to them if they are dressed in their school uniform! This has transgressed to the point that girls that have finished H.S. and UNIVERSITY have gone out on Sunday's wearing their H.S. uniform!

        It makes sense if you've seen what the girls wear for H.S. here in Japan. It definitely stands out from what everyone else wears. Yeah, it stands out, a litttttttle    b    i    t. That's something Kaz and I have been trying to figure out for while. One last question to wonder about. haha! with all the knowledge you acquire one must think at some point - "What the hell do I do with that piece of knowledge!?" It's only natural.  have a crazy. ciao cito
Wednesday, May 06, 1998
May 1998 - email1
From: Gary Ploski
5/6/98 23:57
Subject: HA! Ningen aren't the same?
To: me

        I was sitting in a chair at school and began to massage on my traps, the muscles on both sides of the neck. A teacher, probably in her early 50's, looked over and began to say something in Japanese. I didn't understand what was said until the English teacher sitting next to me translated some of what she said. My reaction was.... "HUH!? WHAT!? You're kidding right?!"

        Her basic meaning of what she said was that she was surprised that foreigners muscles got tight around the neck as well. How did you react to that? She HONESTLY thought that Japanese were the only people that got tight muscles around the neck area! WHAT!!!! Then she thought that there was a certain massage that was only done {here} in Japan.

        This technique can be described as pressing the muscle then releasing the muscle. Then continuing this over and over and over again. WHAT?!?!!!!! I felt like I was in the 'Twighlight Zone' (TM). I couldn't believe that someone would think such a thing. Oh-mi-o-my!!! Count the chickens before and after they hatch cause somebody's comin over for dinner tonight! There's somthing to think about. Oy vey!

        By the way.... ningen... that means human being in Japanese. have a crazy day... or can that only happen in certain places. : ) sarcasm, does it come through via text? Not always, but who knows if it can in some places... Ok, ok, enough of that stuff. ciao cito
Friday, May 01, 1998
May 1998

May 1998

Well, I don't have anything interesting to tell you. Sorry, guess I used up all the cool/strange/ fun/ludicrous/happy : ) / looped/twisted/etc. WAIT! I didn't use the ETC stuff yet did I? Don't think so... Here's goes anything. The other day I was etc. and fell down but that wasn't the etc. part! I had two etc. near me and MAN!  O MAN can they etc.!!! It went on for etc. I tell ya! Just on and etc. and etc.! I wish they took off their etc. cause it would have been etc. to see what was etc. the etc.    Enjoy. ciao cito

Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of May.  Enjoy.....

1 Email- Oh my! Sometimes people just say the darn'dest things. Check this outand get ready for a..... slap to the forehead.2 Email - The ANSWER! FINNNNNNALY!!! A legitamate reason to a legitamate question.Loooooose sooocks.
3 Email- Fight-o.4 Email - Everybody has a line in front of them. The question is "How long doesit take until one crosses that line?" It seems I crossed mine. It happens.
5 Email- Jamaican soccer players, Japanese comentators, $100, $500, and pk's.What do they all have in common? Who knows? I just made that up to seeif you'd read the email. Did ya? Will ya? hehehe. U like?6 Email - "I'm burrnin up burrnin up for your love. I'm burrnin up burrnin upfor your love. For your lovvvvvve." Ok, so I typed something from Madonna.What's wrong with that? She's been to CALI before hasn't she? hint hint.
7 Email- A bit of a conversation between ANNINJAPAN and I. Boys and there .......out in the open. Read it if you wanna know what goes in there. : )  It's quite amuz-ing.8 Email - HO JO's!!!!!! Who'm I gonna go with? I thin kI know.. Eww Eww!!!! PickmEEE mee ! Pick me!! ... and know back to our origainally scheduled program.How many pages did you say?!
9 Email- ....and then it starts again.... do these questions sounds familiar?10 Email- A chat like email with Rille. Did I tell you about my HUGE kotatsubefore? Well I was supposed to send it, well, before the fam came over.It's still here. Opps or not? Time will tell.
11 Email- Like sci-fi? You'll like the title of this email. "Owwwww yeah." That'sfrom an old tune. Can you guess it? Which way do I look? Which way do Ilook? RLR? LRL? Ann has an idea too.12 Email- Here's the other new soon to be AET. Ken.
13 Email- It's White Wolf time, rather, it's time for the HISTORICAL CAMPAIGN!!!Oh yeah! I finished the book (6/2) and look to be ready to set-up somestuff. : )14 Email-  This is not cool. What will the 90's be remembered for? It seemsto me that this is going to be one of the primary things. Bummer. How sad.

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