Saturday, January 31, 1998
January 1998 - email16
Your in for a read here. LOTS is in this sucker. Let's see -- Deep Forest, gamma radiation, bagels, words, memory, and more. It's all yours for just $9.95 a month for the next 2 years. Yes, it slices, it dices, it can even count to 2!!! It's the all new revamped version ..... and now in lot #22092881 we have a beautiful faux diamond. Yes this beautiful faux can be yours for..... *click* Ok the t.v. is off and so are you... off to the races. Read away.

From: Gary Ploski                         1/31/98 13:21
Subject: uh....hi there babe...I'd like
To: April Harvey
to tell you that I don't know exactly why I was the way I was last night on the phone.... I just felt very little. I felt vinsignificant, I don't know why. I didn't like the feeling at all.... I'm sorry if it was
something that hurt you -- I still don't know why it hit me as hard as it did! I reallly didn't like the feeling at all.
        Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad I told you... I just, I really didn;t like the feeling I had and I could tell it went into you... I know that your worried about me, just as much as I'm worried about myself. It's something that I have to get through -- I just wish it'd hurry UP! Come on now buck-o let's get a move on huh? Time to make the doughnuts.
        I was thinking something about the schedule you have this semester.... Here's my thought "This is probably what it would be like if we didn't have a computer to talk to each other in a way. We don't get the chance to chat/IM very often. Hence we can communicate via one sided thoughts because of the time gap. It's probably how people(ALT's) in the areas of Japan deal with life because they don't have a computer. I think that our ability to chat/IM as much as we did last semester helped out a GREAT DEAL. The people that had no contact to 'home' probably had drastically different adventures. Personally I'm glad we chatted/im'd so much, but I think I/we expected to do that same type of thing again, but it appears that we will be unable to do such the thing again."
        That's the best I could do since I'm eating my ham and cheese bagel and drinking my OJ as I type. GOtta like how bagel is spelt correctly huh. huh. hehehe. Yes it's true -- HE CAN READ, WRITE and SPEAK ENGLISH!! -- how about that. I feel good --- then like just as quickly as a bear can grab a fish out of the water (that's quick!!) I'm in a uhh mood. Arrgghhh. I no like.
        Anyway -- I'm betting that as I send this to you I'll get an email from you.. Just a thought that will hopefully come true. WISHING -- I know it's not 11:11, but what the hell, it can't hurt to try right? : ) hmmm, I'm still hungry. What'm I gonna eat? eggs? pancakes? french toast? cereal? pasta? just had to throw in a lunch dinenr food for the hell of it. OHH!
        I haven't told you, I think.... Anyway. I got the DEEP FOREST cd, it's called "DEEP FOREST III". IT'S GOOOD! Actually it's realllly goood. I've ben listening to it since last Sunday(25th). I'm like'n it I am.
        At the moment I'm sittin in the tatami room with the comp on my lap. The futon, the 3 blankets and the 2 pillows I've been using to sleep on are outside getting bombarded by gamma radiation and all those other cool things we get hit with everyday! HAHAHA! KILL THEM ALLL!!! ERADICATE THEM!! HHHAAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAA!
        back to the situation... I'm sitting on the futon chair with my feel an legs in the sun because that's all that is available because of the stuff outside. Deep Forest is playing on the radio... a-a-bwip-bwip is what the dude is singing. THat's what it sounds like at least.My hands, they are cold because there is no sun on them. All in all it's pretty quiet. No loud announcements coming in from the outside world. (((somethings was blaring at like 12 and went on and on and on and on... it was rediculous.))) this is bad--- Im popping some pringles into my mouth as I type this to you, BAD GARY BAD GARY! EAT SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOU! ok just one more...ok done
        I'm missin losts and lots babe. You know that, I know that --- I HAVE TO DO smething to get that thought out of my mind. It's not gonna change unless I make an effort to (one more...ok really im done, maybe) to get this thought put to the back of my mnd at the least. I will not, i repeat, I WILL NOT forget it. That's not gonna happen. I'm babbling...
        I think I know of one of the things that made me feel bad last night. This is good and bad at the same time, but the location of the people involved is what (i think) made it difficult. When you were telling me about the literature course I began to feel really reallly - to be blunt -- stupid. I just felt like the stuff in my head had no - and i mean NO- usage possible. I felt dumb. (and one more... sorry, im hungry. no excuses me! i'll try. liar.) It's like all the stuff I was learning, whatever that was, was just a joke. I wasn't really 'learning' anything usuable. It was all a bunch of crap.
        I think this is due to the fact that I read something from Brian as well. I'm amazingly jealous of people like you and Brian. You both have a way of writing and a way of remembering things that is incredible to me. I'm sooo envious of the both of you. I think it hit me really hard. I do know that I know stuff, BUT last night it just felt like I had nothing to contribute to the conversation, I didn't feel like I needed to be on the phone with you -- other than being a person on the other side. Do you understand? It's like if Bill Gates (easy example) called and asked you what the codeing was for the installation program for Windows 95. HUH? What'd you ask for?
        (Did I just?... yup I did, I had another chip...d'oh.) Hun, I'm just letting out all my ideas to you. I've probably done the same to you and other people and not known I was doing it - I'm sorry if I did that to you. Im refering directly to stuff in JPN. "yeah so todays ich-nensei at yon-chu was horrible. I mean can you believe how bad those classes are! They just dont care.You know ho bad they can be... breaking things. yelling in class. You know. ahhh it's horrible" If i did that to you without you knowing anyting(or very little) about schools here how would you feel? Personally I'd say.. "WHAT the hell are you talking about?" Think back to when I asked about making your 'legs longer', I had no clue. It felt like you should have been talking to sarah, or someone else equine related.
        Still rambling, i think. Well I'm gonna send this suck-a. Enjoy the paati -  pa/dad dude\ t  - and go to the potty as often as you need. It's free dont you know. (and another chip -- Argghh. To bad these weren;t ;lay's "noone can eat just one" why? BECAUSE THEY'RE laced with salt! MORE MORE MORE!! AHAHAHH NEed more!)
        Till the mornin' I bid you a pleasant eve. It's now 11:20 EDT. In leaving I say,.... IMU and ILU and I wanna a 64 smile RIGHT NOW!! DO IT DO IT!!! did ya do it? tell me later. ciao cito
Wednesday, January 28, 1998
January 1998 - email15
What is a PROP? Am I? Could be that I feel that way....

From: Gary Ploski                                1/28/98 7:39
Subject: Re: It's not 11:11,
To: ApeRille
You'll be back (finished at least) in about 30 minutes. I on the other hand will be wrapping up my morning activities. Odd huh. Last night as I was falling asleep I thought of something that I wanted to tell you, but I figured that I'd write about it this morn' -- and now i am.
        I feel like a PROP! In one teachers class I'm a living breathing PROP! IT IT HORRIBLE. I'm cynical, that's not good. I just have to hope that I get out of this 'funk' soon. It's hard wanting to go to class when I'm just used as a time filler. TIME CHECK - 7:37, hmmmm. If your tummy hasn't been hurting then something is workin'.... I think I have an idea of what's goin on now. I'll tell you later. Your gonna think I'm nuts!
        Time for me to shower, sooooo I'll chat with you lata. A short and sweet email from the sensei that isn't sure what a, well if I knew I would be able to write about it... TOU w/*g*. I'll chat with you sooon babe. ciao cito HEY
Tuesday, January 27, 1998
January 1998 - email14
Things go and go and go. My photo album is coming along nicely nicely. At the present (2/8/98) it is 35 pages. That's a loooooot od pages, but it doesn't seem it. Anyway -- there is also a little, just a tiny bit, about my stomach.  Wawawawawawawawa. just felt like singing a tune.

From: Gary Ploski                        1/27/98 23:15
Subject: It's not 11:11,
To: April Harvey
but it will be soon. You're in class and I've thought about you lots tonight. I don't know why, but I have. I hope that you have a good day despite the fact that your going from like 8 to 6. That is a bummer and a bummer. No halves here.
        Hun... I finished 3 and 1/2 pages in the album tonight. My eyes hurt. My brain is fried. My back doesn't hurt as badly as the past few nights cause I used the tatami chair, smart move gar. 3.5 pages F&B is equivalent 7 pages! I did lots and lots tonight and I have just gotten to Disney! Yup. There were a lot of pictres taken before Disney that were foating around in the apt. all waiting to be cut and/or pasted into the album. It's now 32 pages, well 31.5, of pictures and clippings and stuff. I'm very proud of it... but i want to finish it so i can get to some more stuff. It's taking me a long time to get up to this semester. Who knows how I react when I develop the film that I finished yesterday...... Y? That's the roll I used when we were at the airport. On that topic. My stomach feels like SHIT right now. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. It sucks. It's felt this way for the past 2-3 hours. And yes silly me continued to do the album to try to keep his mind off the pain. It did subdue it, but far from gone is/was it.
        I hope your stomach isn;t hurting as badly as mine is right now. If it is, then we've got problems. I listened to an Ozzy song and the new Janet Jackson song tonight. They both reminded me of us. I like the new Janet J. song.... I also thought of us because of a song from the Romeo and Juliet sndtrk... Lot's I said, lots of thoughts that regarded you. I was happy and sad. I said "I hate living alone!" again. I think I said it this morning and then again this evening. I've never experienced such a roller coaster ride like this before.
        DAMNNN! it's tough. I hope ---- with great expectations, that tomorrow's v-ball practice is good. I'm looking fwd to releasing alll the tension in my muscles. I worked out last night and the muscles are a little sore today -- perfect! I hope that I can POUND the ball and wreck havoc on it as I hit it DOWN to the floor. That will be sooooooo nice. It's 11:11 now....I'm trying to wish, but I just keep thinking that my wishes haven't been working.... I'lll explain when we chat tomorrow. wishing....... same one.... as the over the past week. ok. Done. I'll chat with you later......
        I finish this email as i feel a tear, in each eye begin to build. It's kinda funny, i never thought I would really feel this way... but i do. "how about that" I say, how about that. Have a crazy day and know that I'm thinking of you when I look at the BIG-O and whenever I can. I love you April Harvey. babe.. 64 for me... I'm hittin the hay, or  futon as it's called here. ciao cito
Monday, January 26, 1998
January 1998 - email13
A most emotional night....  The country finally influenced me to do something I would never consider doing. It is done. I can do nothing about the past.... but I can do something about the future. I've got to do something about the future. As of today (2/8/98) it is official that I will be attending Japanese classes in Ikebukuro. : )

From: Gary Ploski                       1/26/98 22:59
Subject: hi babe...
To: April Harvey

Thanks for the call. I HONESTLY had the strangest feeling when I walked in and saw the light blinking... I thought "hmmph that would be cool if that was Rille." BAMMMM That's exactly who it was. Thanks babe.
        I have to be honest with you and myself. I was anything but brave tonight. Cowardly would be the better, more correct. I went to san-chu to do Iaido -- not knowing if there would be practice or not. I got there and waited for about 2-3 minutes and thought, because someone was always there before 7, "Huh.. I guess there isn't practice. No lights, no cars. Guess there isn't practice." So I was on my way out of the parking lot and a car was going towards the school.
        I wondered quickly "I wonder if that's the guy in charge of Iaido. Hmmm, I wonder." It was already 7:10 at this point, so I thought that it couldn't be, but as I was riding away I saw the lights go on in a building, which I believe was the place where we practice all the time. I didn't go check 'cause of various reasons...... Language, I feel like I'm not getting anything out of it only once a week, I wanted to finish (at least work on) the album, write to a few people, etc...
        After I got back I was very upset with myself and did MAD MAD MAD push-ups and crunches. It felt good, but didn't get rid of the idea that I could have been at Iaido. I just feel like I can't get what I want out of it. I'm looking for an Iaido book tonight while we chat.. that might be a reason I delay in responding but I'll do my best to keep up with ya. I want a book to explain what to do. The guys don't speak English and I don't speak Japanese. It makes me very hesitant to go to the practices because I don't understand them and vice versa. AHHH!H!!! I want to learn this stuff, so I need a resource thang.
        So as you can see this bothered me this evening. It took about 3 hours for it to go away. I don't like regret. It's such a bad thing in my opinion. I want to go, but I want to practice more often -- once a week is a joke and a half. What can you honestly learn in one hour and 30 mins a week? ANSWER: very little. Even if I understood I'd need to practice on my own to get better in any reasonable time. DO you agree?
        I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllly hope I can find something in English tonight. I will have it sent to me ASAP! It will allow me to go to Iaido and take the little bit I learn from them and apply it to the book... "ohhh so that's what he meant. I get it now! OHHH cool, that feels much better than how I was doing it.. cool" --- a thought expression that might happen if I get the book.
        I feel better now. I did 2 more pages front and back. I'm really happy with the second, even though there are very very few pictures, actually I don't think there are any.... Just some stuff which I've had on my shelf and decided to put into the album... like my poem and some comic like things that AET's drew regarding their life as an AET. One is FUNNY and the other is just awe-inspiring.. I reallly like that(the later) one.
        It's juuuuust about 11 and my computer started to beep at me. I'm gonna plug it in and go online and hopefully you'll be online. At this point of reading this email I may have found the book and ordered it,,,, who knows. This was pretty long. I feel even better now since I typed this...Thanks for reading and listening babe. ahhhh. Here's the honestly thing coming out I think. Yup, i think. TOU lots!!!! ciao cito
January 1998 - email12
A wrap up with a little few thoughts from Kazi-man....Also a worrysome question on my part to Rille.

From: Gary Ploski                    1/26/98 0:57
Subject: bored am i.... 
To: April Harvey

I'm bored right now... I'm just chillin, waitin, and unfortunatly ---- my energy level that was just exceptionally high, has come down to a point where I want to go to bed. Bummer. I was looking fwd to chattin, but it appears that you've been called away to do something - o-well. I'm dealin'.
        Let's c, I typed about MATT, my cousin, and how he feels about me being his cousin, who was it... mozart? beethoven? don't remember, one of their b-days, the sponge animals, and a plethora (had to use it) of things, but I can't think about anything else to write... just stuff.
        Actually today Kaz and I had a great discussion about people being leaders of certain groups. It was interesting. We talked about how people view those 'leaders' and how the 'leader' views themself. We carried that onto a discussion, although be it much later, about Kazi's father and my father. We discussed how his father was similar to mine in that each father tried to tell their son how to think vs. giving them a chance to think on their own.
        Kaz's dad seems to want to be a part of Kaz's life, but he's going at it the wrong way apparently. An interesting thing.
        Hun. Please take a moment to think about this before you reply. ********Is there anything that is truly bothering you that you haven't told me? Something that is holding you back? Is school just overloading you with things to do right now? It seems to me that your way way way busy and you've little time to yourself compared to the last semester - i almost wrote term, hehehe. I hope it's just that your really busy and stuff. I understand that the seperation anxiety thing is there, but I just wonder if there is anything else. Your online now. YEAH!!! chat with you...now and later. TOU with smiles across my face. ciao cito
Saturday, January 24, 1998
January 1998 - email11
Happy stuff??? Rallly? ralllllllly, wow. The email below is something that made me feel like I belonged to something ---- Thanks you Matt. It was a most flatering thing. It also made me want me to go back home a.s.a.p., but such it the way of a contract and stuff....

From: Gary Ploski                           1/24/98 14:33
Subject: [Fwd: Its Matt to Gary] Hun..... I'm haveing a strange day,
To: April Harvey
but --- not in a a bad way. Below you'll be able to read an email from Matt Douty (Traci's younger brother). It's such a flattering thing to have been able to read. It's like... wow, uhh, thanks Matt.
        I'm doing the wash right now, actually I've finished two loads and have the bulk of the stuff in the dryer, and the rest is hanging outside. It's cold, but I've got the doors open to vent out the apartment. It's been congested with the same 'warm' air all week. I've just finished the beef jerky I bought the day you arrived. I think that it was worth the 1200 yen I paid. Kaz hasn't called as of yet, but I'm expecting his call soon enough because it's 2:30ish now. He should be finished with mahjong soon, maybe. That game goes on for a year and a century and stuff.
        I'm glad we were able to chat last night (for me) babe. I'm glad you were able to vent about the John situation. By the way, did you talk to him? I thought there would have been an email about it, but I guess you got busy with that crazy RA thing, or you just went out and had a good time. I hope it was one of those two things.
        Happy note. At least I like to think it's a happy note. The sponge character things we made are all lined up and havein a grand ol time on top of one of the doorways. The doorway that leads directly into the tatami room has the luuuuucky fortune to have these crazy things above the door. L-R = farmer, rooster, mule, lamb, bull, tractor, cow, duck, horse, sheep, pig, scarecrow. You like the juice... I do.
        Ok babe. I hope you have a nice relaxing sleep. I'll chat with you on the evening of the 25th JPN time. Have a crazy day babe. TOU! LOTS AND LOTS! ciao cito. HEY

1/24/98 13:24
Subject: Re: Its Matt to Gary
To: garyp

    I hope that when you do get back to the states our relanonship does change.  Hey we are already going to Buffalo i heard from Mark that will be cool we went 2 times this year and had a lot of fun.  No one really knows this but like when i was small and you were like 18 and was like 11 i always looked up to you.  I thought that you were like the coolest person only to find out that my thoughts were absolutly right.  I always like wanted to be your friend and act cool around you.  Now i now that i could be myself and you would not really care.  You were and are my faviorite cousin next to my grandpa you are the one i look up to the most.  I know you probaly dont care but that is ok just needed you to know.  Yeah me and Kiera are in the mist of starting a relanonship so i am in a preety ok mood lately.  I am in 10th grade and i am the graduating class of 2000.  I had mid terms this week on friday school was cancled so now i have to take it on Monday but it is History and probaly my hardest one so i can use the extra days of studying i cant wait till i am of high school.  I will tell Traci everything you told me and Travis will probaly be happy about the 3 some thing. From what you said i dont think i want to go to Ausy.  See i did not know if you were comeing home like a year later but at Aunt Wanadas birthday your mom said she thought that you were going to stay another year and that would have not been cool.  So that was why i asked.  How long have you and April been together?  Just thought that i should ask.  I had to know what the time diffrence between here and there and i needed to know but i still would like to know if you want to tell me.  Well i am going to go know i will be awaiting your reply have a good time for the rest of the time you are up there.  Oh yeah what does ciao cito mean?  I think it means goodbye but i am really not to sure.  Well i will see you later.

Matt   #17
January 1998 - email10
A birthday was kinda forgotten about...well it was forgotten about by the general population of the world.

From: Gary Ploski                                    1/24/98 13:35
Subject: Tanjobi omedito! (that's happy b-day or something)
To: April Harvey
244 as I recall from the radio. That's right, Mozart is like 244 today! WAHOO! Today in the states I think...I don't know. It was announced on Rick Dees Weekly Top 40. Gooo Mozart!!! The subject means literally. Birthday congratultions. Wahhooo!!  lata babe. hope tomorrow is a good relaxing time for you. I woke up REALY late today - not. I got up at 11:40. It felt like 2 or 3 to me. I had cool morning hair though and took a picture of it. I'll send it in the package. heeheehee. ciao cito with X's and O's. IMU
Friday, January 23, 1998
January 1998 - email9
This is TRUE and it's FUNNY. The American army will do the funniest things sometimes. : )

From: Gary Ploski                            1/23/98 18:24
Subject:         FUN-E stuff about WWII
To:         April Harvey, Alice Alarcon
CC:         Ann LaFontaine, Brandi Zbikowski

A flight was made and got pictures of German's working on something. The pictures looked strange and the US army couldn't figure it out. It looked like a runway. It looked like there were planes and other stuff, but it wasn't clear. As it was inspected further, it appeared that the people on this base were doing something. What were they doing? A paraphrasing of what the guy on the radio said.... "What the? Huh? What's that their doing there? That's not what I think it is, is it!?" The answer was a resounding --- YES! What was to be done about it? A bombing run of course.
        Ans so one man boarded a plane and the weapon was loaded. He alone would make this problem go away. As he neared the base he dropped down and got in line for his bombing run. As he neared the base he lowered the bomb doors and got the weapon ready. 5-4-3-2-1 BOMB AWAY!!! And a few moments later the weapon hit the ground ......and bounced around for awhile. BOUNCED??!!! yup it bounced. (LOST? keep reading) It bounced around and eventually stopped rolling around on the ground. This WOODEN bomb had hit its target perfectly! (that was not a type-o. It was a wooden bomb!) The target: A decoy base built by the German Army, completely of WOOD!!! All the time that went into the base only to have a WOODEN bomb dropped on it!! How about that. And so the famous WOODEN BOMB was out into history. How aobut that.
January 1998 - email8
Typing typing typing.....hence the reason why I'm not doing the typing thing twice....  Cool names for things.... Let's talk about..... crackers.

From: Gary Ploski                      1/23/98 0:15
Subject: Wow. I've typed a lot today.
To: April Harvey

        I've typed LOTS!!! I wrote about 5k to him. 2k to sis. and 4k to Barbara. Wowzers!! My hands are tired. What did I type? I could tell you if I read them again, but I don't feel like doing that.
        Get this, the name of some crackers I came across today are called: DIGESTIVE CRACKERS. I kid you not! How about that huh. It's just funny, that's all there is to it. Umm.. school was boring, I started a letter to Patti S. (girl in the Peace Cor.), I haven;t written her since I arrived. I's a bi-monthly(basically) thing with us. I received a letter from her in late October. So now I'll send one in the month of January. Crazy mad fun huh? ewwwww. talk about excitement.
        My back muscles hurt so much (not one side -- the whole thing!) I have hard time stretching my arms to even attempt a lite massage. It's bad. Because of that I am definitely staying in Friday night, and I am going to relax allllll day Sat, until Kaz arrives of course. Then I'll relax with him in his HUGE room. : )
        Hun, I'm gonna go to bed. It's 12:15ish and I'm tired. Uto's classes drain me of life and patience. Yes I actually get pissed at them. I suppress it, but it's hard to keep down when they blatently ignore you. I don't like that. For such a respectful place the students sure don't know what's goin' on. At least a group of them don't. Ohh well. Hope to hear from you in the mornin'. Maybe we'll chat again. Have a crazy day hun. Oh wait you already did. I hope your not on duty. Your body has got to be wantin' some relaxation time. Mine is.
        This is GaryP, signing off with a.... HEY u! 64 won't ya! Y? Cuz ILU! That's y. ciao cito
Thursday, January 22, 1998
January 1998 - email7
This email has been made available for one reason.... It's bolded.... read on.

From: Gary Ploski                                             1/22/98 23:35
Subject: Re: Niju-ichinichi Ichigatsu
To: "Wanns, The"

Did Homie-T fwd you the email I sent her? If not I'll fwd it.(done)

Love the subject title! HONTO! I wouldn't lie to you. I'm doing well and have been enjoying the weather over here. IT's COLD!! hahaha! I like! Asaka (known for it's lack of snow) was hit hard while April was here! It was great! We made snow angels and got each other with snowballs down the shirt, etc.
        Life is ok, but I look fwd to life in the states again. I realize how lucky I am to be able to live in such a great country! It's sooo nice to be able to go back to it without any problems...where is my passport by the way. : )  As the world turns....these are the days of our lives....random topic switch sorry.Though about soaps for some reason.
        Yeah the JPNese TV things were weird, and kinda tough to explain with this crazy email thing. --- one question though, how'd you get it? I just fwd'd both emails (JPN tv and the email I'm refering to that I sent to Homie-T)(done). Jaaaa, the heads of the home are workin hard huh. Ganbata kudasai! Do it! DO IT DO IT!! yahhaaaa!!! i think. ...YEAH! i think!! waahooo! haha.
        The fam in CT. 5 Graveline's and mi(spanish) haha(japanese) will be comin'(slang) out 4(internet chat room) a visit in April. But April won't be coming out again, : ( but that's ok.  Soon enough I will see her. It'll be hectic with all of them here, but it'll be cool. I look forward to it. About a 3 month countdown till they arrive. Yeahh.
         You are jsut on top of things aren't you. hehehe. I'm gonna go to bed now. It's 11:35ish my time uhh...6:35ish your time? I think that's right. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day all you crazy Wann people! I send you a ciao cito and an ostsuskaresamadeshita (all one word just like how it's written in that crazzzzzy language we call japanese, hehehe).
Wednesday, January 21, 1998
January 1998 - email6
News and other stuff in this email... OLD (yeah right) Kanji, MADE IN AUSTRALIA -- it's bold for a reason... FUN? Heard of it before? I was retold of the words meaning.... Cloning cows? naaah. Sweets and candy can be fatal to you if your a student in Japan.. at least when your 'on the clock'.

From: Gary Ploski                                                         1/21/98 22:29
Subject: New Day -- Old Day
To: April Harvey, Brian Trusewicz, Dan Lombardi, Sarah LaPlante, Joan Elizabeth Holycross A brief update on the past few days.

        I actually had a fun evening the past two days. Surprise surprise. Last night I went to Shiki with Liz to get some more pages for my photo album and to get a puzzle. I bought the Disney Vilian puzzle, it's cool looking and not the typical Disney thing -- there's bad dudes. Yeah. We had a good time and let me get this in.... Australia - is word that schools in AUS put into the heads of all (lots at the minimum).
        Why is this? Australians must say something about AUS in any conversation -- I'm NOT kidding! Just today as I was reading a letter that was in the TICK comic I freaked! While I was reading I read something like -- from good 'ol AUS. Instantly I looked at the address, and low and behold it was someone from AUS. What is it with these people??? I don't get it. A comic is a comic written by someone -- does it really care where they are from? Does it really matter where the book is published? AUS products have something on the package that SCREAMS MADE IN AUS!!! or PRODUCT OF AUS!!! It's nuts. It really is. Geesh.
        Tonight(21st) was great! We had the group(Cith Hall) New Year Party. Philip was absent because of a severe sickness, not good. Bummer to be sick, but the night was fun. One of the teachers Mr. Arakawa sang one song that was in Japanese and translated it into English as the song went along. Food was in rediculous abundance like any Japanese gathering I've attended. Let's see -- what else can I say. I did well singing some Japanese songs. It's sooo hard not knowing the kanji -- yucky stuff. I was pretty impressed with that -- SOMETHING POSITIVE.   That lasted from 6:30ish to 9:00ish. It was a fun night. THe day on the other hand was hellish. I had 3 classes with Uto sensei -- uhh. Talk about needing a place to go to so I could vet some, so I could just let it OUT!!
        His classes don't pay any attention to him. They just do what they want and what is that? They want to talk to each other that's all. Soo when an AET comes to class they have to deal with this atmosphere. It's absolutely horrible. I actually get to a state where I want to tell the kids talking to leave the class so the quiet people can actually listen to what is being said and get something out of the class. THE STUDENTS have NO, I repeat NO RESPECT for this dude. It's awful. He doesn't do anything about it either. He has a quiet voice and isn't able to speak louder than the students. It's that bad. I DO though. : )  Gotta try
somehow. Enough of that.
        Here's the great fact of the week -- I have 3 more classes with Uto. yeah. yippee. Aren't I just a happy guy. Anything else? I can't seem to think of anything else. I have been working on my album and hope to have it caught up to date by this upcoming Monday. That would be cool. It would just be a great thing to have this finished.
        A cow has been cloned, how about that. It may actually benefit we crazy peoples - they'll be able to make a heard of the 'same' cow so that the milk will be in greater abundance. That will help the medical field aparently. I don't completely understand it all. Ohh-well. Hope this helps to wrap up what's been happening.
        Ohhh one last thing. Monday on the way home I stopped at Lawson (convience store) and was going to get something to get, but before I could get inside I came across 3 students from yon-chu (#4 J.H.) and they instantly hide what they had in their hands and began saying "its secret" and "I will eat when I get home." ?????? huh? what are you talking about I thought --- then ---- BAM! It hit me. I told them that I was from the US and it was ok with me. I had no problem with them eating
the food. They were really happy and began eating their food and walked off towards their respective homes. I just laughed at what had happened. "What?" you ask. I'll explain.
        Sudents in (i believe) Grammer/Elementary, and J.H. are not allowed to eat ANY sweets/candies once they leave their home until they return back to their home. Interesting huh. The students had boutght some pudding (i think -- i couldn't tell exactly) and they were terrified by the fact that I saw them with it. Incredible! They weren't going to eat it because of that rule. I don't know what would happen but it must be pretty severe if they freaked out like that. Follow the rules - that's the setup here in JPN. And the people know to do it, or you'll be puished for breaking/bending them. Interesting, no ka.
        That's it. I wanted to write about that one. Here's a thing to laugh at --- THere is a lot (a lot) of kanji that Japanese people don't know that are used for random things. On a postcard I was sending home I saw a character and asked what it was (thinking another meaning and  different pronounciation went along with it) and the teacher was stumped for a few
seconds. This happened twice no the same postcard. He said it was 'OLD' kanji. Yeah right 'OLD' kanji, the kind that is harder to read --- right. He eventually figured it out and explained it to me. Wild huh. Kanji is on the way out -- slowly but surely. Give it some time and there won't be as many used compared to say --- 100 or even 50 years ago. WILD! Wild indeed.
        That's it for know. Hope this was crazily readable or something. chat with ya lata. Have a crazy day. out out out out out I is. is you.  (ka makes a sentence into a question for those of you who got confused with that above use of ka) hehe  got it ka. = got it?
January 1998 - email5
Days have begun to pass but the days seem like years... What's gonna happen? Time. "Time heals wounds"

From: Gary Ploski                                                         1/21/98 0:34
Subject: Re: Fwd: what else is new?
To: April Harvey
Thought I'd tell you that I was goin to bed. Could I ask a favor. Could you send me an email with ONLY your schedule in it. Mon - Fri. in EDT time. I can then calculate the difference and stuff so that when that spring fwd thing happens i'm not lost and stuff. That would be a cooool thing babe. I did a few more pages tonight. The album is like 22 pages (frnt&bck) I noticed that I didnt have any pics of the kid from AUS... I wonder what happened to the pictures of him. Strange huh. Pics taken here in the dark came out -- it was bright there.. I dont know, but I do know that my back needs to chill -- soooo ill chat with you .. maybe in my mornin'. I hope now that classes have started that the pain goes away at least a little for you babe. It's faded but I still feel it when I'm bored. I can't believe it's only WED! Ahhhh. It feels like I've been at the same school for like a month. Ahhh. I'm still havein a tough time getting into the teaching thing....itll pass I know. But for the time being --- Just remember that I'm thinking about you and I feel good when I look at the little heart that's on the book case that is on top of my desk. The one that reads "AH + GP" I like it lots babe. I realllllly do.
        On a quick sisterly note --- you may want to email Sue. Sounds like she's havein' a tough time. Chris --- broke up with her (old news) New stuff---- for me at least --- the girls she was (emphsis on was) hanging out with dont seem to care whether she jumps off the bridge or the building if you get my drift. I've emailed her but not heard any of this from her --- it was mom who told me.
        Ok babe. Go through the day and think. "Just a little time and it'll be alright" out any type of beat to it --- just make it a happpy beat - thats all. TOU!!!! IMU!!!! oh yeah... one more... HEY.... got ya... hehehe. ILU. ciao cito.
Sunday, January 18, 1998
January 1998 - email4
Here I am trying to get through the day via humor from Japanese Television. It's not the best of descriptions but you'll get the point how strange it was....

From: Gary Ploski                                       1/18/98 17:45
Subject: Get this...a little bit of craziness on the bube tube here in JPN.
To: April Harvey, Ann LaFontaine, Brian Trusewicz

Crazy pool tricks (5 balls hit around the table all filling in the all going into the bottom of the rack, hitting the cue ball towards the end of the table hard enough to make a coin flip up and fly 50cm landing in a wine like glass, hitting the cue ball so that it goes through a path of balls finishing its route by tapping in the 9 ball at the end....Catching a baseball from 150, 200 & 250 meters (only one guy of four did it)...throwing a baseball through a hole in the wall (a little bigger than the ball) and haveing someone on the other side hit it....This is crazy. I had to write something about it or I knew it would have left my mind... Madddddddddness.
        I'll keep watchin' to see if anything else crazy mad comes up on the bube tube.
        Running up steps. Yeah important part of that is they go up for 60m! The winner did it in 16.12 seconds!!! Damn!!!! Now something not so inventive....Speed bowling )looks like four lanes bow;ed in about 1min 30sec. That's what it looks like anyway. I get it now...it's a race to 100. The winner did it in 1.10, wild. Now....Juggling a soccer ball. The difficult part -- each person is on a platform and they are seperated by about 10-15 feet. Wild. now..A machine that throws a ball 200km/hour. It hit a stationary bat and the thing just shattered. They start at 170km and go up to 200.
        They only previewed this one --- Skydiving Catch Ball. Just imagine that one..fun-e.  Ok that's enough for now. I hope that you all enjoy the humor in this. I know I enjoyed it, for what's it's worth of course. have a crazy day peoples. ciao cito
January 1998 - email3
Well.......... this just happens to be yet another quite emotional thing..... Readers beware! This is uncensored!

From: Gary Ploski
1/18/98 17:39
Subject: its now 5:30 and i have felt the same thing for about
To: April Harvey

ohhh lets say 4 hours. The reason... I woke up about 4 hours ago. The symptom...I'm alone. My god-damn stomach won't leave me alone babe! I look fwd to the upcoming week ONLY because it'll mean that I'll be around people and I'll be busy. Hun -- I'm sorry to keep doing this to you for the past two days. I know that this isn't makeing it easier, but I want to make sure I keep my end of our bargain. I'm going to tell you how I feel even if it means letting it out everyday. Hun, I have never felt this kind of pain. I can handle physical pain, but this pain -- it's not the type of pain that you can get used to. It's not the kind that slowly goes away. I hope that it suppresses so I can live this life and take more of it (JPN's lifestyle/society/culture/etc) back with me.
        I hope you slept well. I slept in the exact same position all night, lying on my back with bunny on my chest. Like when you lie down on my chest. I kept my arm around bunny just like I do to you. It felt good for a second, but then reality hit me. It was only a stuffed animal. I'm guessing that things have been busy for you. I'm happy for you, I know that's the only way to get through the day without feeling this pain for great lengths. I want to .... well, I wanna hold your hand and look into your eyes. That's all. I'd feel really happy if I could do that. Well I'm gonna shave and then leave the apartment for the first time...I've been in here all weekend. Cleaning, ironing, etc..the place looks great. yeah (said like I care lots, right -- a little sarcasm there huh)  : \ Chat with you in a little while. hope things are goin' nicely nicely. imu. ciao cito
Friday, January 16, 1998
January 1998 - news update
Repetitive? I don't think so, just thought I'd let you know that you had gone to the place for the latest


******It may seem long, but it'll read quick******

So what is happening with all of this crazy blinking stuff? Why the attention grabber? What could I have to say that is so important that I type this big? This is way to big isn't it.... Ok that's a bit better. You like the juice? I do. Okay, here's a quick synopsis for all you crazy people out there.....

    During the past few weeks, almost four full weeks actually, I've had company - in my apartment to hang out with, go out with, etc. I've liked that a lot, a realllll lot. It was an experience getting used to dealing with people though. It took me about 1 full week of living with 4 people (Kaz, Monika, and April) to get used to dealing with a number of people. It was hard, it really was. But over the past two weeks it's been only April and I because Monika and Kaz went to their respective homes. This left April and I alone for the two weeks. Talk about cool. We could do whatever we wanted, rent a movie, go out, read, go play in the snow (it snowed lots), go on random walks throughout the city/town, etc......

        Now April, Monika, and Kaz are all home, and so am I. There is only one difference to me being home and them being home...they are with family, friends, and so on. I am here with a few friends and no where to go. Curious as to where I'm going with this? Figured it out have you? If so, congrats --- the answer is only a line or two away.

        It is now the month of January (I am posting this on the 16th because I feel I needn't keep this from anyone.) I thought I'd keep it to myself, only allowing random people to hear about this news. Then I thought that might be fun; who knows what kind of rumors may have been started. N-E-WAY....

    As of August 1998 I will be in the country known as the United States of America, in the state of Connecticut for a duration of................................. an undetermined amount of time. Hence I'll be back for as long as I want to stay in the state of CT. Who knows, maybe I'll move out to Colorado in a year or two... It could happen.

        So to all of you internet people that have been patient enough with this homepage - thank you. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for everything. c-ya on the flip side. ciao cito

In case that is a grouping of words that is leading you to believe something that is not the true happening, I'll just say it. I'm not renewing my contract. I will be returning to Connecticut. Oh- one last thing, I've learned how to say that word 'Connecticut' properly.... hehehe. it's not co-ne-di-kit. How about that. hehehe. ciao cito once again.

January 1998 - email2
April had just left....and well, it was quite the emotional thing..... Readers beware! This is uncensored!

From: Gary Ploski 1/16/98 19:41
Subject: {191-727}-don't ask yet) Well,
To: April Harvey

        I walked into the apartment and fell. Thats right... I fell. I dropped everything I had in my hands and just collapsed to the ground -- crying. It began long before I got to the apartment...(and is still  ... breathing... comin down.) Hun I know it'll get better, BUT I hurt sooo bad. Im allllll alone again. I don't like this. I thought an angry song might help me, "beautiful people", but its not doin crap! Damnnit, I went out and spent 9260 yen on two books. I dont care. I feel apathy, angst, cynicism, anger, spite, and most of all -- loss.

        Before you came here to see me I hadn't realized how much I really cared for you. Honestly. Distance wizened me up. I LOVE YOU! I have no problem saying it, typing it, etc. Y? Because I know without a doubt that I do! I know for sure WE are meant to be together. With all that said -- I'm hurtin here. I want my other part to feel whole again. I have an emptiness loomin' around in my gut. My neck had that knot thing in it as I walked by SUNEVERY. That go it started here in Asaka. It hurt, but as I'm finding out -- it was just the beginning.

        I'm putting off cleaning - Y? The apartment already looks bare, and lifeless compared to the past few weeks. Why would I walk to make it look any.... Just looked up and saw the rose I gave you..Give me a sec.....DAMNITT!!!  DAMMNNNIIITTT DAMMNNNIIITTT!! I DONT LIKE THIS. HUN IT HURTS. I CANT MAKE it stop. I want it to, but it wont. trying, im trying. trying to disorient myself so I can accomplish something. SHIT, Im losin that thought, damn -- here it comes. aaaaaaaaaaaah... *suckk in * *bloooooow out* over and over. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh   eeeeeehhhhhhh hhhuuuuuuuuuuhhh  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh huuuuuuuuuuh. -- so goes the breathing.

        Its a little chilly here in the kitchen. Im wearing shorts and the red and black thing I had on earlier. Yes shorts. I need to subject myself to something that I have no control over so I can try to get control. My head is starting to ache. I better eat and take some ibuprofen..... The flower smells nice. I can actually smell something. I like that. I think I see something near the sink.... is it?  .....it is... sorry.. one sec.. i need to slap myself thats it... dam nit gary get ahold of yourself. Im trying... ok. i got a slight hold. You left the perfume. I dont know if it was an accident or not, but thank you. I just smelt it and thats what brought about the episode.

        need food. something to eat. Body hurts for a few reasons and thats one.. wow I just saved this as a draft and its already 3kb long. Thats long -- I haven't even typed in what I wrote on the SKYLINER. Going to eat now...back a bit early. I could smell you in the tatami room. Ohh hun, I like the fact that I could smell you. Actually - I Love the fact that I can still smell you, I just wish - well I dont need to say it but I will - I wish I could hold you. I watched you walk from the escalator hun. I hoped that you would turn around, but you didn't know I was there and probably didn't know I could see you.

        But I could, and I, well, I enjoyed the fact that I could see you. I just love holding you. I love you sleeping on me. I love, love love love, just holding you and feeling the warmth/cold from your body. Hint hint wink wink --- say NOSE more. hehehe. I feel a bit better. i really think I should get something to eat. Let me try again.... Up to 4kb. Not to bad huh... Im trying to figure out what to eat and Im pulling an April trying to pack. I cant decide what to eat, I cant decide if I want to put on some more clothing,  am just pacing back and forth trying to figure out what to do. I miss you already-- yeah as if I didnt miss you as you were going down the escalator.  : )

        I just saw the weather for the east coast of the states. WOW! Crazy mad weather. Food - get food gar. ok im trying this time. Ok I just ate some food and took some stuff for my head. I feel better. I can breath easily. My head only hurts a little. My feet are the only part of my body that are chilly. The only thing that truly isn't what it should be is -- my heart. Im going to try to type (I wrote it on the train) what I wrote a little while ago.


        I left something behind when you left. It was a part of me, a part of my being. It was the part of me that made me whole. I am now riding the train for the first time - in complete loneliness, with a feeling of emptiness. It hurts a lot! I don't like it. The time is 2:10pm Tokyo time -- it hurts. You haven't left yet, but I'm not able to see you. That ANGERS me! Narita Airport has cheated me, you -- US!!! I've dried so many tears already and they're still comin'. I'm hurtin' bad.

        I actually said it while I was waiting for this train -- "I wanna go home." I don't know what to do... I don't know where to go. Home? Shop? Kazi's? Nowhere? I just don't know. How 'bout that -- my nose is stuffy again... ha ... ha. I made a funny. yeah right...sure i did. I've never felt this way before. Ok, ok, about 6 months ago :\

        I can see now, I like that. My nose is still stuffy though. Yeah. O-yeah, my stomach - well it's kinda knotted and loose at the same time. Drip, drip, drip, sniffl, sniffl (look at that rice fields -- uuhhh) breath Gar, breath -- better. Breathing break ...... 15 minutes to go ... blurry again. Sore wa kirai yo (I don't like this!) It gets easier, I know, but damn it SUCKS now. I wonder what your doing right now. I wonder..... 10 minutes to go. I need to breath some...........

        Ok 1 minute to go. I just relaxed a little. I feel better, but I just noticed that I'm clenching my teeth -- that, is bad. Within moments, I will, yup that's right... BOMB!!!! eye luv u.  Kio tsukete. Take care of yourself. (i believe those two JPNese things to be correct, it's not reallly that important to me right now, the jpnese that is.)

        THIS SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! I'll say it, I'll mean it, but I know I can't have it, "I wish I could have gone back with you!" But I can't go back on my word, or my contract.  I'll write more -- but that'll be in a sec for you. I don't know how long for me. ILU ciao 4 now.


        Nipori - that's where I got off the SKYLINER. Upon stepping off of the train, I felt -- a lack of feeling. Ironic huh, i felt a lack of feeling.  (News just announced that its now 128.90 yen to $1, some good news.yeah.) That began my lack of care for being in JPN. I really didn't care to be there. I didn't feel "HOME". I felt like I was a foreigner walking around with bright clothes, yelling "HEY LOOK OVER HERE!! IT'S A FOREIGNER!!!!! YO!!!" I got annoyed. I wanted to look at the ppl with a strange face saying something like "Uggaa Buggaa!!" Thought that might have thrown them off a bit.  (((Japan is choosing the location to change it's capital by fall of next year. Three areas are under consideration. How about that. 12 trillion yen, 4 trillion from tax payers money, to build the new capital. How about that. interesting news.)))   We've reached the 7kb mark. Babe.

        I think you are incredible. You have a way of making me light up. You have a way of calming me down. We work so well together. I love that, it's just incredible. How does it happen that people, at our age, are lucky enough to find each other? Luck enough to be happy together.(despite the fact that we will be apart for another 6 months. That's changing though. Permanently. I look forward to that. 8kb - damn!

        Baby baby. I'm tryin to figure out what I want to do tonight. I have a pain every now and then in my stomach. It hurts like something is being pulled out or moved around within my gut. Sounds bad, and yes thats how it feels. It's now 19:23??!!! Thats IT!!?!? What the fuck!? It supposed to be later than that. It's just, cause, it's ...supposed to... just because. Ahhh Why sooooooo slow? I've called Kaz and I havnt heard from him yet. I thought that the time had gone by quicker and he was sleeping. BUT it would appear that my conclusion was completely wrong. O-well. It'll go by quicker if I sleep some, but when do I go to sleep? I'll have to figure that one out later.

        The books I bought, curious? Well one is a magazine, the other "RENT" by Jonathan Larson. Its the book I told you about before. It cost 7200 yen (only $38 in the states) But I DIDN'T/DON'T care. I wanted it, I needed to do something other than come back here. I needed to be away from the apartment for a little while. It worked to a point, but I still got hit when I walked in the door. With that I return to the beginning of this email. Hun you know I love you and within this email you've read that quite a few times. There's no worry deep within my brain, heart, mouth, etc... with those words. I'll say it and I'll say it proud.

        I haven't listened to that much in jpnese nor do I plan on doing that for the next few days. I just don't want to. The stuff I hear I understand a little, but I don't want to deal with it for a while. I need to reorganize myself anf that is what I'm gonna do. "I dont care" I've been thinking it and I know I mean it know, but that'll change in a little bit of time. I just need some time. It seems that I've got way toooooo much time on my hand. It's only 19:35. I typed quite a bit in that time didn't I? Got me babe. I think that the time is actually slowed and I'm stuck in a loop where I'm going faster than the time. 10kb quite an email. Sounds good, to me. TOU, IMU, HEY, 64, C.C., ILU. ciao cito
Sunday, January 11, 1998
January 1998 - email1
A reply to Cheryl Poulter telling her about my new found talent.... April was still here. So we watched Highander together, it was fun.  Well, a happy thing.....


Just ate my first (gary ordered) pizza. Now before you laugh at that,let me explain a little. THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH AT PIZZA HUT in JAPAN. Talk about doing something and then not realizing how much it was taken for granted. They did use a little English, but all the rest of it was in JPNese. I've had pizze here, the kind that is delievered to the home that is --- and have throughly enjoyed it, but I wasn't the order. This was my first, GARY ORDERED PIZZA. How about that. Glad to hear about the skiing stuff. I feel good about the fact that I could understand some, not all -- some of it was the HAI that is just a hopeful "yeah that's right, ..... i think" Anyway, Im gonna go shower and stuff now --- yes its late but all i did today was watch HIGHLANDER (via videos sent to me from a friend in CT) with my girl, April. I WAS(AM) happy!! haha. ciao cito
Thursday, January 01, 1998
January 1998
January 1998

Here's an update for allllll of you faithful people out there. I have to apologize because I am unable to get caught up with the month of January. I had company for the large part of the month and I was NOT going to sit in front of my computer typing with company only feet away from me. I hope you understand.

ALSO --- I am going to try to keep doing the journal, but I see the future of this crazy journal thing being done but once a week. I hope that your curiosity can keep up with that time span. Hope to hear from you allll soon.

Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of January. Enjoy.....
1 Email
A reply to Cheryl Poulter telling her about my new found talent.... April was still here. So we watched Highander together, it was fun. Well, a happy thing.....
2 Email
April had just left....and well, it was quite the emotional thing..... Readers beware! This is uncensored!
3 Email
Well.......... this just happens to be yet another quite emotional thing..... Readers beware! This is uncensored!
4 Email
Here I am trying to get through the day via humor from Japanese Television. It's not the best of descriptions but you'll get the point how strange it was....
5 Email
Days have begun to pass but the days seem like years... What's gonna happen? Time. "Time heals wounds"

6 Email
News and other stuff in this email... OLD (yeah right) Kanji, MADE IN AUSTRALIA -- it's bold for a reason... FUN? Heard of it before? I was retold of the words meaning.... Cloning cows? naaah. Sweets and candy can be fatal to you if your a student in Japan.. at least when your 'on the clock'.
7 Email
This email has been made available for one reason.... It's bolded.... read on.
8 Email
Typing typing typing.....hence the reason why I'm not doing the typing thing twice.... Cool names for things.... Let's talk about..... crackers.
9 Email
This is TRUE and it's FUNNY. The American army will do the funniest things sometimes. : )
10 Email
A birthday was kinda forgotten about...well it was forgotten about by the general population of the world.
11 Email
Happy stuff??? Rallly? ralllllllly, wow. The email below is something that made me feel like I belonged to something ---- Thanks you Matt. It was a most flatering thing. It also made me want me to go back home a.s.a.p.,but such it the way of a contract and stuff....
12 Email
A wrap up with a little few thoughts from Kazi-man....Also a worrysome question on my part to Rille.
13 Email
A most emotional night.... The country finally influenced me to do something I would never consider doing. It is done. I can do nothing about the past.... but I can do something about the future. I've got to do something about the future. As of today (2/8/98) it is official that I will be attending Japanese classes in Ikebukuro. : )
14 Email
Things go and go and go. My photo album is coming along nicely nicely. At the present (2/8/98) it is 35 pages. That's a loooooot od pages, but it doesn't seem it. Anyway -- there is also a little, just a tiny bit, about my stomach. Wawawawawawawawa. just felt like singing a tune.
15 Email
What is a PROP? Am I? Could be that I feel that way....

16 Email

Your in for a read here. LOTS is in this sucker. Let's see -- Deep Forest, gamma radiation, bagels, words, memory, and more. It's all yours for just $9.95 a month for the next 2 years. Yes, it slices, it dices,it can even count to 2!!! It's the all new revamped version ..... and now in lot #22092881 we have a beautiful faux diamond. Yes this beautiful faux can be yours for..... *click* Ok the t.v. is off and so are you... off to the races. Read away.

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