Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Horses & Old Faces

I was up from 6 AM Saturday until 4 AM Sunday. This was a long day for me. I was tired, but I had a smile on my face as I entered the land of sleep.

First up was B & R Riding Stables in good ol Prospect, CT. As this was the first time I've EVER ridden a horse I was COMPLETELY aware of the proper clothing. This was the fact for I'd say..... 80% of the people that went riding Saturday. Yea we did our research and asked the needed questions. Right. That's EXACTLY what we did.

So if I were to say that one of the XY's that went could barely stand after the hour long walk, trot, cantor, you'd understand how sarcastic I was in the last paragraph. XY riders! Listen clearly - DO NOT WEAR BOXERS WHEN RIDING A HORSE! Now that I've made myself clear... I'll continue.

The ride was great... except for the 'slapping pain'. This pain is induced when shifting into second gear - known as trotting. This hurts lots. LOTS! I found out that MOLLY - my horse - is one of the worst rides due to the way her back moves when trotting or cantoring. Yea me. Lucky me. Oww me. Fortunately for me I did enjoy the ride and I did feel more comfortable during the third cantor. It was cool... I don't think I need to do that again soon. Yup, I rode a horse. My goodness. A 14.3 hand horse. Yimminy yow.

End part one

Back to NY I go - with company. BT said he would join me and THANK ZEUS he did! A drive is just a drive. But when you drive this drive many... many... many times over it gets to be mind numbing. With him around that wasn't going to happen... the numbing that is. The drive happened obviously.

Vball was the reason for the drive back to NY and I'm very glad I made the trip back. The SLC team pulled out a victory - the first this season during one of the games. They seemingly loved the feeling and pushed hard to win the set but walked away with a 1-3 loss (best of 5). No worries though. A young team with a new coach is bound to go through struggles. Time will tell the true tale.

End part two

Back to CT! Here we go go go back back back. Why? Well firstly to drop off BT and secondly to go to my 10 year reunion! Hot diggidy! I've been stoked about going to this thing since the 5 year. Why not? Who cares if people didn't like me or know me in H.S. - that's unimportant now. All that's important is maintaining contact with people. Who knows when were why or how in the future we may need a helping hand and damnnit we all spent 4 years together so what the hey!

My arrival was apparantly quite late as there were only 4 or 5 name tags left on the table. = ) Annnnyway, I met many an old friend, many a non-old friend, and many spouses. WOW lotsa marriages. Only a few kids have been bred thus far. Not bad class-o-93. Not bad a'tall.

The evening was EVENTFUL. And this barely scrapes the surface. I had such a great time talking to everyone. The best thing of the night (in my opinion) was to hear how so many people are doing what the love! Their concern for money is not at the top of their list. This couldn't be more comforting to me. Seriously. I've been so fortunate through my life because of this philosophy and it's fantastic to hear that others are living the same way. And it was/is a GREAT number of the (sigh) 45 people that attended. Why a sigh?

Of 250+ students only 45 attended the 10 year reunion. Of the 250+ we had three of our class mates pass away. So, looking at the numbers, there should have been more in attendance but I guess the old adage that the 10 year H.S. reunion is stupid sank deeply into many minds. There were two weddings the same night. Two fun filled gatherings. I believe the weddings were for Doug Clark & Jen Gugliotti. Congrats to you both!

I believe my favorite quote from the evening was "OH MY GOD!" For some reason I changed enough so that most people that saw me didn't recognize me. HAHA! Totally rocked! I've tried to hide from people at random times in life by wearing a hat but this was even better. Hiding in the open. "Who are you?" I loved it! Now I have to figure out a way to continue doing what I'm doing so this happens again in 10 years! MWAAHAHAHAH!

I told someone about the events and their reaction was, and I quote "that is one of those stories that you dream about happening at your 10 yr." Now if I'd had a bad experience in H.S. I'd say hells yea. But I didn't. I enjoyed H.S. I liked the people I attended school with. I many not have been best of friends with everyone, but I didn't hate anyone or worse not have apathy toward them.

Enough writing, I need to... I dunno, I just need to 'verb' something. Oh wait... here's the geography of the eve: The evening went from The Hills in Waterbury, to a seedy bar, also in Waterbury, to Nicole Griffin's place.... also... in Waterbury. Then... to my bed. Ah sweet sweet sleep.

End part three - Z time. I decided to drive back to NY after rehearsal since I had rehearsal. Smart me at 4 AM. Mmm, wise one I was.

09-30-2003 02:31 pm

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
The Toe & The Geyser!

I forgot to write about a TREMENDOUS event that unfolded, or should I say - blew up!

Main Entry: gey∑ser
Pronunciation: 'gI-z&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Icelandic Geysir, hot spring in Iceland, from geysa to rush forth, from Old Norse; akin to Old English gEotan to pourDate: 1780
1 : a spring that throws I forgot to write about a TREMENDOUS event that unfolded, or should I say - blew up!

< Last week I dropped a 20 lb weight on my toe while doing dips. Wait, I dropped a 20 lb toe on my toe after I finished doing my dips actually. I dropped the weight when I was reaching for the weight... sigh. It hurt. It hurt so much that I was actually to the point of wimpering like a baby! Seriously, it hurt!

I took matters into my own hands after two days of hell though. Kerry (the trainer here at SLC) suggested that I relieve the pressure by putting a hole in my toe nail. She checked her books and then gave me the 'Okay' to press away with a heated pin. Kerry began the operation, er, began forcing a heated paper clip into my toe nail. Honestly, I began to have a freaky thought enter my mind - Hmm, if she keeps pushing this hard the clip may go through my nail and then the soft squishy stuff under it. YIPE!. So I interupted her 'Uh, Kerry, would you mind if I tried with a pin?' The process truly began.

Within 15 min I was walking again. The pin had been pushed through my toe nail in three stages. One - hey look there's a small dap of stuff coming out! WHOOOHOO! Two - Oh word, that's a decent amount. Almost there. Three...

Main Entry: gey∑ser
Pronunciation: 'gI-z&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Icelandic Geysir, hot spring in Iceland, from geysa to rush forth, from Old Norse; akin to Old English gEotan to pour Date: 1780
1 : a spring that throws forth intermittent jets of heated water and steam

Ageyser of blood!

OMG it was amazing! It literally shot up at me the moment the pin came out of the nail! Amazing! Wonderful! Relief at last! This may have been a tale to tell to only a few but I can't keep it to myself! No, not after the rediculous pain I went through. Everyone must know how to alleviate the pain should they ever drop a 20 lb weight onto their toe.forth intermittent jets of heated water and steam

09-23-2003 01:29 pm

Saturday, September 20, 2003
Sat Sat Sat in the more-nin

It's early (ish). Okay so it's not early. The time is 1057 and I've been screwing around with the code so that all of you (read you monkeys) can only see the theme I want you to see. I'm happy now too because that is now the case. Nyah!

Something I haven't written about yet deals with the November. Sun. Warm. Pool. I will be able to experience all of these during T-day week because I'm flying down to FL for the break! MWAAAHAHAH! Totally gonna rock because of the company and the break.

Ah yes, LOTR:TTT is kickin ass! I've finally gotten through a couple weeks of comics so I was able to pick up LOTR:TTT again. Lemme say this - Gimili got the short end of the stick in the film. There should have been a mention that he killed more orcs than Legolas. That's right 42 vs 41 in Gimli's favor! Hell, he even found the answer to the ultimate question by doing so

Alright with that I'm going to get ready for rehearsal - Equus presented by New Zenith Theater.

09-20-2003 11:07 am

Thursday, September 18, 2003
And now for something completely different - Pain

Ok so last night I did something that was very silly of me. I dropped a 20 pound dumb-bell on my foot while doing dips. Last night it hurt. A LOT! Today... it hurts A LOT! I wish I were in a position where I could sit with my foot up, but there are too many people coming in here (academic computing) for me to just sit with my foot up while I work on laptops, etc.

So, I sit here wincing every now and then hoping for the swelling to go down. Ahh yes... silly me.

Let the lesson be learned - when doing dips with a 20lb weight make sure you have your feet wide enough so that it falls on the floor ONLY! That's enough of a thought for now. >sigh<

09-18-2003 01:15 pm

Random Block & Y -The Last Man

I finally got the 'random pic' block to work withOUT crashing the entire site. AHH! Bout time. Damn.

It's late, but I think I want to finish "Y-Last Man" - compiled book #2. Check out the book if you get a chance. Seriously good stuff. DC Comics info on Y-The Last Man

In the summer of 2002, a plague of unknown origin destroys every last sperm, fetus, and fully developed mammal with a Y chromosome - with the exception of amateur escape artist Yorick Brown and his surly male helper monkey Ampersand.

09-18-2003 12:52 pm

Sunday, September 07, 2003
Entry #1

Rock on, looks like I'm good to go with a journal on phpnuke vs adding something else into the site and then getting it to work. = )

09-07-2003 11:14 pm

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