Friday, February 27, 1998
February 1998 - email12
A short thought about the girl who died. ABS wrote me and told me more about what truly happened.  NEWS --- She was driving her car and something stuck, the steering locked and her car crashed into something. She was not killed upon impact, but fell into a coma. She was in a coma for a while then passed away. Very very sad.

From: Gary Ploski                           2/27/98 22:56
Subject: Re: greetings from abs
To:  Allyson Brunette

        Okay, bad stuff first --- BIRD! Of course I remember bird. Kim was a fun happy go lucky person. I convinced her, while visiting Southern (SCSU) with Seth, that I was enrolled at TPU and SCSU. Both enrollments were full time! Ha. she was fun to chat with about crazy things, I liked that. It's really a bummer to hear that it happened, but I guess things like that happen. It's just a very sad event.

                  ---- a moment of silence ----

                  ---- a moment of silence ----

        Seth Martin. I spoke with him once since I arrived here in JPN. I called him during the holiday season to speak with him and his family. It was cool talking to him, but it wasn't the same as HCHS. He's gone down a different road, as have I. We're still friends, just not as close as we were when we were at HCHS. Times change, we either accept it or we live in the past.
        Graduation -- CONGRATS and OMEDETO. THey mean the same thing, JIC you didn't know. Its pronounced O-MEn-DEad-TOe  Say the capital letters, the words give you the correct sounds...enjoy. Good luck with the job thing. I'll be doing the same thing upon my return. Yeah. Looking forward to that -- sarcasm placed heavily on... EVERY WORD!
        Email... good luck. some ppl get it and use it everyday. Others every month or two, like AnnieL. Good luck. I'm gonn get goin ABS - keep thinking. Who knows maybe I'll tell you what that means when I get back. I'll think about it. Have a crazy day. ciao cito
February 1998 - email11
Snow White (live action? yes it's available) Reindeer? Where when? huh? What the heck are you talking about? A real conversation between Philip and Mr. Uto. STREESSSSSS about flowers? Nah... just the origin. etc. etc. Things have to come out some time. And a very sad mentioning.... A friend of mine from Holy Cross High School was killed in a car accident.... Not a good thing...

From: Gary Ploski                          2/27/98 0:23
Subject: Here goes nothin'
To: April Harvey

Philip - may I use the toilet?
Uto - sure. go ahead.
P - uh. the light doesn't work.
uto - oh really? it's been out of order for sometime now. ***I'll just
go out and get a new light bulb.*** Please hold on for a few minutes.
 - about 20 minutes later, maybe more -
U - Here you are. (Walking in with a bag from a convenience store. Uto
opens the bag and hands Philip a light bulb.)
P - Oh great. I'll just put it in now. (he struggles for a few minutes
as Uto watches until...
U - I'll do it Philip. (Philip is confused, but decides to hand Uto the bulb. Letting Uto try himself. --- Uto fails. Philip tries again and discovers that the bulb is to big. Opps. The two go upstairs so Philip can use the bathroom/toilet upstairs. WRONG! not happenin'. They come downstairs with -get this- a small flashlight. The bulb was about - im not kidding- 3 cm in diameter. This would be the light to use if you were to use the toilet.
        I'll just go out and get a new light bulb.   this was hillarious. You know uto a litle so imagine this. This party had been planned for about 3 weeks now and A>the light was blown B>his place (1st flr) was a MESSSSS - so noone could go upstairs C>alll of his dishes were dirty, including utensiles D> alll of his ashtrays were filled with some amount of ash. That threw me for a loop. Uto is just a nut - plain and simple.
        The car ride was decent, only  four or five scares. :o  The party was fun. Pool table (how about that one) karaoke (his own machine - cost him about 1 million yen or $10,000 - ouch huh.) He is the TYPICAL BACHELOR allll the way down to having a frozen pizza in the fridge - yes i said fridge. He had us put the frozen pizza in the fridge and  it stayed there. I don't know if he'll remember about the fact that it will have thawed out. Ohh welll. Mr Uto, a many of many talents and strange things....will he ever change? ummmm nope, doubt it. anyway - enough of that stuff - it was fun.
        Before the party we had gone out shopping for food. He is the TYPICAL BACHELOR... I was getting antsy, frustrated, etc., Liz asked me what was up and I hinted about what happened by saying you had left a message on the machine saying i should call asap. She thought i wanted to call you to find out what was happening, but I told her that I had done it already. I hinted that there was something and she said that she would ask no more. It was very nice of her. Ohh one last thing about Liz -- As we entered the supermarket type place, Liz spotted some flowers and said "oh they're AUSTRALIAN... oh wait no they aren't."  She said it... hehehehe MADE IN AUS... hehehe. what a crazy thing to do all the time huh.
        Regarding Kim L. I was taken back by the knowledge of her death for a number of reasons. They are what caused my antsyness in the store. On the way to school, after I got off the phone with you, I began thinking about ppl I went to H.S. with and got a bit saddened. SHe isn't the first person from my class ('93) to have died already. It's kind of disheartening to hear about all this stuff, but, after all it is life. Another on of my friends died in a most depressing way: He suffocated in his own vomit. He passed out, threw up and never breathed again. Sooo sad, this was about a year or two ago - i can't remember. The interestig part about that story is that the information regarding his death was kept quiet because of what happened. I only found out because a friend of Traci (cousin) and mine told us what happened. This friend was a cousin to the deceased best friend. SOoo I found out what happened.
        Anyway, I'm going to have that thought in my head for a while now. Just thoght of something... the girl I wrote 2(3?) poems about died about the same time.... Her name was Jen Obernesser. I read the poems about her at the poetry reading.... I also hide in my room on th night of her anniversary last year - do you remember? Wow... this is bad. I dont like this kinda talk... have to switch topics somehow.
        Life has seemingly given me an interesting road on which to walk. It's taking me through some interesting stuff so far. I've seen some moving trees and talking rocks and other things. WHere I end up is somewhere between here and there i think. I can ouly guess. Ahhhhhhhh!
        next --- Well people here in JPN have gotten themselves into a depresed state because the GAMES are over. People are noticible saddened because of the fact that they're over. Quite the interesting thing to be able to witness. -- Here we go! ->  Today Philip and I did a rendidtion of Snow White as written by a student at the #6 elementary school in Asaka. Philip was S.W. and I was the prince/horse. He was dressed in a white dress with an excessive amount of 'lip stick' on his lips. THe kids put it on him and had fun doing it. It as allllll over. He also had on a funny wig to top it all off.
        I wore a uniquely made costume. It was Philip's costume from XMas. It was a mock reindeer thingy. I wore brown tights, yes I'll have pictures, and the mock thing was brown so tht was the horse part. I had on a paper crown and a plastic sword at my side. We were suppoed to kiss in the play. I had fun lipstick on my cheek at the end of the play and the kids were going nuts that we had actually "kissed" --- it was funny. After that was the party preparations and before that the phone call to you. I went backwards -- dont know why either. oh well.
        Here's something interesting for you..... THE GRIMM BROTHER's "SNOW WHITE" is available in video stores over here. SOooo it should be available in the states. It's a live actions movie with Sigourne Weaver in it as the meany. It was GOOOD and freaky at the same time. PROGRAM IDEA -- easy one -- rent both and show the difference, people will freak out over the live action version. THEY WILL! The title is shown on the screen over blood covered snow. Blood happens. Death happens. Strangeness happens. It's good, but I wouldn't recommend it for kids -- ahhhh ---- no.
        it's time for bed. It's 0:21 and I'm tired hard core. I just have one question -- You said something about I hadn't checked my email so I wouldn't know about you being woken up 3 times. WHere is that email? Have you not sent it? If so.... send away. Hope you enjoyed this ... i'll be thinking about you, so i hope to dream about you. It's to easy to so that --- think of you that is.... ciao cito babe. imu
Tuesday, February 24, 1998
february 1998 - email10
New work? Indeed Rille's mom is jumping into a hell-ov-a job. Ouch is the key word... take a gander. Rain? Rain rain go away! Don't come back till Gary goes to go-chu....

From: Gary Ploski                               2/24/98 17:57
Subject: Question
To: April Harvey

        The say was - get this - rainy. YES INDEED I am going to GO-CHU. Everytime I go to this school it rains!!! It started last Fri - the day I was supposed to switch school ( go from number 2 to 5.) AHHH!! Annnnnd it's gonna rain again tomorrow. It's kinda funny. Oh well.
        Tonight in JPN and I need to do something about my brain, it's going nuts. I tried to write something this morning and I got one line down then my brain froze. I think it was because of my amazement regarding Brian's email. I'm still wandering what's goin on. I'm tryin to uderstand what he wrote, but am not finding that thinking to be to successful. ohh well.
    I hope to hear from you lata. I'll probably get to bed a little bit early tonight cause last night I was chattin with your mom for a while and didn't get to bed until about 2:15. SHe's very nervous!!!
        Did she tell you about the last person that was in charge of this place? They went bankrupt in jul.! It was reorganized and reopened in sept. OUCH! PResssssure! I think she'll do a great job. the job was hers they just hadn't told her for a while. What a woman! Ma/Mom are the BOMB! We's lucky crazy lady. And - least I forget - your dad can be a very very supportive and helpful guy when he's physically on the ground. hehehe. what a statement.
        ok with that. TOU and wanting you to touch my...... feet. THEY IS COOOOLD!!! Yucky! hehehe. I want a hug truthfully. Hope you have a mad fun busy day. Hey is there lots of snow on the ground still? Thinking of getting on Mainenence about the bell ASAP. It will be up before I return. i hope.
        tille later love. <<<---- You like that first word huh rille. hehehe. ciao cito hun.
Thursday, February 19, 1998
February 1998 - email9
Packages..... Iaido... Language....Robocop 3???...... madness..... SMiles... YIKES! I found my left sock! wahhooo, sorry that's not in the email, I just found it. hehehe.

From: Gary Ploski                     2/19/98 23:49
Subject: you. alllllllll you.
To: April Harvey

Got your package today which contained drawing done by you. I like the drawings lots, especially because they're done by you. You have a great talent and I like that about you, very much so I say "Very much so."
        I haven't written you (with much detail) since the beginning of the week, so I thought it would be a good idea to do such a thing tonight. Here's what my evening consisted of, it's pretty funny - not funny hehe, funny haha.
        Arrived at the Apt @ 4. I didn't have to go to elementary today so I got home early.
        sat down and read a comic book which came in the mail (Avenger #1 - took long enough)
        Read your cards -- save the best for last. Smiled.
        Sat down and ate two English Muffins with Strawberry Jellly on them...
yummy. watched a little of the Olympics and began to lose consciousness.
        Turned off the T.V. and the radio and fell asleep(6:00)...... till about 9 when Liz called to ask me to write something for elementary school for a teacher.
        Made a grinder like sandwich and some egss... interesting combo no. felt better -- i was hunry. Chilled out and relaxed a little, until I turned on the comp and typed a few emails.

Now I sit and type to you. YEAH! The pictures are great babe. I'll have to make some sort of collage and put them in a frame. I think it would look pretty cool! Who know's maybe it'll be worth something in the future.... Hey, it could happen.
        Things have been very strange over here for a few reasons... Iaido - I throughly enjoy it, but I get all nerved up just before going. I think "aww man, I have to deal with this language thing again. do i really want to go?" then after it finishes I think "Damn that was cool! I'm so glad I'm a part of this, why do i think about the language thing so much?" It's one of those up and down things that will keep happening until I leave. Yippee.
        School is kinda the same way. Classes bore me a lot, but when I get the opportunity to just chat with the students it pretty cool. Then again some classes are cool and I think "why didn't I want to go to the class in the first place?" Up and down, up and down. It's kind of annoying, but it's going to keep happening. Oh-well.
        Let's see... Watanabe has been sick for the past two or three days. He went into work at about 2 today. When I got there at 4 he looked like crap! He was holding a tissue up to his left ear. I wondered what he was doing -- until I saw something red on the tissue. His ear was bleeding! UHH!!?? He had no problem with that; I on the other hand did. I said in an inquisitive way "Your ear..... it's bleeding..... Huh? What are you doing here? Go home and relax, get better then come into work." He had no reponse to that --- in my opinion it was the JPNese attitude coming out 'deal with it, for the benefit of the group'. Interesting no.
        Anything else... mmm yes. I have a feeling that I'm being isolated in a way by Liz and Philip. It appears that they are sharing information with each other and not with me. I'm only speculating this of course. The reason I say this is MAKO - your friend and mine - called and told me that Liz and Philip would be going to Philip's upcoming concert. I had no idea that was happening, or did I? I don't remember. He then said that Liz's plans had changed and that she would be going with me to a AET thing this Sunday. HUH?? "She is?" I asked. He said "yeah" I hade no clue that she was going to go - i was told by the woman organizing the gathering that Phil and Liz weren't going to be able make it... Maybe it's Liz's way of getting out of both things. Maybe she's changed her mind. I have no clue.
        Here's something I realized regarding my grocery shopping time.... I HAVE NONE! I've figured out that I have to buy enough food to last the week --- you know that it's not normally done like that here. The quantities are way to small to last the full week. Hmmmmmm, this'll be fun trying to arrange. Maybe tha's why I haven't been eating that well. I've got to little time to shop for food. ha. that's a good one to laugh about. "Sorry I passed out in class Mr/Ms XYZ. I had no time this week to go to Seiyu to buy something to eat. Boy o boy am I hungry." HA! That's a kicker!
        Hmmm-- anything else? mmmmmmm - i just watched Robocop 3. If you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all.... yup, right on target with that little saying. Yup... let's see... The kotatsu didn't arrive today. HUH!
        Watanabe called and they said they tried to deliever it on Monday but someone in receiving (in the city hall) had no idea who a gyari purosuki was, so it went back to shop. They told Watanabe that they were WAITING for a phoe call from us (me) before they were going to do anything else!?!?!? huh?!!?!? There was a number writte on the receipt so they could contact the city hall if the need arose, but it would have made sense to use it. Soo, it'll be here tomorrow (fri) and I'll send it next week. I can only wonder how much this is going to cost. It's gonna be worth it though.
        I've got to remember to but those blankets for mom and myself before they're all gone. I'll have to do that this weekend. MORE SOOOOOFFTTTT blankets hehehe. HAHAHAHA. Well I think that's about it. I'm gonna do some leg lifts, i feel a bit onthe plumpy side today - don't know why I haven't been eating that much.
        Hope you had fun reading about the crazy world of JPN. I know it's ... Ohh - last bit of fun differences before I go.. Sheik refers to fashion in the US and JPN. In the US it usually refers to silk, flowing, soft, expensive looking things. In JPN it referd to EARTH TONES. Yup... there's the fact of the day. I wore sheik clothes to school today: black pants and the new Eddie Bauer shirt I bought while you were over here -- the green/brown long sleeve collarless shirt. Yes indeedy --- a sheik outfit if I say so myself. hehehe.
        Ciao cito babe. Ohh- I've got an idea for Ramses in the historical campain. I hope you enjoy it... I'm gonna type it and send it to you. Tell me what you think. TOU lotsssssssss and looooooooots. hmm - that reads completely differently. : )   ciao cito babe. enoy the madness, it's more fun than bordem.
Sunday, February 15, 1998
February 1998 - email8
Let's talk fun stuff shall we...... COPS in Japan, Iaido. ALLLL GEWD!

From: Gary Plos                                        2/15/98 16:10
Subject: Iai
To: April Harvey

        I PASSED! I'm offically PRE-1st Dan. It's kinda cool. I messed up at the beginning but made up for it enough i guess. I'm kinda cool now... Y? It was snowing this morning! Now... it's stopped, but it's kinda chilly. How about that. Snow again, here in Asaka, how about that. I'm pleased with myself, but I want to do better. I actually had a fairly good converstation with my sensei today. He speaks the most basic English available here in JPN. BUT that allowed us to have the conversation. It was pretty cool. It seems that older Japanese can actually say "r" "l" "th" and all the other fun sounds in English that are not in Japanese. It's kinda weird. Kinda neat too. Well babe. You'll be involved in a looooooong day.
        Right now I'm watching car chases that have happened in the states. It's kinda like a COPS in Japanese. Some funnnnny stuff here. People can be Soooooooooo STUPID! IDIOTS! Stop the car and ... ewww this is interesting. Some woman's car won't STOP. It just keep accelerating. She's trying to get around a RIG(on her left) now and there is a guard rail to her right. In front of her..... a car stopped on the side of the road. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo move... just made it by ... sqeeked by the rig. Yowzaas. wowww. she ended up crossing the highway via some sort or luck/unlucky turn. SHe went into the air and hit the back of a truck stopping. Her car was then hit by another car... but she was ok... iN TYPIcall american fashion they showed her playing a racing video game after the event.... *G* How about them american tv programs....
        With that... I'm out babe.. Have a crazy and 6 4 smile for me.. ciao cito babe. TOU!
Friday, February 13, 1998
February 1998 - email7
This is a BIG one.... lotttts of stuf... enjoy. There's actually a list of what I wrote about in the email, how about that.

From: Gary Ploski                            2/13/98 0:23
Subject: Fwd:Recent Events....
To: Kim Paoletto Gary Ploski wrote:

will be of interest to those of you who are A: bored or B: very bored.
| |

A. The headache and the hospital
B. Violence in school
C. Important to some and not to others
D. Surprised
E. 4 costumes
F. Classes
G. Anything else I think about that I forgot

(A)     The other day I was in pain with a ounding headache but thought nothing of it. It happens, it's really no big deal. As I was about to cross the road to meet up with Liz to go pick up some pictures I was greeted by someone from City Hall.
         I told her what was going on with school and then got to tell her about my headache. She said something like 'ohhh... Are you going to the hospitl?' with a very VERY serious look on her face. My facial expression was that of a person being told that they couldn't speak during a debate. "HUH?!! What are you talking about?! Why would you go to the hosiptal for a headache?" was my reaction. I told her that I was going home eat and to take some bufferin or some ibuprofen. After doing that I was going to relax for a little while. She was amazed by my idea. Telling me I 'really  sould go to the hospital.' I suggested to go to Seiyu (local grocery store) to buy some bufferin and then go home and relax. "Bufferin is bad for you though." was her reply.
         Okay -- If I pop two, three or more tablets into my mouth everyday I can underestand it being bad for me, but 2 tablets when I have a headache?!? uhh?! It's not tylenol, that stuff needs to be kept in check, but BUFFERIN!? The conversation didn't go anywhere from there, she told me she was going to the hospital and suggested me to go as well. She walked on and I crossed the road in complete amazement of what had just transpired. I WAS AMAZED!
         SO remember, next time you have a headache --- get to the hospital and ask the doctor what you need. My only guess is that you have to pray and hope he doesn't prescribe any of the following -- bufferin, tylenol, ibuprofen or asprin because they're all (apparently) bad for you. How about that.

(B)     This is very very sad. About a week ago, maybe more, I think it was the 28th of Jan, there was a horrible event that happened in a junior high school here in Japan. A student and a teacher will never be the same, unfortunately one of them wil never live again.
         The student, feeling sick, decided to go to the nurses office. He left a few minutes later and went to the lavatory. He was in there for a few minutes, this would make him late to class -- not good. He took his time going back to class and upon arrival was spoken to by the teacher about his tardiness. They stepped out of the class room and began to talk.
         The class was English, the (she)teacher 26 years old, the (he)student 12 or 13. The teacher told the him that it was not good to be late to class and asked why he was late. He didn't want to hear anything she had to say, so he pulled out a 10 cm butterfly knife. Yes indeed here's wher I've got both your eye's glued to the screen. She watched him pull out the knife and didn't say or do anything apparently. It would seen that her readtion isn't what he wanted.
         He grew even more angry, and decided there was more to be done - with the knife. Within moments he was stabbing her with this 10 cm butterfly knife. She fell. He straddled her as she lie on her back, like a person to a horse. He stabbed her a total of 7 times from one shoulder across the body to the other shoulder.
         He was arrested and the teacher was taken to the hosipital. I don't know what's happened to the student but I do know that the teacher did not survive the incident. One hour after the stabbing occured, she died.
         To those of you unfamiliar with Japanese school systems -- This event DOES NOT happen. This was the first time something like this happened IN school. Outside of school things happen, in all countries, but this has never happened IN a school in Japan before. In N.Y. guns and knifes are all over the place, schools included. Here, in JPN, it is not true.
         People here in JPN, in Asaka, were absoluely blown away by this event. It was spoken of and questioned for the bext week. This was a tragic event that will hopefully never happen again. Let's hope that people all over realize what a tragedy it is for children to own knifes and guns. It affects more people than we think. If you pray -- think abut the families of those mourning the loss of loved ones. If you don't pray - at least think about those who mourn the loss of loved ones. Such a sad event.........

(C)     Food. Drinks. Food and drinks. Should they be put together? A student thought it would be not big deal to pour some of his fruit drink into the food bin in his class. After doing so he left his glass container in the bin. What happened? The food wasn't served for some reason - i don't know why. Some students didn't care, teachers on the other hand were SOOOOOOOO worried that they had a meeting for about an hour or two. ???????? When the situation was resolved teachers were amaszed at how little the students cared. The teachers thought it was a HUGE problem, but the students....... 'ahh whatever' was their reaction to the problem.
         I guess it goes to show you never know who gets concerned over some things and who couldn't care less. It's kinda though to determine that though -- ain't it? I know that it's true for me. Well enough of that one....

(D)     The term is almost over for moi. I'll be at the half way mark at the end of this week. I'm pretty excited about that. It means that a visit from some fam peoples will happen soon. Yipppeee. haha. ....next...

(E)     For those of you interested in comics -- FYI - Spidey (Spider-Man) will be doning four (4), count 'em, 4 different costumes soon. Each costume will create a new character. ???? He's going to use different weapons and different powers to throw people off. FYI - He's wanted for a murder and there is a $5 million dollar reward out for him. Sooooooo, if you wanna see what's goin on in the world of Spidey, now is the time to check it out. Tid bit of info.... His marriage is goin through some interesting changes soon as well. Will he be single again? Will he just be in the seperated state? hmmmmmmmmm.. next....

(F)     As of this week I have an offical Japanese language course to attend twice a week. The first class was pretty cool, I got to practice and mess up without having to worry about anything like ordering 5 pizzas and not knowing what I had done. Ahhh! 5 pizzas? I didn't want 5 pizzas, I wasnted 2. Ahhhh man! Fun and fun and fun. Here's to the fun. Yokata! or  Yoshi!    next....

(G)     Don't think there is anything else to tell you about. I'm doing well, enjoying the weather, and whatever else I can enjoy. Actually here's something...
         A teacher at ich-chu (#1 J.H.) is very helpful at his home. This is not normal for a man in Japan. I asked him about it and he told me that Women view him as .... from older to younger.
         Older women, in general, are very confused by his desire to help the woman of the household. Bringing his dishes into the kitchen, doing laundry, cleaning, ironing, etc... They just don't understand why he does it. He's married, why does he do it?
         Women his age like to see it and wish that their husband would do that type of thing. They know what it's like to do everything by themselves all day while their husband is working. Any help would be great, but there is very little help from the men's part.
         Younger women think it's a great idea, but this isn't the large consensus. It's probably a 50/50 split. The half that think it's a good idea are the women that say to the older men that clean, cook, etc.. "I hope I find someone like you." An interesting thing, no. The other half don't want him to cook, clean, etc... they'll do it for him. They want to do it for him. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ALL GENERALIZATIONS FROM ONE DISCUSSION I HAD WITH A MALE TEACHER WHO IS IN HIS MID TO LATE 40's.
         From the male point of view. Older men think they have no need to help. Why should they? They're wife has done it for all these years and never expected it, so why should he or any other husband do those chores?
         Men his age his age are in the 50/50 zone. They think, after doing it for a while -- if they do it for a while, that it's an alright thing to do. The other half will eventually fall into the same catagory as the older men.
         The younger men are also in the 50/50 zone. It appears that if the woman gets the man to do stuff from the beginning he'll be more accepting later on in life.
         Soooo ladies, when you get a him in your life -- get him to do some stuff now, or you'll never get him to do it later. At least in Japan that works.
         This is enough of a read. Hope I kept you intereted for at least half of it... Have a crazy day in the land of the obsessed and the land of the flowers that look like quarks(don't know what it is? look it up). There's gotta be one.  ciao cito
Wednesday, February 11, 1998
February 1998 - email6
It's anniversary time....

From: Gary Ploski                                   2/11/98 17:25
Subject: Happy Anniversary
To: April Harvey

Have a crazy day
                 love love lo                 ve love love lo
               ve love love love            love love love love
             love love love love l         ove love love love love
             love love love love love     love love love love love
            love love love love love l  ove love love love love lov
            e love love love love love love love love love love lov
            elove love love love love love love love love love love
             love love love love love love love love love love love
              love love love love love love love love love love lov
                e love love love love love love love love love lov
                  e love love love love love love love love love
                    love love love love love love love love l
                     ove love love love love love love love
                        love love love love love love lov
                          e love love love love love lov
                            e love love love love love
                              love love love love lo
                               ve love love love lo
                                 ve love love love
                                  love love love
                                     love love
                                      love lo

        We're goin' strong. It's been another month and get this... It's alomost half way through this term. As of this Friday I'll be half way done with the 2nd term. That means that the fam will be here soon and that would also mean that there is only one more term. How about that. It's not to much longer. It may seem like it's a while but, it's a lot shorter than it was last year, or last week or even yesterday.
        To you, me and us -- omedeto! congrats babe! i'm not quite sure how to translate babe - forgive me. : )  Happy aniversary babe. I'm thinkin of you and actually remember waking up with your face very near mine. I was in a supermarket, checking out, when I saw someone that looked just like you -- I said "Rille." Traci, who was with me said "It couldn't be her, not here." You kept walking and as if you heard me, with a time delay, stopped, turned, smiled then began walking towards me. You got right next to me and Before we spoke I woke up. Bummer huh. It was nice to see your face sooooo vividly. It was you, hair, jeans, smile and all. The only odd thing was the jacket you were wearing - it looked like some sort of varsity jacket, strange. Anyway, I was happy.
        TOU babe. Hope you have a great day in the land of the livid. I love you. ciao cito
February 1998 - email5
Somebody that had a really good understanding of ..... read on.

Subject: What is it that is really important?                           2/11/98 17:25

The person that wrote this has a pretty good idea of what is important.
Life is not about keeping score.
It's not about how many friends you have.
Not about if you have plans  this weekend or if you're alone.
It isn't about whom you're dating, whom you used to date, how many
people you've dated, or if you haven't been with anyone at all.
It isn't about whom you have kissed.  It isn't about who  your
family is or how much money they have.
Or what kind of car you drive.
Or where you went to school.
It's not about how beautiful or ugly you are.
Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have on, or what kind of
music you listen to...
It's not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown.
Or if your skin is too light or too dark.  Not about what grades you
get, how smart you are, how smart everybody else thinks you are, or
how smart standardized tests say you are.
It's not about what clubs you're in or how good you are at "your" sport.
It's not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper and
seeing who will "accept the written you."
But, life IS about whom you love and whom you hurt
It's about whom you make happy or unhappy purposefully.
It's about keeping or betraying trust...
It's about friendship, used as a sanctity or a weapon.
It's about what you say and mean, maybe hurtful, maybe heartening.
About starting rumors and contributing to petty gossip.
It's about what judgments you pass and why...  And to whom your
judgments are spread.
It's about whom you've ignored with full control and intention.
It's about jealousy, fear, ignorance, and revenge.
It's about carrying inner hate and love, letting it grow, and spreading it.
But most of all, it's about using your life to touch or poison other
people's hearts in such a way that could have never occurred alone.
Only you choose the way those hearts are affected, and those choices
are what life's all about.
Monday, February 09, 1998
February 1998 - email4
Chattin with Rille's mom about the games and how to make money.... interested now?

From: Gary Ploski                               2/9/98 0:10
Subject: Re: Back from the North
To: Elissa Harvey

        I'm chillin out right now, watchin' Disclosure. Bi-lingual. yeah yeah yeah.today was do the little things that i haven't been able to do or just didn't get to. I ironed the curtains, stitched the bottom of the curtains, they were a little long. Yes indeedy, get the needle and thread out 'cause I'm sewing. Well, I was sewing; I'm done now.
        The opening ceremony was pretty cool from my point of view. I have been able to watch a lot of the games, without commercials! they just show the events. Each and every participant --- it's great! TOPIC SWITCH! after a bit of a delay I try to get back onto the same train i was on b4.
        I had something fun to talk about but... it's loooong gone. About 60 minutes have passed and I have no idea what I was going into... hmmm. how about. QUESTIONS! THose are alllllways fun!
        How is sue doing? with school, friends, girls, guys, the area, the horses, monopoly - has she started the tournaments yet, ping pong - i hear its the next BIG thing, monopoply - hey it's got to do what its supposed to do monopolize (the list that is), everything else and anything else, monopoly? that's a good start
        the big guy. WHat's his flight schedule been like? up at 2 out by 8, flyin to montana soon - gonna be a dental floss tycoon, the job, the new comedy routine, monopoly -- there it is again! geesh!, comics - he's a closet comic junkie. It's gotta be true! It's just gotta!
        You. Sounds like your realllly gettin into this chamber thing. Did you get the job, opened fifteen chains of, take a guess .... come on guess....... come on....... try it once please   _----- pause time__-----___--_-_--__________----_-_---___----_--_----__---__----- monopoly stores? Its the next next BIG thing. People go there to play for the hell of it. They skip work, they get fired and thy try to win money by playing monopoly. Then after they win they go to the bank and find out its fake money. THe reason this will continue is that the guy that wins goes far away EVERY SINGLE TIME! He goes away and everybody thinks that he went to the Bahamas or someother place nice, but in actuality he's just moved away because he realized how naive he was...
        Whad'dya think? i like it. Time to open the doors! hee hee hee. Ok I've rambled enough. Hope your havin a great great day. ciao cito
Friday, February 06, 1998
February 1998 - email3
Spidey--- school (MAD SCHOOL! CRAZY KIDS!!!!) check it. etc.

From:Gary Ploski                              2/6/98 0:51
Subject: 4 count em. 4.
To: April Harvey

Just read about the new identities spidey will be posing as... I think it's a pretty cool idea. Bill-e-boy can fill you in if your curious. I dont think that your that curious... but hey, I could be wrong.
        Im sooooooo tired. It's presently 12:26 and my eyes are dry from the heater and they hurt because they're open. fun huh. I went into shinjuku and looked at the number of days till the olympics begin... 2 was the number on the board. I want to go into shinjuku tomorrow to take a picture of the board with 1 on it.. I think that'll be a cool pic for something to laugh at and whatever else.
        My back... Ahhhh. I've had my bag on my back for sooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo long today. I'm exaggerating of course... there shouldn't be that many o's. I honestly should tell you to take that last o offm cause that is a bit excessive -- ya know. I carried around my photo album for
a while with another book in the bag. Wile in Shinjuju, while waiting for Nanae, I just had some stuff in the bag. After standing and waiting for about and hour and a hlaf in the store -- she was mad MAD late. about... 50 minutes. I was there from 6:10 - 7:20 waiting for her. She was supposed to be there ar 6:30. I was hurtin... my back that is..
        After that we went to Aki Habara to look for WORD PERFECT. I found the WP Suite for 39000 yen. CD ROM version. No help there. Soo as it turned out -- I bought only books! yes indeed. I bought  -- Dave Barry Does Japan, Educating Andy(about a foreign kid going through grammer school in JPN - should be interesting), and 3000 JPNese verbs. how about that. Ohh yeah I bought Wizard as well. It's a fun magazine to read. I really enjoy it. its funnn.
        lets see. Classes SUCKED! with a capital suc! HORRIBLE. Absolutely horrible. I'm not kidding. the teacher and i stopped speaking sooooooooooooooooo many times to try to get the students attention. MESSEDDDD up! I didn't like that stuff at all.
        After 3-chu I went to 5-sho. (chu-j.h./sho-elementary) WOW. talk about feeling like a STAR! We (phil,liz,me) was signing their name cards they were (this is not a joke!) tripping over each other trying to shake my hand. They were just going and going and going pushing pushing etc. i fell down once onto a few students cause there was no room for me to go backwards. It was CRazy mad fun! that was a nice highlight to the day.
        It was mad! I tell you they were crazy! c.r.a.z.y.! it was pretty neat to see it. they sang a song and played 2 others on their blowing instruments (they blow into it to make it work. its like a piano but realllly small with less keys and its not wood, its plastic -- maybe its not like a piano :)    ) the played something from Mononoke Hime and to other things i didn't recognize.
        hun im goin to sleep. maybe...nope you wont be back from class until after im offline. if you wanna chat. call let it ring once and ill signon. this is regarding the time you have at about 1:15 pm. I'll chat with you lata babe. TOU! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXone last thing.... have a crazy day. ciao cito .. and ohh yeah... last one to finish that off   --    X
Sunday, February 01, 1998
February 1998 - email2
Carrie just helped me out without her knowing she had... Thanks Sooooo much Carr-dog.

From: Gary Ploski                              2/1/98 22:04
Subject: Thank you.
To: Carrie Litwinski

Your probably wondering to what I'm refering. I am refering to something you do a lot. Something you do very very well. Something I have the honor of being able to appreciate. HOW's this? What's this? It's none other than a Carrie tradation -- you do it lots! Does TAPE 5 ring a bell? If not, here's a list for you to hae fun with --
Side A (Pachelart's oven) 
1-Pachelbell's Canon 
2-Molto Allegro 
Side B ("Quils maneat les brioches!") 
1-Feeling Better 
2-Free to Grow 
3-I'm Free 
4-Hey Nonny Nonny 
5-Used to Be 
6-My Dear Companion 
7-Those Memories of You 
8-The Pain of Loving You 
9-Making Plans 
10- To Know Him 
11-Hobe's Meditation 
12-Wild Flowers

        I'm listening to side a right now... Wonderful stuff you've put together dear crazy carr-dog! YOU DA BOMB! YO!! I'm sitting in this evening, just chillin out. I'm going to read about a bunch of the happenings from the year of 1997 in a few minutes. But before I did that I wanted to thank you.
        You are a great person Carr. I've been having a tough time over the past week or two and I have been anyone but me. I've hated almost every minute of it.... I was doing fun stuff suring the non-minutes. : ) I'm very happy to have met you and am very very happy to say DING DONG YO! U iz DY-NO-MITE!!! ding dong-- is that the door? uh, nope. just my hands typing ... hmm, have to have the doctor look at that. Strange hands. Anyway, Carr-dog, have a great semester and hopefully, just hopefully -- this is a tough one -- you'll see BIG FOOT! You go girl! He's out there, waitin' for --- U! have a crazy day in this crazy world crazy lady. ciao cito
February 1998 - email1
This is a loooong email. Actually, it's two.It covers feelings, cd's etc.... Lots of  emotional stuff..... Readers beware! This is uncensored!

From: Gary Ploski                                             2/1/98 9:51
Subject: [Fwd: I feel it.]
To: April Harvey

Take a read of the next email... I'm feelin better! Wahhooo!!! Just took a little self disciplining! That's what it comes down to I guess - self control. DAMN MY fingers are cold! WWOOOOW--- yipppppps! I think I'm gonna get that last roll of film developed today. I'll have to get tttrrriiipppllleeesss so Kaz can get copies etc.... OHH! i have to pay him for our doubles.. 3000yen, that looks like so much. 3 thousand yen! damn! thousand- they're crazy over there! then again -- ever been to Italy .. sure "200000000000lire for a cookie" says the baker in reply the customer says "that's it! wow that's cheap!" thanks hun. I needed to be helped through this thing. sorry if i put you on the defensive - BUT DAMNNIT READ MY EMAILS!! hehehe. if you want to of course (said with a cute litte s'mile and my eyes batting as my head is tilted in a slight angle)   : )
        THANK YOU. ILU and yes i love you and yes I LOVE YOU and yes I LUV U and yes........    IMU ciao cito babe. VI IV alll the way to the ... to the.... ahh yes! to the chinese dilivery menu! oh there it is.. i was sitting on it. last thing I ordered pizza last night. Next time i say Half to(toe-pronounced=and) half. chizu(cheese) to hamu(ham) kudasai. I asked for cheese! and I got a cheese to cheese (which i though was just cheese but found out it had tomatoes, onions(YUCKYYYY), four different cheeses... i didn't want that! yuck! 2612yen!!! bummer! "you live, you learn" alanis m. ciao cito babe.

From: Gary Ploski                       2/1/98 0:53
Subject: I feel it.
To: April Harvey
It's tearing at my insides. It's ripping out everything I am. It's making me something I don't want to be. Wait, not something, someway.I'm feeling someway that I don't want to feel. This feeling... is the same type of feeling you felt when everyone left CT (i think). Like whenwe were discussing the life lines to other people, yours were stretched out over great distances - barely working compared to the normal ways.
        I feel that now. I feel like I felt when I went home after I got that speeding ticket (95mph). I went home and hide in my room, hidding myemotions from my mother, hiding my pain from the world. I was DAMN GOOD! It's what I'm doing now. I feel it, I feel the mask goon and come off. I feel it - physically!! It's as if there was a real mask being put on and taken off! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!
        You said you didn't like the way I was right now -- NOR DO I! I HATETHIS FEELING! I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! It won't go away! If I'm buy doing something, my mind reaches  out for a piece of something within me that will make me feel like crap! I hide it in class. It'll be dispelled for a few minutes, but my brain says 'no no no gar, try this BAM! how's that' uhh  -  is the reaction.
        "Life if 99.9 percent of what you make of it. So if your life sucks, you suck." Suicidal Tendencies    I know this is true and I firmly believe in that, I just can't get myself to do anything about it now! What is happening to me? I don't understand... "I want my mommy" Had to say it... : )
        Babe I'm sorry this is happening now. Of all times to happen - you just left and I've decided to go home, etc.. etc.. I'm not meant to be away from friends and family etc... At least that's my personal belief. I've figured that out by being here. Family, friends, acquaintances, etc. are where your(everyone) supposed to be. FRIENDS FRIENDS etc.... I wish that knot in my throat would go away - it's really annoying.
        UHH!!! why am I feeling this way? what have I been doing differently?anything? nothing? is that my problem? I'm doing the same stuff, nothing new? is that it? no - im doing different things... I'm trying different things, I'm making placs to go places. WHat is wrong with me?! ahhh I need a ... i need a ... break... Gimme a break. Gimme a break. Break meoff a piece of that Kit Kat Bar. Gimme a break. Gimme a break. Break me off a piece of that -- Kit -- Kat Bar.  That dark ... ok enough of that. it was fun to type thought.
        I've got to get through this as best I can and try to remain focused.I've got to maintain my personal beliefs. I've got to... think of something better to type than all this negative stuff.
        Have I told you about the DEEP FOREST III cd? it's awesome.  It's reallly good. I wonder if radio stations would play it in the states.One track is radio-able, i think. THere is one track that is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! track 13. OHH my! A man and a woman work perfectly togetheron this track... I've got to hear it now.... playing. it's so melodic... perfect "holding April in my arms music"! It really is beautiful, justlike you. They actuall speak/sing some English on this album. He sings something like "...spend my life with you."  I know what he's feeling. I like that. It's a great CD.
        That thorn in my side, you - as you put it. It the thorn in my side I'mnot pulling out. Physical pain, mental pain - if I dare call it pain when it refers to you - is nothing but my thoughts of you. I would notcall those things thorns nor would I consider you the thorn. You are the beautiful rose opening to as it greets the light in the morning. You arethe rose as it pulls together to keep itself strong and its pedals warm (im one of those pedals). You may have thorns, as we all do, but your'thorn' is not what is causeing my dismay. My dismay is caused by one, and only one person - me.
        I'm the reason for all this anguish. I'm the reason for all this strife. I'm the one who need to remember what it is I'm here for. Toteach, rather, learn about different ways of living. That's why I came here - to learn about the people, the culture, etc... I've got to feel'a part' of that again. I make some people laugh with my questions. I've got lots of em... "Do Japanese School's have spelling contests in Japanese? If so, how is it done?" In English you can say the letters the word is made up of, in Japanese it's made up of sounds, like ka. This isa question I asked at the JPNese language school and had the two people speaking to me in stitches - I WANNA KNOW!
        Anyway, I feel a little better now. I'm happy and sad that we'll beable to chat in your mornin. I wish it was for a little longer that's all.... I JUST saw a bug fly by the computer?! Where'd that come from?it's winter! huh?? STRANGELY WEIRD! Thanks for the words of confidence babe. I hope you had a great crazy day. ciao cito and XXXXX*4 that'sright, it's back -- there it goes again ,, zzzzzzzzmmmmm right by. weird! TOU as I dream! ILULOTSSSANDLOTSSS!!! ciao till 0-900. : )
February 1998

February 1998

Here ya go....into the shortest month of the year. It didn't feel like
it was the shortest though. Yowchers and stuff.

I am going to try to keep doing the journal, but I see the future of this crazy journal thing being done but once or twice a month. I hope that your curiosity can keep up with that time span. Hope to hear from you allll soon.

Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of February. Enjoy.....
1 Email
This is a loooong email. Actually, it's two.It covers feelings, cd's etc.... Lots of emotional stuff..... Readers beware! This is uncensored!
2 Email
Carrie just helped me out without her knowing she had... Thanks Sooooo much Carr-dog.
3 Email
Spidey--- school (MAD SCHOOL! CRAZY KIDS!!!!) check it. etc..
4 Email
Chattin with Rille's mom about the games and how to make money....interested now?
5 Email
Somebody that had a really good understanding of ..... read on.
6 Email
It's anniversary time....
7 Email
This is a BIG one.... lotttts of stuf... enjoy. There's actually alist of what I wrote about in the email, how about that.
8 Email
Let's talk fun stuff shall we...... COPS in Japan, Iaido. ALLLL GEWD!
9 Email
Packages..... Iaido... Language....Robocop 3???...... madness..... SMiles... YIKES! I found my left sock! wahhooo, sorry that's not in the email, I just found it. hehehe.
10 Email
New work? Indeed Rille's mom is jumping into a hell-ov-a job. Ouch is the key word... take a gander. Rain? Rain rain go away! Don't come back till Gary goes to go-chu....
11 Email
Snow White (live action? yes it's available) Reindeer? Where when? huh? What the heck are you talking about? A real conversation between Philip and Mr. Uto. STREESSSSSS about flowers? Nah... just the origin. etc. etc. Things have to come out some time. And a very sad mentioning.... A friend of mine from Holy Cross High School was killed in a car accident.... Not a good thing...
12 Email
A short thought about the girl who died. ABS wrote me and told me more about what truly happened. NEWS --- She was driving her car and something stuck, the steering locked and her car crashed into something. She was not killed upon impact, but fell into a coma. She was in a coma for a while then passed away. Very very sad.

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