Sunday, November 30, 2003
FL - pronounced (eat eat eat)

I've eaten so much food. Not just food though. Not that kind that you walk into the kitchen, prepare and eat - restaurant food. So much food. I'm thinking of King Theoden when he says "So much death..." for all those in be tween the liners out there. = )

Let's see, I've experienced the taste that is Cold Stone Ice Cream - it's tastey stuff. The Peanut Butter stuff was WOW FLAVORED. Lemme tell ya! HAMINNA! Sadly though, the branch in Jupitor wasn't a good example of how the parlor is meant to be. The kids were slow and far from excited to be there. Energy wasn't a part of the daily diet from what this bag of flesh saw. No No No Noooo.

Keith (Shan's dad) has been very kind since I arrived. I do feel a little awkward eating out with them all the time because I feel a bit like I'm mooching. = I'm thinking something, anything, to show my appreciation might be a good idea. The question is... what? That's another thought I'll have to think about. Hmm...

I have gotten my fix of PCing! = ) This AM I set up Krissy's laptop - a new Gateway. Ahhhh. It felt good to get back into the install of things. Techies unite! Hmm, unite... unite... united! That'll be on my desk when I get back to NY. Heh. X2: United. Heh heh heh.

Last night I met Shan's boss, a neat dude with IBM AS400 experience now running a ice cream parlor. He loves it. 20 years in the busines world wrecked his happiness from what he told me. Not in those words of course. But he did say, and agree with me, that the busines world just SUCKS the life from you and he found that OUT was what he needed. Now... he's Freeeeeeeeee!

One other interesting note --- I saw the Harvey's today! Shan and I drove a short clip (in FL) to their place near Boca. We thought the drive would be about 30 min. This changed to 45 min. The actual time was more like 60 min. Like I said, a short clip (in FL). Sue and Ryan (her b/f) showed up as well. Ray and Elissa were just as welcoming as they were when I last entered their front doors... in CT... 6 years ago. Amazing that this much time has passed. We shared stories about how it is to live in FL and how the people of FL are very rarily truly Floridians. Ryan happens to be one of the three (3) according to Ray. After a good 3+ hours we took our return mini jaunt back. Totally a cool visit. Totally glad we went. Rock!

I just awoke from a 2+ hour nap with Shan after a completely UNEVENTFUL morning. Uneventful in the sense that we didn't do anything that should have kicked our asses as it did. Krissy was dropped off at the airport after breakfast and a short visit to one of the beaches in West Palm.

Not sure what's on the agenda for the eve, but I do know it has been relaxing so far. = ) Alright weebles, go stumble around some more. chichichi-a

11-30-2003 04:56 pm

Saturday, November 29, 2003
FL - pronouced (shopping)

Yesterday was an amazing day. A day of awe. A day of... O. M. G. ! It was a day, and I mean a DAY, of shopping. It started early and continued until 8ish. I don't remember the specifics. It's all a haze this morning, but I DO know that the five (5) of us walked around lots and that the back of the car was QUITE full of bags full of clotheses... trixy hobbitses.

For this lil XY it was a bit much. I am looking forward to avoiding as many stores as possible for the rest of the week. This is not an at all in any way anything but the truth. Phew.

Today I get to see some old faces - the Harvey's. I'm pretty excited. If you're onna them Harvey peeps - Hello Harvey's See you soon. Well, all of you except the odd one up in CT. I'll see you, CT dweller, when you can get away from work.

One last thought... It's actually a wee bit chilly out there. WEE BIT people! Just a wee bit! As in I may wear one of my long sleeve t-shirts. Though, this info is as of 8:45 AM. It does tend to be chilly at that time of the day. More on that later. Now... I leave and let you rot.

11-29-2003 09:30 am

Friday, November 28, 2003
FL - pronounced (phl)

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! It's 9:31 AM and I'm up already. I say this because for the past two days here in FL I've been woken up at 9!! Nine! UGH! 9!? Okay, maybe it's not early, but when your on vacation - hot diggity it is. = P

The temp here is ONLY 75-80 and it's going to be and I quote "cold tomorrow... around 66." Yea. It's a nice place to vacation. I like that idea. I'll have more to report of course as it IS only day 2. HAHA! Yes I plan on being relaxed upon my return to NY.

Random info in my head:
my bed will arrive within the next 3 hours, thank you Celeste (my landlord.
My toe nail is about to fall off - FINALLY! Read the toe and the weight to see when this fun all began.
I need to shower. BAD LIKE! They'z all pretty much ready to go and I'm typing in my journal.

Hope everyone had a happy excessive caloric intake day yesterday. Mine was quite entertaining as a group of people that NEVER cook tried to make a dinner for 5. Quite fun indeed. Me be buh-bying now. chichichi-a

11-28-2003 09:41 am

Monday, November 24, 2003
Witches Hour

I'm awake and it's 3:12 AM. Why am I awake? Well, I was paged and my phone did beep. By way of my phone doing the beep beep beeping I did some awaking. Now I sit here in front of the warming glow of the monitor as I am bathed in it's crisp light. Ahhh

I should just fall back to sleep, but I have a nagging thought in my head and I can't get it out. = Damn nagging thoughts during the Witching Hour. This is supposedly the best time to sleep. Damn. Foiled again.

ROCK! I just yawned a big ol yawn. Not enough to send me back to sleep, but it did water my eyes some.

In about two (2) days I'll be in FL. I'm not quite sure how everything is going to turn out over the week, but I know it'll be interesting. To those Floridians reading this, or those Floridians that are not in FL at the moment reading this... I say to you this:
I will be spending a week in your state and damnnit I'm going to do everything in my power to have a good time. So there. Nyah! = P

Seriously though, I'm hoping to have a nice time in FL as I haven't been there since I was in juior high school. That was quite some time ago. A long time ago.

Plans for FL:
Meet lotsa people
Spend quality time w/sha-none
Eat, sleep, and be merry.
Roast a duck... eh, it's late, something stupid was bound to slip out of my brain. Alright, it's about 3:30 I'm forcing myself into sleep now.

11-24-2003 03:28 am

Friday, November 21, 2003
Follow up to the LotR DVD Mania

WOW! OMG... wow! This is what should have been in the theaters last December. Comparing the two versions I am so much more impressed with the EE. I felt more for the characters and for the problems they faced. I worried more, I (insert idea about the movie) more! More, more, more!

More WAS better for the TT:EE... unlike the FotR:EE which was not as good as the theatrical version. Blah, blah, blah... it was just a better movie. Seriously though, this was an awesome film to watch again. I've tried to watch the theatrical version again but it didn't hold my attention for some reason. I now understand why. WOW! It didn't even seem like a 3 hour 45 minute movie.

Thank you to the cast and crew of LotR! Domo, domo, domo. Ja, chotto nemui, dakara... Z-land hooooo!

11-21-2003 01:49 am

Thursday, November 20, 2003
LotR DVD Mania & Tempurpedic

12/16. It will be a great day in movie history. I smile on the inside when I think about it. )happy sigh( Ahhhhh. = )

Before that day though I thought it best to watch all the behind the scenes footage on the LotR DVD collection in my possession. the TT DVD was tantilizing while the FotR:EE has more than I could hope for. While watching part of the WETA WORKSHOP section of the DVD... bad gp... I fell asleep. Bad fan boy. Bad fan boy.

My aim is to watch all the extras from both EE DVDs before RotK is released. I think I can, I think I can, I must!

And other local news )beep dididi beep beep beep beep beep dididi beep beep( I ordered a TEMPURPEDIC BED! OMG. I'm kinda still in shock that I ordered it. I've been planning on it for months now... but I did it. I really did it. My first home furnishing purchase, truly! WOOO! So in two weeks-ish I'll provide my report as to how AMAZING it really is.

So excited. So excited. So excited.

I go away now.

11-20-2003 09:39 am

Monday, November 17, 2003
Phone a friend

Thinking ahead of tomorrow, I called a good friend-o-mine: Alice. She's going to aid me in my time of peril. Hahaha. Peril is defined as: where the hell's m'I gonna leave my car while I'm in FL!? Alice?! Alice?! Who the fuc is Alice?! So we caught up with each other since we haven't spoken in some time.

We talked first of laptops and the technology involved. She wants one I think. = ) Hehehe. She told me of hardships she's been going through and I shared some of my own. Alice, as some of you may know rocks. We moved to the topic of music thanks to our conversation topics.

I mentioned that Dream Theater has a new CD out. This peaked her interest. She mentioned a group to me... The Great Big Sea. I pondered for a few moments and then said... 'Nope... no bells.' She chuckled because I really thought about whether I knew the name or not. She started searching her brain juices for a song title for me. "You need to read these lyrics Gar. Seriously. Damn, what's the name of that song!? UGH"

Some time later she FINALLY remembered... with a little help from me and GOOGLE. For me... I thank the author of this song - Alan Doyle. I'm not the best poet. Pff, I'm pretty miserable in my opinion. Regardless, this gent has been where I am before.

Artist: Great Big Sea
Album: Up
Song: Fast As I Can

From the first hello you gave to me
I've done nothing else but smile
And I know you're in a hurry
but its gonna take a while.
So forgive me if we go slow,
but there's something I think you should know...

I'm goin fast as I can, please don't make me rush
this feeling's coming on way too fast
I'll tell you all of the things that you'll never forget
But I'm not ready say, "I love you" yet
I'm not ready to say "I love you" yet.

Don't push me in too deep,
I've always been the fool who rushes in.
You've got to take the pieces one-by-one before you've got everything.
So forgive me if we take time, but there's something that's been on my mind...br>

Oh! There'll be times when I'm mistaken
there'll be times when we're gonna fight
but you needn't doubt we can work it out
and in time we'll make it right.
So forgive me if we go slow but there's something I think you should know...

Chorus x 2

I've listened to that song about five (5) times already this evening. We all love music that touches us inside and causes a stir. Music that sends shivers through our body and sits us back in our chair or on own bed because of our connection. This song... I wish I could explain how I feel listening to it. If I could, I would be that poet. So, I'll let it speak for me.

11-17-2003 11:05 pm

Sore I am, yessss.

I played V-Ball... and it rocked. With four (4) people mind you. 2v2 is very competetive and very fast usually. The best part about the games - five (5) I think - is that we were all capable. All of us were able to bury it on the other side of the net or dig the improbable hit.

Ahhh! Whoo!, It totally rocked! My leg muscles are feeling it from all the running and jumping which I don't mind of course. Haha!

Yes. So it's just after midnight and I'm giong to read some. Probably 1984, then I'll sleep. I won't be up for 12 hours but I will find sleep pleasantly inviting.

11-17-2003 12:14 am

Sunday, November 16, 2003

I forgot to mention in my "RINGY DINGY DINGY" post! DUH me... I had AND remembered a drem last night, er, this morning... yea.

My cousins Keith and Jeff (the names of the people in this story have not been changed as I never REALLY had this conversation with them.)were over at my mom's place. Jeff (my age) was upset with Keith for cooking... hahaha, get this, waffles. Apparantly Keith wanted me to put butter on the waffles before they were cooked. Keith isn't feeble, he was just much younger in this dream while Jeff and I were probably 12ish.

So Keith said I like it that way -- insert brother fight here. They fought until Jeff screamed at Keith. I jumped in saying something like 'yo! be quiet, your mom is asleep in the other room. don't wake her up.' Jeff said to me something to the effect of 'he doesn't know what he's doing. Now since Jeff is the older of the two he should have a vaild point, but my dream self disagreed with him.

Keith had gone mute at this part of the dream. - lol, this is pretty funny that my dream was about waffles and how to butter em, back to the dream - I said 'Jeff, he likes it this way. you don't. that's fine. if he wants to have it cooked this way let him. if you like it your way, have it your way. it's food. everyone likes their food the way they like it. stop telling him how to cook his food.'

The dialog then went back and forth:

but it makes more sense to...



jeff why is your way better?

because it's easier to...

for you. you mean. you like to do it that way. is it easier for him? can you tell him what is easier for him? it's his choice.

(silence from him)

Jeff... you're forcing your views, your beliefs on him.

but it's easier!

for you. dude, he has his way, you have your way. stop forcing your ideas, thoughts, etc on him. let him deal with it the way he wants. if it's harder for him, so be it, it's his choice.

We all stood there in silence for a couple min until the waffles were done. Keith took the food and ate. Jeff was silent and wouldn't look at me. I just waited to see when he's speak to me again. I woke up though so I'm not sure if he did. =

Ahhh dreams. For me, so simple to interpret. At least this one was. ----- Rock, time for a movie now that I've eaten and had some LOVELY milk. Mmm mmm good.

11-16-2003 01:57 pm


YES! I just woke up. It's 1:20ish. What TIIIIME did I fall asleep this AM... 4:30! WHOO HOOO! LOL.

11-16-2003 01:31 pm

When does early = late?

Is it early or late when it's 3:15 AM and you're writing in your journal? Some would argue that it's a new day and it's early "Why Cletus, it's just three hours inta the day I tell yas."

Others would take another route, "I've been working on this case since this morning when I got in. (sigh) I still have another case to read through after this one, my goodness it's late. I need some food... shoot everything is closed. (sigh).

At the moment... I'm with the lawyer ideology that 3:18 in the morning is late. Do I feel like I'm giong to fall asleep? HA! Not by a long shot. Does this frustrate me? HA! Hells yes! I'll have my own now --- sigh.

Hrmmm. Why oh why is my little self up? Oh why oh why and I still? Well, let's see how cryptic I can be so only I can know what I'm talking about in the future when I look back on this. Let's see, I just had a long converstaion with someone... (damn, someone else will obviously know what I'm talking about now, alas.) Okay, yea, so I had a conversation with someone and we both were very frustrated with each other. Some time has passed, I'm far from bring in ZLand - I think they are. Though I may be wrong.

Right. Frustration from what I ask myself in the future, er, the past... yea. I think it can be summed in with one work - expectations. But that's just one Joe's opinion in this dark dreary... morning?evening? Uh, I dunno anymore. It's after 3:30 and I'm still up. I'm going to go try reading or find something else to entertain me so I may possibly fall asleep.

Oh what the hell, one last time --- sigh

11-16-2003 03:31 am

Thursday, November 13, 2003
I will, I know I will!

What will I? I WILL finish the LotR:TTT this weekend! BWAAHAHAHA! How do I know this? I read some last night and I see that I'm less than three (3) chapters away from the finish line. It's really exciting because I'll have caught up the movies and even surprased em regarding certain plot lines! WHOO HOO!

Let's see, as of this writing I'm approximately 12 days away from bathing in the sun. How friggin neat will that be? Cho! That's how neat, cho neat. For an interpretation, speak with you local Japanese friend.

OH MY GOD! If you've played volley ball before you've heard of a one (1) or a two (2). Well, for the first time in my life I tried a one (1) and it was friggin amazing. I felt like I was flying because I had to wait in the air for the ball for so long. It was like someone had wiring on me holding me up in the air. WHOO! Alright, time to read some one acts. Well, later on tonight that is, or rather... AFTER I finish the TT this weekend! HAHHAHAAAAA!

11-13-2003 01:54 pm

Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Weekends - 3 of em!

So it looks like I've booked up the next three weekends! ROCK!

This weekend it looks like I'll be able to do WHATEVER I WANT! Meaning I'll probably sleep in late and possibly explore either the city or the surrounding area.

Next weekend I'm gettin my locks clipped and will probably finish up a seven year run on the History Game. Sad and exciting at the same time. Stoked!

Then... hehehe, then I'll be in FL for a week! Hells yea I'll probably burn. If I haven't, which I should, I'll finish up the LOTR:TTT during the flight to FL. It's such a good time to be alive! HAHAHAH! Smile, you're on web cam camera.

11-12-2003 03:32 pm

Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Those old sayings...

Ya gotta love em.

Shit or get off the pot. - Simple, yet brilliant.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. - Again, wow!

One last one for the helluvit.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Hahahaaa! Love that last one. Anyhow, just my thoughts on the day.

11-11-2003 01:51 pm

Sunday, November 09, 2003
Reflecting on Equus

Over the past two months I have had the honor of participating in Equus at NVCC. From the beginning I honestly knew this play would be amazing. But, I didn't realize how amazing it would become. And I have one person to thank for this fortune - Ed Wierzbicki.

I received a call and an email from him asking if I'd known about the auditions because he had hoped to see me there. I had just returned from a two week vacation and hadn't thought about auditioning because of the distance from NY to NVCC.

Long story short, we just finished the most amazing prodcution of Equus and I feel so blessed, fortunate, lucky, etc. to have been a part of the cast. To you the cast thank you for your patience with me and my long drive as well as my quirks.

To you the audience member, thank you for sharing with us a most fabulous show. And to you, Ed, thank you for all your kind words and motivation over the past few years. I respect you more than I can possibly say with words.

Thank you all. Thank you.

11-09-2003 11:33 pm

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Sleep and the word late join forces

Yes. I slept in till 8:30 this AM. That would be defined as not good. - blah blah blah

FINALLY! Last night I finally got to put my clothes away. Because of Equus I haven't had much time in the evening to hang, iron, etc. So last night I hung 11 pair of pants. 11! That's a ton o pants. - more blah blah blah but for me it was just a satisfying relief to get my floor back.

I also heard happy news from FLA - Tammy, faceless Tammy, told me that Sha-none is on Cloud 9 and that whatever I did I should keep doing. Hmm... Now how could that be done. Hmm... Prying minds want to know. = P

11-04-2003 10:54 am

Monday, November 03, 2003
Smiles all around

Well... the play is going great.

Shan's visit was kick ass. Totally nicely nicely visit. The next visit has a half life wait compared to this visit - only 3 weeks. = )

The weather. OMG the weather - brilliant.

Mom, Gram, April, & Sarah LaPlant all saw the show! WHOA cool.

It's 1:23 AM. What a PERFECT time... to go to bed. What a nice weekend. Ahhhh. Sleep was good. Sleep will be good. All good. WAIT! I just remembered one thing bad. My left ankle. TOTALLY RIPPED up because of the dang'd boots I wear during the show. Ah the price of art.

11-03-2003 01:24 am

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