Wednesday, July 31, 2002
July 2002 - 07/25-31/2002

Nippon and Beyond

Scheduled and ready for departure!

We made it through a vigorous week of walking and walking and walking and walking... It seemed to never end. Blisters? OH YEA, we had em. Our adventures began the night before our flight (of course).

We met up with Keiko - another TPU'r - at Alice's place after a little bit of a juggle. Keep in mind there were 4 ppl with luggage and only 2 cars which already had 3 adults and 1 child. Yea it was like taking a ride at the local amusement park. Somehow... we managed to fit everything into the trunks and backseats of these two cars. So it was that we ate all of Alice's grapes and drank all of her chocolate soy milk - okay that was me, I was thirsty and we were going to be gone for a while. = ) I eventually fell asleep while reading Endor's Shadow and Alice wasn't sleeping when I went into the room. Nope, not at ALL. Isn't that right Alice. You were writing in your journal the WHOLE TIME. Unnnnn huh. Right - and I've suddenly become a microscopic organism called a leeferlempo. Hey look at that, who knew that a leeferlempo could skip topics...

So it was that the morning came to be and Alice was out running, climbing, and all those other fancy outdoor activities. While Brian, Patrick, Yorick, and I made our way through her stuff... Uh, I mean got ready for the flight. We left the house to get some food. I gently closed the door thinking 'well, since Alice is out running and the key isn't anywhere obvious the door must unlucked.' CLICK - jiggle-jiggle-jiggle. Nope, locked. Damn. Ah well, 'she'll open it when she gets back.' At the corner store - which IS on a corner - food was on the mind. Mmm - apples, danishes, etc. Yumm. Oh, 'Hi Alice, how are ya. (Alice suddenly appeared in the store) You have the key to the house right?'

This is when the audience things "YEA RIGHT! She forgot the keys - NOT. That dumbfounded expression is a great joke and she's just pulled one over on you guys. She has the key and feels like this is the time to start the jokes on the trip. Yup, that's what her blank look of terror means."


She left the key in the house for us AND she left the car radio on along with the keys for her car inside her car - locked. Well, DUH. That's the way these things go when 5 people are hanging out in NY right? Heh. After many phone calls to many many many people we learned where the spare key was. Luckily it was in a VERY safe spot on the book shelf - in Alice's house. = O

Plan A - Get into house somehow.
Plan B - Run around like a chicken with its head ON
Plan C - Jump up and down like the apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Happily the only thing that was broken on our way into the house through the window on the second floor after I 'spider-man'd my way across the roof, was a stick. = )

And so that was day ONE of our journey - move on to 08/02 to read the rest...<- meaning -> out

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
July 2002 - 07/01-24/2002

The World Cup trip that never was

Alice, Brian, Patrick, and Yorick will join me for a 10 day excursion to Japan! This will be their first trip this far east. For Brian he's read about it, studied the culture, dated a girl but has never BEEN there. Well, it's time. Alice, Patrick, and Yorick, well, they went to Teikyo Post University with me and know all about the people, but the country... little to nothing.

For me... well, I'm looking forward to my return. It's been 4 years since I left. 4 Years. Wow. The last time I was there France won the World Cup and I felt my love for the game of soccer return to me. Now I'm in my 3rd year of coaching I've fallen back into PLAYING too! Whoa yea! My legs and the right of my mind, body, and spirit have seen the pitch again and it feels GREAT! If only there was more time to play. Yes, I want to play again. Ha, what a great feeling.

Back to this trip thing. I should have been to and from Japan already, but some changes happened which allowed for Alice to join us which has it's plusses and minues. The minuses... I missed out on the World Cup - the primary reason for going to Japan. Alas, Alice is going now which is all good. Tremendous even. Kazi is in for one helluva vacation.

On a totally different note. I've found someone to spend time with over the past couple months that's a blast to chill with. Yup, ice cream, 6 Flags, random adventures, movies. It's all good. She's away at the moment, but as I have not written in a while I thought it best to write about the positive side of the dating world. Well, it's time to head to NY.Let the traveling begin. I'm ready for the 14 hour flight! Ohhhh yes-sah...<- meaning -> out

Monday, July 01, 2002
July 2002

Monthly ramble: garyploski.COM is here, but Gary isn't! He's in NIPPON (clap clap clap) !!! NIPPON (clap clap clap) !!! NIPPON (clap clap clap) !!!!

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