Sunday, March 31, 2002
March 2002 - 03/31/2002


garyploski.com has been registered now for 1 year!!!! Have I been working on it for one solid year? Well, not exactly, but it's been here for one year now. HAHAH!!! Yea me...<- meaning -> out

March 2002 - 03/31/2002

Movie Magic

The past few days I've seen more movies than I've seen in a month I think. How so? Well, I saw Resident Evil, Vampire Hunter D, Nosferatu, Shadow of the Vampire, and Blade II later on tonight. YIKES! Okay, thinking about movies I feel the need to vent about the Oscars. This years Oscars couldn't have found a way to be more racist if they tried. UHH! Oscar people whoever you are - the awards are not about color, age, personalities, experience, etc. It is about the performance, the skill. Damnnit, it's to praise those that have left an impact on the movie world. Get off of the emotional roller coaster than you all appear to be on and let those that deserve the Oscar receive the Oscar regardless of their race, color, creed, or favorite milk.

Resident Evil - SEE IT! Just see it. You will be happy with the tension of the film. No, I did not play the game. I went in knowing nothing about the movie and walked away very happy to have spent my time in the theater

Vampire Hunter D - An entertaining Japanese Animated film. D is his name. He is half vampire, half human. His father, his father is the king of vampires --- Dracula.

Nosferatu and Shadow of the Vampire - I found both films okay. Interestingly they had the same feel for tension. In Nosferatu the music and the speed of the film did an outstanding job of uncertainty - the same took place in Shadow. Which was better? Tough call. Shadow did a nice job of creating a frightening 'method actor' in Defoe's character while the Nosferatu's simplicity allowed for the viewers imagination to wonder within the set boundaries. My suggestion take 180 min of your life and watch both back to back.

Ostara. Heh, ewwww look who has risen. My only thought about today is that I'm glad I spent the morning with me mudda for breakfast. Everything else is ancillary...<- meaning -> out

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
March 2002 - 03/27/2002


To begin with - I'm happy. Yes, I'm bloody happy and you can sod off if you think I'm lying. Done soding off yet? Fine, bullocks to you.

Happy. That I am. Why? Because I decided to be. Seriously it's that friggin simple. This past weekend I hung out with a friend of mine - JC - and we had some interesting chats as well as some not so interesting chats. I think the former took place more than the later - anyway as relevance drives itself off the cliff plummeting into a school bus filled with children on their way home from Santa's Workshop... I digress.

I'm filled with glee. Sadly, others in my life are not in such a shape. To them I do feel sympathy and empathy as there are certain issues I know very little about. 'The door' and I spoke the other day. What the hell happened? Since I decided to be happy after this weekend, all I could do was cheer her up. And get this, I did. Go me. )))RA RA RA((( That's the cheerleaders I paid for with my allowance from last week. Seriously, I even struck a chord - D minor for those musically learn-ed out there - with her regarding her situation in life. I 'know what she's feeling better than those around her even though they know more about what is happening in' her life. How? Why? Damnnit I'm a minor deity. )))RA RA RA((( Heh, pick one of this packs of cheerleaders up if you get the chance they make mental purging quite entertaining. Honestly, we have a certain affinity with each other allowing such a thing to happen both ways. She's done the same to me on more than one occasion. So, yea, the chat was pretty fun. = )

On another note, '5-gatsu' and I spoke about what has been happening over the past few weeks... Without writing about all the details as I promised I wouldn't speak of what we discussed I can say a few things. We all need to make choices in our lives about our future. '5-gatsu' is in such a position and has found each rung on the rope to be difficult, if not impossible to reach. Something which I will understand and you, the reader, will not relates to my ability to 'read' people when in situations. I felt that something was wrong when '5-gatsu' and I hung out over the past few weeks and my thought, feeling, intuition was dead on. '5-gatsu', sing along with me "everything's gonna be all right now"

And yes, the best part of all - work. Haha, work. As I told someone I'm working with I have a new philosophy at work. That philosophy? Well it goes like this: Since I'm working, I'll just work. When I leave, I don't think about work. Ahhh. I usually use a visual too with a quote: "Whatever I need to do..."

^ ^

Yea, I'm happy and it feels good. It's about that time that I 'let the anvils ring' (The Animaniacs - for those Animaniac challenged) Friend, foe, universal entity I wish unto thee nothing but a good old fashioned emotion for you --- SQUEEEEE...<- meaning -> out

Thursday, March 21, 2002
March 2002 - 03/21/2002

Snow? Yes, snow.

Well, the last few days have proven to be quite interesting. Yes indeed they have. Ranging from a rendevous or two with '5-gatsu', some unexpected rehearsal times, a 1:00 PM call from 'the door' to Snow in March. Schedules are nice. Very nice. So nice, in fact, that I think every play should have a schedule going from start to finish. Yea... hmm, start to finish. This play - Gypsy - we've received 3 or 4 schedules and we're not even done yet. The latest schedule ends in about 3 days and there have been no follow ups yet!!! AHHHHHH

Breathing. Back oddly stressed. The RIGHT side of my back is noticably larger than my LEFT due to stress. Kinda strange. Never had that happen before. Maybe I should try Liver for dinner since I've never had that before... Ahh, no!

'5-gatsu' has willingly hung out with me a few times over the past week or so since the last update. Nifty nifty, I like the no stress environment. Makes for an easy relaxing time. Fun times ahead. Only the great seeing EYE knows. Ewwwww. Ahhhhh. Ohhhhhh.

'The door' called me today at 1pm. ?????????????? huh? Quite the odd time to call. A friend at work said "Dude, your blushing, wtf?" I responded, 'Dude, I've got a customer on mute and haven't heard from this chick in like weeks' He, of course, replied with the typical manly response "Ohhhhh! Unn Huh Unn Huh" To which I replied with a standard "Oy, yea yea yea." It was good to hear from her though. I can only hope that life is treating her well and no Great White Sharks have found their way into her car in the AM. That would be quite the site.

And the topper of the week. A quote to be used during times of confusion and unexpectedness. Last night BT was laeving and did something that has not happened EVER. He bent his knees, reached down, then began forcing something together. Here is the dialog - paraphrased of course:

A chilly eve at about 12AM at the front door tomy humble residence with about 4 inches of snow lining the ground, walkway,and the driveway

GP - Dude, what are you doing?
BT - Wha...
GP - What are you doing with that?
BT (Packing the snow together in his hands with a direct intent on something,then with a slightly ironic inflection he said) I'mthrowing a snowball... in March? Haa. InMarch.

So I say to you, What's goin on? Now you say, "I'm throwing a snowball.......... in March"...<- meaning -> out

Sunday, March 10, 2002
March 2002 - 03/10/2002


Okay, so Friday night after work I was invited to see THE GREAT BIG SEA. Now on the phone I thought it was "THE GREAT BIG C" -- silly me with my marketing mind in action. Who asked me? Why none other than Alice. She had an extra ticket, so I said "what the hay, why not?" One song stuck out in my mind. Below are the lyrics to this ever so easy to listen to tune.:

Bostonand St. John’s
Released June 1999
(written by Doyle)

Girl, don’t tell me that it’s morning
Can we keep the curtains drawn
I haven’t given you fair warning
But our ship, she sails at dawn

It’s true I must be going but I swear I won’t be long
There isn’t that much ocean between Boston and St. John’s
I’m a rover and I’m bound to sail away
I’m a rover can you love me anyway?

And if some suitor comes approaching
Will you let him through your door
And what if I return half broken
Will you still want me anymore?


Close your eyes and dream
Tell me what you see
Tell me what you want
Just tell me that you’ll wait for me


Beddie-by time for lil ol' Gar. K, nigh nigh world. Nigh nigh...<- meaning -> out

Friday, March 08, 2002
March 2002 - 03/01-08/2002

Upcoming events make ppl happy

It's official, I will be in Japan for 10 days with 3 of my Uni. friends. BT, YB, and PM have all confirmed their interest and their dedication to taking the time off needed. Gents it's going to be a blast. Aki-habara here we come!

Okay, a certain group has released a certain impressive CD that you certainly need to include in your CD collection. That group, why none other than Dream Theater. GO BUY IT NOW. Oh? No money? Get it for your B-day or Easter, it's coming up soon.

In my opinion the best song it "The Great Debate" - this is only after a little more then 3 weeks though so that may change. They took the STEM CELL debate and created a well balanced song of yea's and nea's. If you've never heard of Dream Theater you need to WAKE UP! They're without a doubt one of the greatest groups to assemble.

On the theatrical front I saw 'Brotherhood of the Wolf" - A nice piece of cinema, but to me it felt as though the director had a little too much fun with the slow motion and fast motion. It distracted me from the film numerous times. Regarding the twists and turns this film does a nice job of keeping you on your toes. For those that like to predict films, this should be on your list to see. I'd recommend seeing it on the large screen but at the matinee price. There are some very nice visuals that can only be appreciated on the large screen. The soundtrack didn't stand out to the constant distractions, though the music did not distract me from the film. I guess that says something for the score.

This is turning into a long post. = ) For the past couple weeks, someone I'll refer to as '5-gatsu', has found their way into my day to day life. Who is '5-gatsu' and why am I refering to them as '5-gatsu'? Well, that's for me to know. Once again, I'm not giving all the juicy gossip away online. HELL NO. As I was, I'm moving along cautiously with '5-gatsu' due to personal reasons. They're a pleasure to hang out with and have had many a funny thing to say. We shall see what happens we will...

SPRINT PCS vs. VERIZON --- the victor ---- VERIZON! Easily winning hands down Verizon has proved that dropped calls are not supposed to be a normal day to da activity. Improving their network to 1X capabilities, a plethora of online information, and greater customer support - Verizon has proven to be the better of the two. My roomie has recently moved to Cingular from Sprint as well. My suggestion to Sprint -- less advertising, more network development. = ) Just a thought of course.

Hmm, anything else I may hace missed? Like you'd know. If I did, I did, I'm going to try cleaning up my site right now. I've got a little over an hour before rehearsal. Or should I practice my song for class. DAMN What to do what to do...<- meaning -> out

Friday, March 01, 2002
March 2002

Monthly rambling: garyploski.COM is what happens to a person when they lose complete control of something. The interesting fact of the matter is that the control thing and the ar289j3r-2 5aer8gtjaer tj AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! it's taken over!!! HELP ME!!! Helllllllllllllllllp m............................. 001010111011010101101010 1010 101 01101010 10101101 11100110011 10101010101 ))translation required feeble human mind is not able to comprehend...(( We are in control now. Go about your day ))znnn znnn(( NOTHING WILL CHANGE. This is all a dream.

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