Wednesday, April 29, 1998
April 1998 - email16
From: Gary Ploski
4/29/98 13:02
Subject: crazy lady
To: April Harvey

        So how's life been treating you? It's pretty good over here. I'm presently sitting at the table typing at 1:00pm Wed afternoon. Indeed, no school! haha. Midori no hi aka Green Day. It's the beginning of a week called "Golden Week", lots of days off. yeah yeah yeah. Everybody likes it.... except the dogs and the cats. They have to put up with more people in the area -- tough life for them during this time.

        Anyway, I actually spoke to Sue recently! I havn't spoken with her in --- actually, I don't remember the last time I did. It was cool to hear how things are going in FL from her point of view. Why not go out to the park and throw a rock at every tree? Why not? Well, becayse you'd probably hit a friend. Trees are friends.... some of even talk ya know! sodi -- get outtta here. That was MYST. Remember him? He went with a group of travelers to an RPG thing in 96. Crazy guy. Truly, a crazy guy. Says he can talk to trees.

        Well, I'm gonna go do something, as soon as the wash finishes... which should be in about 15 min. It's hot and muggy. a day to do very little outside, but a day to do something it definitly it is. have a crazy day. ciao cito
April 1998 - email15
From: Gary Ploski
4/29/98 12:49
Subject: clean air. it's the right thing to breath.
To: Joan E. Holycross

        Yes indeed that is te truth. Things are going as I thought they would. The family has gone back to CT and have gotten back into their routine lives in a way. I'm into my routine life again. I do enjoy a lot of it, but some of it sucks. Namely, school. Oh-well. I think this might be the worst school of the term, so I'm kind of glad about it being first. I know the last school will be cool. Sooo, I'll end on a fairly high note.

        Life itself is doing what it needs to do -- exist. I'm breathing and stuff with no sicknesses. Iz very good. Reading another book. Can you believe I've read so many books!?! I find it incredible. I like. This one is called "Memoirs of a Geisha". It's about a geisha who was brought into the geisha way of life because her mother was dying and her father knew he would pass on soon after. So she and her sister were brought to Gion, a district in Kyoto. Only, her sister would not be with her. She was brought somewhere else. Begin story...

        It's a real story. It was only published after everyone in the book had died. So it's not going to embarass anyone. Interesting huh. Well, I've got to go milk the cow. Have a crazy day. ciao cito
Friday, April 24, 1998
April 1998 - email14
   From: Gary Ploski
  4/24/98 23:23
Subject: Re: yo -Reply

        Thanks for the reply. I did go through the Who, what, why, etc stage. It lasted for the duration of the madness while she was in FL. I woke up after it had all been completed (decided that we would be able to see other people) and looked around my apartment and couldn't believe what I had been doing to MYSELF. I was fucking myself up in a big way. Angry and cold, etc! BUT that morning, I made a change. I'm not kidding!

        I thought to myself as I cleaned my apartment - 'this is stupid! Why are you doing this to yourself? You've been on your own for so long and now you're doing this to yourself over a girl?! Get on with it and move on self! Go with it and live like you've lived before.' WIth that, I was a changed person. Yes I still have thoughts about her. ANd yes I still have thoughts about 'getting back' at her, but then I tell myself. Life is 99% what you make of it, so if you're life sucks, you suck.

        After I think that... I feel really good about myself. I'm not going out with that girl(Hisae) anymore for the reason that she had to return to TPU to finish an Incomplete class before the end of APril. I had a great time with her while she was here and was enraptured by the 3 kisses we had. THey were absolutely incredible. Each was a simple kiss. Nothing more than lip to lips, but damn they were awesome. I don't think I would ever have expected that type of thing to happen. I'd proably laugh if someone told me that without having experienced it personally. D it was incredible.

        Anyway, good luck with your hanging out and stuff with this girl. Did you tell me her name... I don't remember. I only remember her last name.  I do like the title for the article. THat's one damned nice title if I say so myself, and I do say so myself. D keep with it and believe me -- THat's exactly what I'm doing over here! I've been havin soooo much fun after I slapped myself adn awoke from the depressed state I was in when all the crap was going on. We get through it, we always will. It's the way life works. Have a crazy day d-nice. ciao cito
April 1998 - email13
From: Gary Ploski
4/24/98 17:47
Subject: Re: tonight... : )
To: Brian Trusewicz

        I guess that her reaction adds to the continuing enforcements I've been concluding. She really doesn't know me. I think she'd like to believe she does. In ways se knows me, but look at the poetry thing. Am I the kind of person to "tear people apart" in public or even in private? No. I don't want to burn the bridge, so I would just do the kind of thing I did -- point out what happened and kinda put the facts about 2 inches away from their face so they can't miss it.

        ANyway, you know what's happening. I'll have lots of time to go out when I get back... no worries about having to calm someone down because I'm going out to role play. You know what's gonna happen.... at least with all these implications you can pretty much guess.  : )  Last thing about her -- as you said it affected her... I've not heard one word from her in over 4 days. She would have had time to email me regarding the poem, but hasn't. I'm not worrying about it though. "Life goes on, and so do we." to quote the beatles. hehehe.

        Tell me about the song about Athos!!! I want to hear about this sucker! Doug has a way with that stuff and damn I wanna read the lyrics. Can you get a copy of them and email them to me? That would be sooo cool! I hope there is another reading next year. It's really the only literary thing that TPU has on an (semi-)annual basis. Gotta keep it goin, just gotta.

        Could you elaborate about the ppl leaving issue? I wonder if I know who is leaving. Fill me in dude. It'll either astonish me or be repetative.... either is cool to me.  What is up with Seth D? Have you heard from him? I just thought of him while I was typing so I threw in a seth d  quote. No rhyme or reason in my head usually. That's a good thing. Hope to hear from you NOW! Yesssss! NOW! Write back to me dude! ciao cito Ramses
Thursday, April 23, 1998
April 1998 - email12
From: Gary Ploski
4/23/98 7:19
Subject: Re: hello?
To: Marianella Perez-Anez, Marianella Perez-Anez

        First, a hug and thanks for contacting me!  If I don't answer you often is because I don't have computer at home and I check e-mail at work but don't have ime to answer them back.  But, I do love to hear from you! How do you always know when I am in CT?  I went only five days because I had interviews in graduate schools.  I want to go to BU and I waiting their answer.  I may go there this fall, so maybe we can get together (and April) this summer.  I would also like to see your mom.  When will you be back in USA?  Excited about the Worldcup?  My team is also Germany!  Good Luck!  Stay in touch!

        Well Mare I must say you've brought a smile to my face. I was quite excited to see "Marianella Perez" in my email inbox. I clicked and read it fairly quickly. Actually, it  the first one i read. I don't know who tells me that you are in CT, but the news gets to me somehow, maybe there is some strange reason that keeps informing me..... hmmmmmmmm, I wonder how I keep finding out. Is good. : )

        I hope that your interviews went well. With you involved I have no doubt that they were fantastic. You'll be studying studying studying in BU, while I look to find a place to live. I don't know where I want to live yet. CT? MA? I just don't know. I want to be near a city, but NY is not one that I wish to be near. Boston on the other hand is NICE place. I love the atmosphere up there. It's such a "COLLGE TOWN". Ohhhh the fun! hehehe.

        If you go to CT in the Fall I will get to see you! I'll be returning in AUGUST! Yes indeed! AUGUST! School starts at about that time sooooooo if you're going to be in school you'll probably be there at the same time. Waahhhooo and COOL and  yoshi!

        Regarding getting together.... I know my mom would love to see you. Hell, my family would love to see you again. But, regarding APRIL... well, let's just say things have changed considerable. As of right now we are now able to go out with other people. This happened about 2 months ago. It was hard to accept at first, but I've realized that I didn't like who I was with her. To be honest, the relationship will be changing again after I return, and I'm not implying that I want to 'fix' everything/anything. Things happen in life for certain reasons.

        Soooooo, I would like to get together with you when you come up to CT, but am not going to bring April with me. Anyway, enough of that stuff. Kazi has been trying to get a hold of you because he wants to contact someone and thinks that you might have the info he needs. I think he wants, please excuse the spelling, Ailene Rositor's email address. If you have it send it to me or send it to Kazi.

        Well Mare, I hope to hear from you again. I am looking forward to watching DOITSU kick ass in the world cup! They rule!!!!! Huh... I'm wearing one of their jersey's right now. How about that.  ( :    : ) Kiosukette ne.  My language is coming along slowly, but I do enjoy learning it. Something different to me, but something cool. Lastly -- regarding your next email and seeing you in CT I say --- tanoshini. with that... have a crazy day. ciao cito  : >  and oh yeah k.i.t.

(k.i.t.) keep in touch
April 1998 - email11
From: Gary Ploski
4/23/98 0:02
Subject: tonight... : )
To: Brian Trusewicz

BIG OL' SMILE TIME! Bri, just so you know... I'm standing in line, waiting to pay my bill. There is a long line, but it seems to be getting shorter as each day goes by... how about that. I look fwd to hearing how it goes tonight. I'll include the poem again just in case you don't have it available to you. ACtually, use this one because I made a few little changes to it. Thanks bri. I'm really looking fwd to hearing how this thing goes. ciao cito

Take me to the river and throw me in....

You took me to the river and threw me in. Then you left me without warning. I surface and see soft steps in wet marsh    leading away, occasionally stopping for a look back. I'm lost, where are you? Where am I? What's this stuff around me?    It's not water, can't be, tastes to... I look up again and wonder why you left. Was it to good of something to stay in? Was it an influence of another? The river, flows around me and from me. The tastes are now bitter and sweet. The ground around me seems to rise. Until..... it's gone. Now I know why you threw me in... It's easier to do what you've done if you can't see me. The weight around my ankles have made your departure swift.    Or so it seems right now. I sink down, lower and lower, hoping for someone... ANYONE to cut it free. Who will it be? I guess I'll have to wait and see. My river of tears will flow, for it's the best thing I've lost.

Dedicated to "origin of mankind"
Wednesday, April 22, 1998
april 1998 - email10
From: Gary Ploski
4/22/98 17:40
Subject: IDAG
To: Theresa Graveline, Mark Graveline

That's short for ---   itsumodomoarigatogozaimasu  Can you read that? Try this. itsumo domo arigato gozaimasu. The itsumo part means always. You guys reminded me of how a family could and should be able to interact. I think we 7 dealt with a lot of stuff in a splendid manner. Times have to be tough or the good times aren't even realized. To quote Aerosmith "You've got to lose to know how to win." Again I say thank you always. Life is lot more fun when the family is close and I think we've got one darn'd close family. Until August rolls around... have a crazy day. ciao cito
Sunday, April 19, 1998
April 1998 - email9
Subject: Fam time contd. contd. contd. D15  4/19

        From what I remember we went shopping in Ikebukuro for anything and everything. Tree had fun with allllll the plates and other lacquer things in Tobu Department. The rest of us kinda browsed around looking for random things. It was indeed a long day of shopping, but it ended with Tree and Mark going out for food together and the rest of us going to ... where else?  KARAOKE! Yes indeed KENNY was the star the night! He sang the song "Lovin You" by some lady that I'd never heard of before. He sang and gave it his all! It was sooooo awesome. He snapped at Meg when she tried to sing with him. "This is my song!" Off went Meg's mic and Kenny finished it up. He said later that it was for his mom. A very touching thing. Kenny when you look back at that eve by means of my album and the stories shared by everyone that was there.... Give a 6 4 smile and live it up! Your the man Ken!

D16  4/20

        The morning began bright and early. We all, yes the kids as well, went to Asaka City Hall. I had planned on an early arrival so we'd have more time at our next stop and it worked out perfectly. To quote Nuno B. "Happpy, happy, haapppiness."  CH was a pretty quick vist - only 2 hours. It goes quick. Next was Yon-chu. We were very lucky to be able to go to one class from each grade. 2nd, 1st then 3rd. Things went well considering that the fam couldn't speak Japanese and the students could speak some English. Huh, you'd almost think that that was the reason for going to the school. BUT, nobody knows.

        From what I remember we went to Asaka-dai next shopped for a bunch of stuff. After that it was on to the Asaka area. Yes, more shopping. What was being purchased? Why, omiyage of course. (gifts) The kids came over to the apt. and watched Pingu, Pingu and Pingu. Did I forget to mention that they watched Pingu? Nope, didn't think so. Treated the kids to some food that they longed for.... none other than... PIZZA HUT PIZZA. Hey, gotta love the fact that you can fly 14 hours from your home and get the same food from the same restaurant. Of course the same branch. I'd love to eat Pizza from CT, if I was in CT. If they had to fly it over to me it'd probably be really cool. That would be a huge bummer. Nighty night.

D17  4/21

        Lucky for me and the fam; the flight was fairly late in the afternoon. We got everything ready and left for Ikebukuro with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS, there was a LOT, of luggage.  They just missed catching a train that would have gotten them to the airport with lots of time to check in etc., but like I said, they missed it. Soooo, I got them a ticket that would force them to work together as a unified group with one goal -- get on the plane on-time.  They would need to do it in about 1hr 15min. vs. the regular 2hr. time. It was this or go to another station, find the platform, get on the train and have 1hr. 35min. to get through immigration.

        As they left I was very luck to be able to meet up with bill-e-boy. Yes the same Bill from TPU. He was in JPN to be the 'step parent' for all the new students. We hung out for about 8 hours and had a grand-ol time. It was very cool to be able to chat with someone after the fam left, made things go a lot smoother. Thanks bill-e-boy.

        They made it and emailed me about 20 something hours later telling me everything was ok. Welcome back home and thanks for everything you crazy ppl you! ciao cito
Friday, April 17, 1998
April 1998 - email8
Subject: Fam time contd. contd. D13  4/17

        Welcome to Nara. We found ourselves outside of a train station, ready and willing to go, but with no idea where to go.  Mark and ma asked for help in the 'eki' and after that, we were on our way. A good 20 minutes later, ever notice that it's never a bad xx minutes late, had to ask, we arrived at the 'ryokan' or japanese style hotel. A nice place. 3 rooms, K and me; ma, M, and E and M and T. Venturing time!!

        Out and about in Nara consisted of: The Map eating Deer, the  biggest Buddha, no bikes, but rather an arcade, Fluffy, hot bath. The map thing was hillarious! Ma had a deer grab the map out of her hand and just walked away! She didn't even notice it for a few seconds. After that she faught with it to get the map back! SHe was giving it food and nothing worked. Eventually the deer let go and my ma got back the map.... with a little bit of it missing. : ) Funny stuff it was. She was fighting with a DEER! It was a little deer as well. Quite the funny incident.

        We saw the biggest Buddha that exists! IT's HUGE!!!!! Within this building, a fairly large one since it has to house the biggest Buddha that exists, we found a hole in a support beam. Yup, they thanked us and gave us a free ticket to Disney, too bad we went already. Bummer. sure, ok. We found the hole of enlightenment that is in one of the support beams. If you can pass through safely then it is assumed that you will be granted luck or find enlightenment to something. Kenny was the first through from out group. I followed, doing it while some students were doing it. Then TREE went through! Well done tree!!! Meg adn Ev also got through. A very cool thing... oh yeah... let's go to the video tape.

        We, everyone at the temple, were lucky to see the brother of someone from the emperors family. I don't remember his name... I'll try to get the name for ya/me after I get up in the mornin'. Which mornin that is, I don't know.  : )  hehehe. got the picture. T and M then took one of the man pulled rides to the next temple, while everyone else, including myself, walked through the woods. It was BEAUTIFUL! ahhhh, the peace and quiet! Ahhhhh, it was so nice to see green trees every where again. Joy and Bliss ran through me. Ahhhhhh.

        Bikes... Kenny had been looking fwd to this since the trip was thought of, but it was not to be. It was suggested that we walk for it would be difficult to use them because of the terain. Bummer for the Kenn-ster. Oerking him up was a NECESSITY! Had to get him into high spirits or the day would have been, well, reallllly long and hard. Notice how ENJOYABLE and FUN weren't in that sentence. Right-toe, you understand... Y? N? let me know if you don't. Later we hit the arcade because Kenny really wanted to go there. A decent trade off for him. I was glad just to see him havin fun throughout the day. He really is a great kid. Good luck to you Ken, it's gonna be tough, but you'll get through it by putting your best self forward. Go with it mr fuzzy.

        Short story abot Fluffy. I recorded a small segment on the video for the kids. I was trying to do something simple/boring, simple/funny and I think it worked becuase of what happened. I basically said.. "here are 2 fuzzy children.." long pause. more of a pause, then Kenny said "I'm fuzzy." That's it. If you see the video you'll possibly laugh, if not --- then this was a waste of time. heh heeee/ gotta keep ya guessin.

        End of the day.... HOT BATH. Not an 'onsen' or hot spring bath. Just a hot bath in the ryokan. It was ohhhhhh, so nice. K, M and I chilled out and roasted for a while. It was nicely nicely. Ahhhhh, I need to go to a real onsen. Grrrrrrr. muussss----ttt g---ooooooo. Last day to travel is tomorrow..> Osaka bound. Lookin fwd to this stuff. hehehe. sleep well you happy ppl. I will. BOO! i said... what was that again? Ohhhh yeah.... bai bai or bye bye.

D14  4/18

        Awoken by the madness of king george and his mad men singing, "How many roads does a madman walk down, before he sees it's the same. How many times must I kick your head, before you fall back asleep. The answer my fiend, isn't in the wind. The answer is ... uhh, I forget where, but it's there. yeah. uhhh, huuhhhuuhh, yeah. The day started with everyone trying to maitain a quiet lull in the ryokan. Mission kinda accomplished. It's tough to keep a loud family down. Go fam, go fam, go go go, go fam!  : )

        We headed out for breakfast and found our way to McD's. A good healthy start with McD food. mmmm mmmm. yummy pancakes. I liked very muchly. yummmmm. After that, on to OSAKA! What was it like? Why the question? Dunno, thought I'd be like those reporters on t.v. that are just about to tell you what happened regarding their present locations recent event. Anyway, here's my thoughts and other things that I call -- .  I traveled around Osaka by myself allowing my to dig into the area without much interference. In general I find it that Osaka is the New York of Japan. Y? People in Osaka were, as one might say, QUITE DIVERSE! People with lots, LOTS, of body piercings. Just one thing that differs from the Tokyo area. On the train to Osaka we came across a guy that was BLITZED!! He kept saying "I'm the Japanese Al Pachino." No idea what that meant, but he was insistent that he was such. He also WREAKED of fish. peeeewwwww!  On the street some guy was in front of me, heard my umbrella clicking on the ground, decided to see what it was and about 3 steps later, fell on the ground. Again, blitzed!!

        The area around the station was very dirty. Rusted stairs, boxes, cigarettes, junk, etc. was all over the place. I was quite surprised. It was not as clean as Toyko, a wild thought. It had it's redeeming qualities; like Tokyo the people were polite. People would not run out in to an intersection causing a traffic jam. To me it was just to New York like. I'm more of a 'Boston' person - compare that to yourself if you want to understand why I'm saying what I'm saying.

        Prices were the same for just about everything I saw. I was only there for a few hours -- maybe 3 1/2.  Stores were clean, people welcoming everyone - that same as most everywhere in Japan. It was an interesting experience that was needed for me to understand the Japanese culture in greater detail. Mission not accomplished, nor will it ever be accomplished. So much stuff to do, learn learn learn.

        Back to Tokyo via shinkansen and back to the stuff of which I'm accustumed. Lucky me. A good trip it was. Will do more traveling in the future. Where to? Got me, but somewhere to the North is required. bai bai.
Sunday, April 12, 1998
April 1998 - email7
Subject: Fam time contd. D9  4/12

        Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. The families first true experience in the Tokyo area. They liked it a lot. One of the main things that stood out to them was the size of the cell phones. Can you say TINY? I mean, CAN YOU SAY tiny? That's better. The cell phones are so so so soo small here; it really is incredible.

        This was the families first night... in the art of KARAOKE! Tree though it was a wonderful thing and invisioned it as a great place for birthday parties and various other gatherings. I liked the idea. Y? She was refering to it as something to be done.... in the states. I like that idea. I like the idea of Karaoke in the states. Not Karaoke BARS - i don't like that set-up. The small room set-up so friends can have fun together and stuff.

        Anyway, it was a fun day. THANKS AGAIN KAZI MAN!!! You are the BOMMMMBBBBB!!!!!We all went out after Karaoke and rustled up some cattle for the next day. hehe. hasta la pasta dude.

D10  4/13

        ??? I honestly don't remeber what we did. Opps.

D11  4/14

        This is the story of "Evynne and the Train." The train was packed! We literally moved with the crowd on the train, but there was a perk -- the windows were open. Usually the aren't. Evynne had a tough time of it and began to panic. She couldn't stop her breathing quickly. My mom had to comfort her a little so she would calm down. She made it through and really liked the space on the next train. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, luckiness.

        We arrived in Kyoto, checked in and began the sight seeing thing. First stop was the IMPERIAL PALACE. It was cool, but it was a depressing tour because WE COULDN'T HEAR THE GIUDE!!! She was an older Japanese woman. To those of you who know the Japanese you know that they are a generally quite ppl. As they get older they don't speak any louder, usually quieter - as I've experienced while here in JPN. SO, we had an older Japanese woman speaking to about 50 ppl in English, without a megaphone. A small group of ppl could here her, the parts I heard were pretty cool. Oh well.

        Next we went to a Nijo Castle. How can I explain this place..... IT ROCKED!!! Mark and I were the only 2 that went in and browsed, luck us. Inside on of the buildings I saw for the first time NIGHTENGALE FLOORS!!! AWESOME!!!!! While walking on them squeaks would echo around you. If you walked quietly, the same thing happened. These were put in to warn of intruders and also to make the shogun/samurai/etc aware of your presence. AWESOME!!!! They were truly truly truly cool! I liked lots!!!!

        It was getting late so we went back to the hotel and then went out for some food in the Station. The station was absolutely beautiful. Gary S. would have feinted. That's Big Gary in case you don't recognize the last initial. Sleeeeep. Yes Meghan fell asleep at a table as everyone was leaving. We were at getting into the elevator when someone notced Meg wasn't there. She had been woken up and then walked over to another table, sat down, then fell asleep. Danger Will Robinson! Danger! We had a good laugh, then went and did the same thing. Yes we fell asleep at tables in the food court. Free rooms! Haha! What lucky ppl we were. oyasuminasai.

D11  4/15

        Kyoto again. Bus, taxi, which to take... the bus, with an all day pass. Well, as you might expect we did the tourist thing all over Kyoto. Temple, after temple, after toilet, after toilet. Who caused that to happen? Why those great bottling companies! Thanks guys and gals! We walked all over and took the bus all over as well. It was a pretty cool day.

        In the eve we went to Gion. The remaining few Geisha that are around today still work there. Today there are very very few Geisha. In the early 1900's there were more that 400 that worked in Gion, today there are less than 60. Probably less than that. Thresa was happy to catch a woman, whom we thought to have been a Geisha, but after speaking to ppl about my experience it seems that she was only an apprentice. Still, a very cool sight.

        We were also graced with some cool cool music. Three girls were jammin on the street and about 20-30 ppl were gathered at some points during the evening. It was cool to hear LIVE music again. Enough of this techno beat, rock, ballad sutff on CD's or tapes. I want to hear it live. And I did. hehe. Dinner was splendid this evening. We went to a fairly traditional restaurant and had to grind up sesame for the meal. Another first to add to the list. How long is that sucker now? must have at least three things on it... : )

        Girl chat. Yes all the girls, incl. myself, had a nice fun time laughing at each other and we gossiped awhile about all the crazy men in our lives. Then we ate chokoreto. I didn't spell that wrong. chocolate. After that we all went out and got some ice cream and painted our nails. SERIOUSLY we did......n't.  ok so it was fun to type all that stuff, but we really did have a girls night. It was just a bunch of crazy chit chattin... especially about Tree's nylons.  Sorry Tree, had to write about it. : )

D12  4/16

        Hiroshima. I am happy. I am soo happy that I got to go here. This was my reason for leaving the Tokyo area. I wanted to go the Peace Park and now I can say that I have. It was... wow. I felt so strange. It wasn't a "Bash the US cause they did this to us." place. It was against the usage of any and every nuclear weapon on the planet. Everyone needs to see this stuff so they won't want to see it happen to them, family, friends, enemies, etc. It shouldn't happen ever again, if it does... I'll be very very scared to see what happens. I'll be very sacred to even hear about it.... A moment of silence to all those who cried out for the most simplistic thing on the planet.... water. ...................................

           ...........................................        .................................................. thank you
Saturday, April 11, 1998
April 1998 - email6
Subject: Fam time.

        It all began about 22 years ago in the city of Waterbury. I was asked a question by my mom, she said "When are you gonna pick me up?" I thought, "dofukaj dunaovja .,v ar navnorg ai..." for the reason that I had no clue what she was saying. I guess I gave her an adequate responce because she was there on time! That's right! Actually she was a little early. How about that!

        It was a cold and stormy night... wait that's a peanuts(tm) card. uh oh! infringment! I'm going to... take my ma back to Asaka with me because, well, that's where I live. : ) Nah... let's have some fun first! hehehehe! I'm such an evil child. She flies to Tokyo via San Jose and Boston and I take her out in on the town just after her arrival. Grin... that's what I did.

D1  4/4

        Ikebukuro with, who else, KAZI-man! boooyaaahhh!! Count the ways.. nah, I'd have lost your attention by the time I finished. Dinner in an Italian restaurant. The food was good, other than the flopping fish in my pasta. I KID YOU NOT! ok, ok, ok... i kid you. I kept her out until about 10:30. She arrived in Tokyo at about 3. Ewwwwww, I'z a bad boy aren't I!  Get this... check out D2!

D2  4/5

        Top of the mornin to ya. That's to you ma! Why so reader? Well, let's just say that the birds were up AFTER us! hahha! We were up and about in the apartment at about 6:00 AM!!!!! : >  D2 was the day for my shodan ranking! YES! Would I accomplish my life long dream? Could I complete it by the end of the day.... I don't know. I don't know what my life long dream is yet. Guess I'll have to live with the fact that it was an "ii-tenki" day! Gorgeous! Also, ma got to experience some fun stuff, well, she took pictures of some cool stuff. Iaido to be precise. I've got em in the album... gimme a call - we'll do lunch. : )  How'd that get in there? lunch?

        Back to D2 -- After the ranking, my fellow Iaido specialists and my ma went to ... dan ta ta dan dan dan dannnnnn  DENNY'S!! Denny's is different allllll over the world.. I had French Toast.... ok, so it's not completely different. They do sell suishi and stuff, anyway. I used so much Japanese during the day that when we got back to Asaka I was brain dead! I no kid you this time, really. It was cool. The woman that I thought had something against me was very very welcoming to my ma and me all day; it was great! She told me that "Old Japanese will not eat even if they are STARVING, but younger Japanese will eat if they are hungry. I think that's pretty much a constant.. what do you think? fill me in. END D2.

D3  4/6

        What did we do during D3? hmmmmm. Ahhhh!!! I remember! We went to ... the city hallllll!!!! yeah! intro! intro! how many times will the same thing be said? count em for me. would you mind? ( :  Did the intro thing and then went back to the apartment and FINSHED the VIDEO! YESS!!!! Philip and I did a pretty good job on this thing; in my opnion of course. I say this because my ma was crackin up throughout the viewing of the video as well. She liked. Iz gewd, no. As Philip was leaving Hisae arrived and after that moment we chilled. Ma was readin a book; how about that. Hisae and I were just figuring stuff out for the trip to Nikko... huh? Nikko? Chillllllll, I'll tell ya... another day. That...... was it. i think. oh right! I can edit this later. Luck me.

D4  4/7

        Ahhhhh. an ode to chilling. Chill chill, what do you will? sitting and drinking, they mark up my till. But chill chill, you've got the bill. chill chill, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!  Ok, sorry, got of the topic... a biiiiiit there didn't I. yeah.  D4 was the relaxing day. Yes, I let ma relax during D4 and D3!!! Seeee! I am a nice kid. I only pushed her to the limits during D1. Or did i? After the chllin time we met Matt in Kawagoe... to do what? What else do you do in a big city? chill. did you get it right? : ]  Matt said he was gonna stay another year... but it sounds like he's not sure... what' to do Matt? What to do? I dunno.... maybe Santa knows. Ask him, he'll help.

D5  4/8

        I had the HIccups today. After each one I had to Sigh. It was tough knowing what I was thinking when I wanted to think. You follow? Me too, tough thinking that was isn't it. ouchers! Onward... I've got pictures of hiccup-sigh learning about her name. It was realllly funny. Cheeks were in pain. Gosh darnit, hate when that happens. Some cattle just flew over and ... well, it wasn't pretty. Man that's disgusting. All this tranpired in, tah dah!, Nikko. Told you I'd tell you about it. Hisae, ma and I went to see the 3 monkeys and to climb as many STAIRS as possible! Let's goooooooooo! UP! Up, and... up some more. Sorry, superman stuff is (tm)-ed. Bummers. Pout.... slap! mmmm, that felt good. As I was saying Coffee is good out of vending machines... at least that's what my mom said. She had her first coffee out of a vending machine... and it was warm! and it was in a can! oh my... i need some smelling salts... breeth Gar... pheewww, ok.

        The day was fun, we saw lot's of...... stuff. Yes I'm getting into detail with this email. Haffta do it. ( :  mmmmm.. you aren't experiencing this... but I am. My battery is low. Ya see, I'm on the shinkansen, aka bullet train, and I'm almost outta juice. Doshio... doshio... doshio. .... time passes .... and then I screw up something in Japanese and the guy next to me helps me out. Lucky times. There's an outlet in the washroom. Just a sink and asome water. gotta go. smelllllly!!!! yuck. some dudes were spraying something to get rid of the damn smoke smell in between the cars. I'd like to charge this thing up.... but I'll arrive by.. sorry. no need to explain. you're reading about the trip still... or were you day dreaming? it could happen...

        Nikko -- it was very cool to see, SNOW! a little, but still snow is snow is snow is water. Lot's of trees as well. I like, it was good to see nature again. None of that concrete jungle stuff, blehhh!! more later. Ok it's been about 4 days since I wrote this stuff and I have no idea where I was going with this stuff. Happy days are here again. Wrap up... Nikko - COOL! Trees and lots and lots of steps! Hahahaha! Racin to the top after Hisae was half up the stairs... ohhh yeahhh! Racin to the brink of nothin, like I said, I have no idea where I was going with this stuff, so... "NEEEXXXTTT!"

        Ewww! I just remembered something Explaining the concept of "dating", "seeing", and "talking" is quite difficult be it someone native to the US or to a foreigner to the states. Boy oh boy is that difficult. Do you understand the differences? If not... don't feel bad.

D6 4/9

        Woke up late and then went to Seiyu with ma for, get this! A tour of the toys! Yeah, I had to show her the toys and all the other fun things. Ma's gonna buy some fun "grasses" and anything else with and "r" instead of an "l". You may or may not understand that one. After we finally finished, BROADWAY was the next stop, for a "bidio". Fun is the theme of life so we decided to rent a fun filled vid -- Cable Guy. IT HAD A MEANING! IT ACTUALLY HAD A MEANING!!!! "Somebody's gotta kill the babysitter." THE TV!!!! Gotta get rid of it! Lose it! Bye bye birdie!

        Hisae was a visitor to the apt for... the last time. She leaves for TPU on Sat. Good luck with the future crazy singing lady. New stuff to do and new things to do... Ganbattekudasai! I had a good time hanging out with her. Hope to see you when I get back in AUGUST. jane.

D7 4/10

        An interesting day this is/was. The rest of the fam arrived, and woooooooooow was it an omoshiroi jikan. M, T, E, M, and K all stepped out of the customs area and looked a bit.... to be kind... DEAD TO THE WORLD! Ok ok I'll be honest, they were only corpses walking with luggage. : ) After that we activated all the JR Rail Passes in View Plaza". It was simple. If you've got to do it, no need for worry. THere are directions in English for those like my fam and I. Good times! hahahah!

        Eww!!! Just remembered! Upon arrival to Ikebukro I had Japanese class. Yes indeedy we hadn't returned to Asaka at that point... hehehe. Ma became the tour guide... First to the hotel, then to the apartment. It was 9:00 when I began my journey back to Asaka. I arrived and met up with M, T, and E. They were walking toward the station to go to the hotel. Mark had half a beer and Tree had 2 sips! What a great way to feel good huh... Cheap and fun, haha! 2 sips! They loved it! Ma, M and K were in the apartment and ready for bed. It was about 30 mins. after I started the vid that the kids were OUT! OUT I tell ya! OUT! We all crashed a while later and then awoke to a loud party! Yes indeed the party was BOOMIN!

        The neighbors were cranking up the tunes and the smells! WOOOO!!! I only wish that they invited us! Why didn't they invite the truly loud ppl? THE KIDS?! hehehehe. It was a fun ol time actually. I snuck up to the party and let me tell you. They were not even wearing they're foaodlfm a oinar lar ogia oij can you hear me?! eodfnsdlkfsn oi loud train dfosi j le oijgo so and so I had to go back downstairs because of what happened. It was the bomb! Gotta go back to that place!

D8  4/11

        YOOOOOOKOHAMA!! YOKOHAMA! YOKOHAMA! Kazi joined us for a venture out and about to the fun loving area of Joypolis! We ventured around the area to see the sights and boy BOY-O-BOY were the SIGHTS niiiiiiiice! Kazi and I want to move there! Let's have some funnnnn! Yokohama is kinda like Boston in the way that there is a lot of art scattered around the city. It was nice to see technology, art, trees, boats, ppl, etc. all in the same place. I'd like to venture there for a longer time, but I don't know if I'll get the chance again soon. Maybe that's were I go in the year 2002! Who knows? I don't, then again, maybe I do and I', just not telling you. nah nah nah nah nah nahhh.
April 1998 - email5
From: Gary Ploski
4/11/98 9:55
Subject: B.S.#2
To: Ucsc2n2

yes we all arived here in Japan of  Flight WAS LOOOOOONNNGGG (long !!) took 27 hrs from home to gary's apt.  but so far everything is real cool  we are traveling to Tokyo today and also going to Yokohama for some Chinse food.  Train system is neat runs like clock work.  food is so much different  lots of fish shit. well i am sure i will not starve. well every one is waiting for me to finish up.  good luck Please stay up on top of LU ... IT May be worth while to send scott a list of stuff you have like tax returns etc.    good luck  work hard and we will  see you soon... note:  you can buy JPN beer on the street corner in vending machines.  cool !!!  see ya.
Friday, April 10, 1998
April 1998 - email4
From: Gary Ploski
4/10/98 22:48
Subject: Re: Hahahaha!!!
To: Maria Larsson

        Sorrrry. It took a bit of time for me to write back to you. Apologizes I send. BUT! I havn't lost your email(s)! I have had you email screaming at me telling me to write back to you! Soooo, now that everyone is a sleep in my apt. I can write to you! yeaaahhhh!! I've got visitors from CT - ma, uncle, aunt, 3 cousins!!! Tooo many people,but they are all asleep. 2 in one room, 1 in another, 3 in the hotel! hahaha! kicked em out! haha

        your questions were: So, how is it in Japan? How do you like the people? How is it going with the language?

        1. Japan is siko!  that's pronounced "psy-co" It's great, but then again it's not. It's kinda a strange thing. It reminds me of the US. I like so much about it, but then again there so much that I don't like. It's a Love/Hate relationship. Gotta love it. go team.

        2. the ppl. Ohh, can I take em home with me? pleeeezzzzeee!!! They are so respectful! Ahhh, damn! they just kick ass! No worries on my side of the boat! Give me an oar and I'm rowing! Yes I don't mind the fact that I'm all alone, some japanese dude will jump in and help me out! Ahhhh!! the greatness of it all! the ppl are nice. heheheh : )

        3. the language. Well it seems that this is a 2 steps fwd, fall on your back after tripping over the log, which brings you back to the same place you began months ago. Yes one of those things. seriously though... no, seriously, this is the truth! : )  ok ok. I'm doin ok. I have been able to do somethings without as much stress as I had months ago. It's a slow process and I'm working my way along the road. Only time will tell how far I'm able to get in this lovely language. Who knew? i didn't.

        Well, that's the wrap. I've been hanging out and flying around on my broom stick. Just because I can. Hope things are going nicely nicely for you and your fam. Have a crazy day. ciao cito
April 1998 - email3
   Things are going well over here for me. I am now shodan (1st dan {dahn} first rank) I'm quite pleased with what's going on with Iaido. Life can be fun sometimes. Good luck with school and all the fun involved. live it, be it, feel it.... cause it's alllll good. I refer to life. It's all what you make of it... want another quote? check out my profile on AOL. stimpy!! get outta there!!! stimpy, he's my new pet... he's a quamber... he stuck his querber in the sink again.. damn quambers... always trying to drink from the tap. : )  ... with that... have a crazy day. ciao cito
Tuesday, April 07, 1998
April 1998 - email2
From: Gary Ploski
4/7/98 8:14
Subject:Re: What's up?
To: Brian Trusewicz

    Dude... I have got to tell you that I am now very excited about the 22nd. Honetly, over the past week things have been deteriorating. Now that I am 'seeing' Hisae she's acting so much like our favorite person "mature" person from the Pals lab. Remember?  (Im)

        Honestly Bri, this is hillarious. She seems angry that I'm actually taking advantage of this situation. I think it to be one of the funniest things. I am sooooooo curious to her reaction regarding the poem. As of this moment... they're probably be no reaction, and that will perfectly explain things to me.

        Bri, she's a different person. I have no clue who she is now. She's not the same person that we met last year, she's somehow much different. Actually, that is incorrect, she is no one I know. My thoughts.... "Oh well... check please."  If it stays along the lines or continues down the same route.... this relationship.... will not last any longer than a newly born shape shifter can handle a silver knife dug deep into it's body.  Graphic no.... : )

        Yeah Bri... looks as if I'm gonna be able to date ppl upon my return. Who's making this happen? In complete honestly, it's her. Bri, the check is in the hand and I have arisen up from the table.. Ohh who is that I see at the door? I know who they are... and hmmm..... i wonder if they're single....

        life goes on bri. You're not going to see a horribly angry, disappointed, love torn, sad GDP upon my return. TO quote... sorry bout this... ACE OF BASE. ohhh, how could it be? "I will survive, with out you" bri, with that... I bid you a "let's get the schedule out and get ready to go out to the restaurant. Oh yeah, sounds cooooool! with that... have a crazy day. ciao cito

        humbly your firend,

Thursday, April 02, 1998
April 1998 - email1
From: Gary Ploski
4/2/98 0:29
Subject: Re: Guess who is back?
To: April Harvey

        Hiro? Hiro is in CT? How about that. I wonder how long his stay will be this time. If you find out let me know if you could. The sliver moon that you were refering to in your email... I saw the same piece on Monday... it was pretty impressive wasn't it. I saw it on the way to Iaido. I kinda paused while I was riding toward the school. "WOW!" I thought as I crashed into the car crossing the road. Ok so maybe I didn't hit a car.. it was actually another bike rider. We were ok, but it kinda freaked me out a bit. Oh well.

        Happy ppls huh. After spring break, yup. It'll do it to anyone and everyone for a while. Hope it stays, the happiness, till the end of the semester. THat would make things go nicely nicely. Food? Food? Do you mention that you hadn't eaten yet? I guess I'm surprised, not. I hope you got something good to eat. Vitamins and stuff are pretty cool sometimes. Mmmmmmmm, cookies. hehehe. anyway... juuuuuuuice, yummmmy. oh yeah... blah blah blah alinoifndoiw wipm or something. That was stuck in my fingers.. they had to let it out. : )

        Happenings over here... I saw Titanic again. This time it was with another 1043 people! PACKED!!! People have joked in the states about the "do not" and the "do" part of the movie (smoking, trash, etc.) needing to refer to cellular phones and beepers and such needing to be turned off during the movie; well, it needs to happen here in JPN!  I think 4 or 5 ppl got phone calls during the movie! It was kinda annoying to hear all the crazy beeps and stuff during the flic. I can only wonder what'll happen... then again, I wonder if nothing will happen. Guess I'll have to wait to find out.

        To get a seat it is a near necessity to have been involved in the OLYMPICS! You've got to RUN to get a seat; I'm not kidding!  We (Hisae and I) ended up about 5 rows back from the front. CLOOOOOOSe to the screen, oh well. Somthing about some of the seats in the theater.. THere were RESERVED SEATS!!!! They had something on them to indicate to we poor saps that we couldn't sit on them. Those seats were in the middle of the theater for perfect viewing of the movie, the lucky saps. bummer.

        Philip and I have been working on the video and it appears that it'll be pretty close to the hour length that we figured -- YES! cool thang. I've also begun a reorganization of my study of Japanese verbs. I have to put them into one book so I can see only verbs and the forms of each verb. Fun times.

        Today's agenda brought me to the SONY BUILDING with Hisae. OOOHHHHHH boy oh boy did I wannnnnnnnnnt so much stuff!! Incredible technologies! Smalllllllll tiny things everywhere! It was pretty incredible!!!! I'd love to buy stuff stuff stuff, but a car is a bit more important. Gotta do what ya gotta do right. It was quite the expensive area -- Ginza. Soda costs about 500 yen. This is for a small glass with ice. Crazy stuff! I think that Ginza is th most expensive place in Japan. It's written about in that way by numerous ppls as well. TALK about expensive! Yikes!

        Well, it's now... 4/2 12:26 and I'm gonna sign off in about 4 minutes to get some sleep. By the way... I didn't hit anyone with the bike... : )  My day is over, but your entering into it officially aren't you. 4/1    Bad fools thang, but then again I think that may have been my first attempt at any type of april fools joke. ...with that... have a crazy day in spite of all those damn monkeys flying around taking all the hats.  tou. ciao cito
Wednesday, April 01, 1998
April 1998
April 1998

What can happen in a month? I don't know.... if I knew I'd have to toldyou last month... geesh always so impatient. Shhhhhhoooooouuuuulllllldddddd iiiiiiiii  wwwwwwaaaaaaaallllllllllkkkkk tttttoooooo   tttthhhhhheeeeessssttttttooooorrrrreeeee  wwwwiiiiiitttttthhhhhh yyyyyooooouuuu???They have the speed serum you want. ew it's a duzy! Come on baby lightmy fire! Yickes!     Below you will find a link to variousemails with the happenings during the month of April.  Enjoy.....
1 Email- Hiro, Sony, stuff..... I don't remember. Opps. Oh yeah! Another accident.Reallly!!! THE NEW video for the NEW AET'S is under way. 2 Email - New stuff to some, actually, just about all of you. It may seem a bitcryptic, but hey, that's me. Free stuff?Checks? Tables? Doors? What's thelink? Here's a hint, they're all in the same place. What a hint huh. :) 
3 Email- Ma got to see it! She was here! She was here! How about that! I didsomething right and got the proff! How about that! Pumped!  4 Email - Maria in Sweden wanted to know how things were going and well, they'zgoin .... did think I'd tell ya did ya? Come on! How could I disappointyou by telling you before you clicked.......
5 Email- Marker emailing himself? Huh? What's goin on here? As you have nowread....the family has arrived. Marker comments on one of his favoritetopics.... beer.....6 Email - The trip----- p1  
7 Email-  The trip----- p28 Email - The trip----- p3
9 Email-  The trip----- p410 Email-  The trip's thank you.....
11 Email- What's this? A new poem? Was it poetry night again? Hmmmm....... couldbe. Indeed there is (was) only one man to contact for this misson. Thatman.... none other that... Beetljuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejui...... udnwocdnownsvdn ewfo   SAHhhA!!S AHHH! Damnn! I couldn't get him outta here.He cought me on the last part. OK, so it wasn't beetljuice. HA got ya.Oh I have to say it 3x's again.... bummer.....12 Email-  Mare was back in CT while I was in JPN....... AGAIN! This israther strange. it happened the first time I came here with Kazi in 95-96.And now it happens again in 98. Strangeness........
13 Email- That strange Bettle..... Sorry, had to try again.14 Email- D. 
15 Email- This came across strangely in text. I wasn't hurtin but it sure seemslike I am. Give a read if ya like....16 Email- Midori no hi. Check it. Rather, click it.

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