Friday, September 23, 2005
Apple Support - Update Part 2

Finally! "Ready For PickUp" I received a call and the rep asked for "David Nicholls". Riiiiight. Um, my name should be on the package - aka the customer. He's the employee. Sigh.

Thursday, September 22, 2005
Shows I've Found My Way Into...

Since I put so much effort into compiling a CV. I might as we put it somewhere... The fun part is I know I forgot a few. Sweet! More to come. W3rd!

A Marriage Proposal - Stepanovitch Tschubuko - Sarah Lawrence College - 2005/04
15 Minutes - Body Guard (aka Steve) - 2004/04
Hello Out There - The Jailer - 2004/04
Equus - Horseman, Chorus - New Zenith Theatre - 2003/11
King of Ireland's Son - Old Shanachie - New Zenith Theatre - 2003/04
Cyrano - Christian - New Zenith Theatre - 2002/10
Gypsy - Yonkers, City Announcers, Press Agent - NVCC - 2002/04
The Glass Menagerie - Jim O'Connor - New Zenith Theatre - 2002/01
Car Wash - Employee - NVCC - 2001/05
A Wrinkle in Time - Calvin O'Keefe - New Zenith Theatre - 2001/03
Mid Summer Night's Dream - Lysander - New Zenith Theatre - 2000/11
Remembering Hypatia - Archbishop Cyril - 3rd Act - 2000/08
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All - Gary Sullivan - 3rd Act - 2000/05
American Dream - Young Man - 3rd Act - 1999/05

The Tender - Joe Morgan - Original Piece Sarah Lawrence College - 2005
Lizzie Borden - Father - Original Piece Sarah Lawrence College - 2005

The Last Shot - J. Withers (http://imdb.com/title/tt0464082/) - 2005

Voice Over:
Battlefront: Connecticut During World War II - CPTV - 2001/12

SLC Graduate Portfolio

Today we (Theater Grad Students) were advised how to put together our portfolio. MY GOD! This is something we'll need to hand in by 4/15 (tax day) of the year we graduate. Now, for those grad students in their second year they have one (1) year of data to compile - if they haven't already. First year grad students are now aware of what they need to keep a record of and can begin this process. I, fall into both, as well as a category of my own. How? Why?

I've been taking classes and performing for the past two (2) years already. That's a whole bunch to put together. Hot damn! I've spent the last two hours delving deep into the past - all the way back to 1999. Why? We need to have a CV to hand in as well. It's a GREAT thing to have completed but adding classes, evaluations, and performances from 3rd Act, NVCC, New Zenith, PBS, and SLC I'm tapped out. Hot diggity diggity!

I've put together this draft as something to run with...

Class - Professor
Faculty Evaluations
Personal Evaluations
Important Papers written for class

Season Year
Piece Name - Role (Company - Dates)
Personal Evaluation of the Project

All acting training and experience

Now all I have to do is finish gathering the previous two (2) years of information and then add in each semester for the next three (3) years. Sweeeet! )Ugh(

Apple Support - Update

Once week later - aka the PB was mailed back to the Apple Store on 9/15 - it is still "In_transit To Store". Sad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
I've Always Wanted One

Okay, okay, okay. I was about to write an entry about the good things. I figure... After the recent venting session I needed to ground myself back to 0. And so here, HAHAHA!, is my release.

this is an audio post - click to play

Yea, my car was effed up. Yup.

My HDD crashed. Sigh.

My laptop is still - this is a quote from Apple's page - "In_transit To Store". Pathetic.

So I've been less than thrilled with a few work things - aka WebBoard (primarily).

Happily... No.

I have some intensely monumental events happening at this time in my wee-days. My best friend's book is selling nicely and is waiting on an offer that no plan could have foreseen. Classes have, wow, they have lifted my spirits higher than I thought possible. Primarily "Breaking the Code" (Code? "the text of the play"). Ahh. Streetcar Named Desire has kept me afloat. Something in these past 2 years has shown me the insights of the human mind and day to day actions. I know why people do things. I'm able to see through their words and it's scary. The scariest thing is I don't know why or how I developed this... Skill? Ability? Etc. But, I do know it has taught me so much about character. I'm acting like I've never acted before. I feel intentions within driving home my every word even though I'm reading the lines. It's intense. After I finish I feel like Fenti looks when he's complemented. )blush(

And then there's emma. Ha. Mamma-mia. I began writing a post that still needs some attention

Here is a post I began writing back in July. Titled "The Long Forgotten Post"

the night before (my bday) with emma. totoro.
the night watching fox and the hound.
the bday eve with alice and emma in the car
the overall goodness that's been happening in ny with emma an i. alice and eric. slc.

It was a draft in the truest sense of the word but I knew what I wanted to say. I described it as "gushing" when asked what I wanted to purge into journal form. I never finished it. Well, maybe it needed a certain catalyst. And so here I am.

Those nights drafted above were incredible. Together we shared Totoro, and Fox and the Hound. Whenever a hound dog is spoken out loud the clear sound of a wailing puppy hound dog is now heard. I love that film so much. I relate to Tod (the fox) so much and yet I see how I fit into Copper's world now as well. Things change in so many ways and there are things that bind. Sometimes those bindings are stretched too far and no longer hold. It has happened in the past and happens in the now.

She knew how difficult this bday was going for me and did so much to swing the pendulum the opposite way. Totoro... LOL. We both fell asleep. She kicked a few times and woke me from a near sleep. It was wonderful. Peaceful. Calm. Together.

The day of my bday many of my friends were kind enough to remember. An event that happened often this year were specifically early (9/12) and late (7/14) congratulatory happy bday. I was, how to say, lost for an explanation. The eve of my bday (7/13) a co-worker/friend (and her beau) of emma's, and alice came over to play board games with cookies, milk, pita, humus, etc. It was a fun night. Though, the best part happened when Alice, emma, and I hung out in her lil car chatting away like bees around a hive. We just couldn't put a cork on the eve. It kicked the dingo's, the were-rabbit's, and the split soup's behind! Ahh. Wonderful memories. itsumo arigato emma-san. )laces(

And so things have been on the up-swing. 11o1 has taken a role in both our lives without consuming our free time. Friends have been more apt to visit or schedule visits. Classes are hum-dingin. Life. Simply. Is good astounding. Last night I showed emma something I'd written way back in November of '04. After she read it we talked for a good two hours on a topic we'd only hinted at in many previous conversations. Another step has been taken. Alice recently said she likes seeing people couples after some time has passed because she's able to see how things have changed in their relationship. Well Alice - I see you! - you've got something new to see. Nyahhhhh. = D

Wrapping up my humdrum book of a post. It's such a plain world we all live in. Especially once you know the rules of the game. It's really very simple. I wonder why we all make it out to be so much more than what things really are... Hmm. With that, time to rehearse, read, then say oyasumi to a comatose emma. 5AM is not her normal waking hour and 945PM is not her normal bedtime hour. But it is tonight.

One Site to Rule Them All

Google is fast becoming my one stop shop for... Everything.

My journal, once html based within my site, then buried within MySQL via PHP Nuke, and now stored on blogger, aka blogspot, aka Google.

My email has also found its way to Google per some tweaking with J5. It's all here. Suh-weet score indeed! Rock on Google. Rock!

Monday, September 19, 2005
Apple + Service = Lacking

Simply put Apple's customer support/service is horribly lacking. I've waiting a total of approximately 35 minutes from Friday-Sunday, on hold, while someone checked to see if my laptop was in the store. THE STORE! How big is the store!? Maybe they train their employees to run 1/64 of a mile in 10 minutes which explains why it's been so hard to get an answer. Emma was able to reach someone and was asked, as I was each time, "Did someone call you?" She answered straight forward and directly - No you ground sloth! Now fetch me the information! Information! I need information!

Okay, so she didn't say that, but she was able to gather this much... 12" PowerBook... To store... Sent... Arrived... Not yet... Still, not yet... and... Not yet again. Sigh. Wishin the PB was here for me to abuse but I've got my desktop available to me (not that I've used it much since the HDD died and I've been reinstalling everything.

On a GREATLY positive note... emma, Alice and I saw THE PILLOWMAN! I love that show! Damn, damn, damn fine piece of work. Must get play, must read play many times. Ahh, stories so tasty. So tasty! Mmm! Ever wondered what you'd leave behind? How about the idea that your pain will become something greater and more important than you ever could ever imagine? Or, have you just wanted to hear a neat story, or 7 neat stories? The Writer and the Writers Brother, Little Jesus, The Green Pig, Apple Men, of course The Pillowman, etc! It's almost like sitting around a camp fire at night with smores in hand except there is no fire, it's indoors, and you can't eat smores in the Booth Theater! It's that similar! YES! Hot damn this play is dark, twisted, hilarious, painful, sad, and hopeful. Alice said something to the effect of 'I didn't like the play! It made me think about myself damnit.' She very much liked the play of course.

If, IF, you are interested in the arts, are a writer, need a little self awakening, or anything in between drop the bills and see the show. The rough bit is that the run is about to end here in NYC. So sad. Happily I saw it in London and NYC. London's cast kicked the NYC's cast ASS HANDEDLY! There was no contest. It was tighter, it was funnier, and it felt more real. NYC's cast was pushing the dialog to fast, trying for laughs, and not allowing themselves into the text which carried most of them through the entire show. Of the 4 main actors Crudup was the best... Though mainly when he told the stories. During the highly emotional scenes he was blatantly faking his tears. Alas. What matters is I saw the show. Again. With emma. With Alice. = D

Now, it's late, after a day of hiking up Sleeping Giant with BT, Lauren, and emma on his 31st (moikkai... otanjoibiomedetogozaimasukamisama) I find that I'm not exhausted but I know full well how busy I'll be this week. Whoohoo!

Tomorrow slate: Breaking the Code with... Streetcar Named Desire.

Hot damn. My second post in less than a week. Does this mean I'm finding time to write at leisure again!? I wonder.

Saturday, September 17, 2005
I SERIOUSLY Don't Believe in 3!

Eff Camino.

Eff the HDD warranty.

Eff you amateur thief!

Eff Apple Care

Eff Hollywood.

Etc. etc. etc. I don't know why these past couple weeks have sucked as much as they have on the grand scale... But they have. And to have it all topped off with a piece of junk browser. A browser that is now GONE from this PowerBook. Thanks to Spotlight for finding EVERY instance of Camino on the HDD.

Sigh. I think, hell I know I can't do justice to what I wrote earlier. I think I was in full type mode for a solid 30+ minutes. That's a lot of text from many many a thought. Sigh.

Why all the Effs at the top, well, it's the culmination of everything up to a few minutes ago. Strikes, one, two, three, four, fi... Then kept on, and keep on coming.

It's muggy. I feel bloated and wrinkled within. Very little seems to have positivity within it lately. I don't know why. Here's a run down in very boring form.

The HDD on my PC decided to cough, hiccup, burp, blip, skip, jump, pop, and heave all at the same time on 8/27. I lost all my music, yup, EVERYTHING I'd copied to put on my iPod. 350+ CDs ripped and stored for later listening. Now... They're gone. Gone. The HDD decided to die on me. Stupid CRC errors. = \

I didn't get to why it's strike one yet.

I looked in the warranty when I had a moment and learned that the warranty had expired... that Tuesday. When did I lose everything? Saturday.


The next week, 9/1, I went to my car to prep it for the weekend, a trip to CT, and found everything to be all good. Sweet. Wait. I should walk around the car. Why not. Cops do it to check that everything is... not okay! Some waste of a human being decided that putting a screw driver into the door was a better way to get into my car than simply smashing the window. MORON! There is an alarm light for a reason! Opening the door or smashing the window yields the same thing... NOISE from the alarm.

This mean what?

Cosmetic repair... aka the most expensive kind of car repair. It got better. Sarah Lawrence College's security team scanned the tapes and found... NOTHING. They didn't even see my car in the video. I PARKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GARAGE! Also, I had to ask 3+ times to get Larry to even say "No, your car was not in the video." So, since my car was damaged the decided, after OTHER BREAK INS AND ATTEMPTS, that more cameras should be put in. This time they LOOK like cameras and there are two at the entrance and exit. I'm still deciding what to do about it... Negligence anyone?


Thinking things couldn't get better I took my PowerBook to the Apple Store on 9/10 because of heat problems experienced during the summer and from recent use. David Nicholls - he rules - looked at it for a while and offered to have it looked at knowing that the dings and dents were from normal wear and tear. AKA daily use.

Well, on 9/13 a tech said the part to repair would cost 950+tax because it was determined that "the laptop had been dropped" and that it "wasn't covered under the warranty." I PAID 1k for it! WTF kind of parts are they selling - adamantium? Arrr. I said... No. Send it back.

I'm now writing on emma's PB because mine was delayed and "should" be there tomorrow. Yea... i'm looking forward to letting them know that I'm never buying a Apple laptop again. EVER. If they can't take daily thumps then they need to test the equipment more effectively. For the price... None for me thanks. Been there... Done with that.

And then there's Corpse Bride. YAWN. Pretty. Ewww, so pretty. WHERE'S THE FRIGGIN MAGIC MAN! Nightmare this is not. Well, it is more a nightmare than Nightmare was/is. But I digress. Jack, in Nightmare, rocks!, he's curious, he's adventurous, and he FAILS MISERABLY! But we like him all the way through the story hoping that maybe he'll get it right even though we know he won't. But we still hope.

In Bride, it's boring, at times the characters go against what they want. The images sure are pretty but TOO similar to Nightmare for me. I kept getting pulled into Christmas Land, etc.

It just wasn't/isn't that good. The plot was my biggest worry and it remained so. The story doesn't have far to go and the characters suffer for it. Blah. Alice saw it with me and she felt the same way... We had headaches after it ended. The music... enh. Bride's story lasts WAY too long! I remember thinking... You're kidding me, more?! The kicker in all of this is that after the disappointment and then the day to day rigamarole I forgot to tell emma's mudda how the film was. Argh. Bad, bad, bad me! Hrmmmm.

On a side note... Saruman Christopher Lee kicked the monkey's arse!

Hollywood, simply put, sucks right now. 9/30 will be a day of reckoning with Serenity. I know it's good. I'm a Browncoat and saw it during the rough footage days. Maybe that'll pick things up.

It's now close to 2am on the day I get to watch someone be killed for killing children. God I could use a good laugh.

Camino Vs. Safari

Well, look at that. Safari didn't erase anything I wrote because I wanted to add a SIMPLE FRAGGIN PICTURE!

Yup, that's the logo for Gallery2. They've got development down to a T. Keep on keepin on Gallery! Score.

FONJ EFouneq q3jr !~

After writing 3 pages plus of shite that's happened to me in the past two+ fraggin weeks the effin browswer erased the entire bloody thing!


DID NOT WORK MICHEAL! DID NOT WORK! Camino sucks ass! Developers... Are you listening? It's crap. Yea, you're working on a dying beast. Leave it alone. Damnit!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello gallery2 how are you today!?

It's live and running along side gallery on the .com. It's one of the few things that has gone right these past few weeks. End of line.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Stupid Firefox lost my post.

Well it's a been a few days since I dropped of my PB at the genius bar left my my PB with a 'genius' named David Nicholls. He's a geeks geeks. Thankfully he remembered us from our last visit to the store where I asked about linux and the Mac Mini. Ahh, geeks. = ) Maybe I'll hear from Apple today. So sad, so sad. See ya soon lil PB. Jya, matte ne!

Saturday, September 10, 2005
At the Genius Bar

I'm patiently waiting for a 'genius' to look at my lil-PB. It's been running hot, and I mean HOT! for the past 1.5 months (at least). I thought it was the summer heat but have seen the same problem in the recent cool evenings, in the AM when the temp is far from high, and at work where the A/C has been left on full tilt for some reason.

My thoughts... The graphics processor die. Today it hit 150 degrees while I was browsing the net. That, well, that is not cool or okay.

Also, the battery capacity has dropped considerably since June 1 (most likely due to the fan running constantly trying to cool the processor dies.

Here is are some stats:

Fri Jun 10 13:59:53 EDT 2005
Battery 1
Battery: battery installed, above warning level
Charger: charger not connected, not charging
UPS: UPS not installed
Voltage: 12.361V
Current: -1.229A (discharge rate giving 3 hours and 42 minutes)
Charge: 4.566Ah of 4.593Ah (99.4%)
Capacity: 4.593Ah of 4.400Ah (104.4%)
Cycles: 13

Fri Jul 8 12:00:00 EDT 2005
Battery 1
Battery: battery installed, above warning level
Charger: charger connected, not charging
UPS: UPS not installed
Voltage: 12.573V
Current: 0.000A
Charge: 4.519Ah of 4.523Ah (99.9%)
Capacity: 4.523Ah of 4.400Ah (102.8%)
Cycles: 33

Fri Aug 12 12:00:01 EDT 2005
Battery 1
Battery: battery installed, above warning level
Charger: charger connected, charging
UPS: UPS not installed
Voltage: 12.552V
Current: 0.734A (charging)
Charge: 4.166Ah of 4.469Ah (93.2%)
Capacity: 4.469Ah of 4.400Ah (101.6%)
Cycles: 61

Fri Sep 9 12:49:00 EDT 2005
Battery 1
Battery: battery installed, above warning level
Charger: charger not connected, not charging
UPS: UPS not installed
Voltage: 11.706V
Current: -1.625A (discharge rate giving 2 hours and 03 minutes)
Charge: 3.357Ah of 4.348Ah (77.2%)
Capacity: 4.348Ah of 4.400Ah (98.8%)
Cycles: 82

Leaping in from 13 to 82 cycles/week in 3 months. Something is wrong. More soon.

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