Thursday, August 28, 1997
August 1997 - 1st Katakana Experience
My First Experience with KATAKANA...

Subject: I have to tell you allllllllllllllabout the most incrediblething!!!
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:53:09 +0900
From: Gary Ploski

          I just read theinsert of my MEGADETH or ME-GA-DE-SU cd!! I red allll the songs in KATAKANA.I really studied (tried) only one night. Last night!!! O man this is awesome!!!!HHaaaaa!!!! the joy thats happening. I can read again!!!!! Its ben soooohard to live in a society NOT BEING ABLE TO READ!!!! NOW i can read aboutabout 80% of H iragana and about 80% katakana. I need 2 perfect them THEN.THEN, ill "fly high again" as ozzy once said!!

          Ex: the songtitles on (im copying these from the back of the disc)the left side isthe English title. the right side is the Japanese version( im doing thisstuff from my head) are as follows: 

1.trust1.turasuto(say it fast)
2.almost honest2.o-rumasuto. o-nesuto(again say fast)
3.use the man3.yu-zu. da. man
4.mastermind4.masuto-maendo (dont say the u)hard e
9.have cool,will travel9.havu.ku-ru,ueru.turavuru
11.vortex11.vo-teskosu (thats hard 1 2write/read)

         This is the most coolestof things!!! i can read again. Yeah so i dont no what im reading most ofthe time, but im reading!!! ahhh I didnt realize how much reading is apart of our lives. i couldnt buy vanilla extract becasue i couldnt readkatakana, but NOT ANYMORE!! ha ha. Now i can read!! yes!! It is true. Ionly studied katakana for 1 evening. i do c it every day and all, but didntrecognize it at all!! I have a sheet of picture associations to go alongwith the katakana and hiragana if youd like a copy. ill mail it 2 u, justlet me no. Hope u have a mayhem of a day'!!! ciao cito!!

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