Sunday, February 01, 1998
February 1998

February 1998

Here ya go....into the shortest month of the year. It didn't feel like
it was the shortest though. Yowchers and stuff.

I am going to try to keep doing the journal, but I see the future of this crazy journal thing being done but once or twice a month. I hope that your curiosity can keep up with that time span. Hope to hear from you allll soon.

Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of February. Enjoy.....
1 Email
This is a loooong email. Actually, it's two.It covers feelings, cd's etc.... Lots of emotional stuff..... Readers beware! This is uncensored!
2 Email
Carrie just helped me out without her knowing she had... Thanks Sooooo much Carr-dog.
3 Email
Spidey--- school (MAD SCHOOL! CRAZY KIDS!!!!) check it. etc..
4 Email
Chattin with Rille's mom about the games and how to make money....interested now?
5 Email
Somebody that had a really good understanding of ..... read on.
6 Email
It's anniversary time....
7 Email
This is a BIG one.... lotttts of stuf... enjoy. There's actually alist of what I wrote about in the email, how about that.
8 Email
Let's talk fun stuff shall we...... COPS in Japan, Iaido. ALLLL GEWD!
9 Email
Packages..... Iaido... Language....Robocop 3???...... madness..... SMiles... YIKES! I found my left sock! wahhooo, sorry that's not in the email, I just found it. hehehe.
10 Email
New work? Indeed Rille's mom is jumping into a hell-ov-a job. Ouch is the key word... take a gander. Rain? Rain rain go away! Don't come back till Gary goes to go-chu....
11 Email
Snow White (live action? yes it's available) Reindeer? Where when? huh? What the heck are you talking about? A real conversation between Philip and Mr. Uto. STREESSSSSS about flowers? Nah... just the origin. etc. etc. Things have to come out some time. And a very sad mentioning.... A friend of mine from Holy Cross High School was killed in a car accident.... Not a good thing...
12 Email
A short thought about the girl who died. ABS wrote me and told me more about what truly happened. NEWS --- She was driving her car and something stuck, the steering locked and her car crashed into something. She was not killed upon impact, but fell into a coma. She was in a coma for a while then passed away. Very very sad.

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