Wednesday, April 01, 1998
April 1998
April 1998

What can happen in a month? I don't know.... if I knew I'd have to toldyou last month... geesh always so impatient. Shhhhhhoooooouuuuulllllldddddd iiiiiiiii  wwwwwwaaaaaaaallllllllllkkkkk tttttoooooo   tttthhhhhheeeeessssttttttooooorrrrreeeee  wwwwiiiiiitttttthhhhhh yyyyyooooouuuu???They have the speed serum you want. ew it's a duzy! Come on baby lightmy fire! Yickes!     Below you will find a link to variousemails with the happenings during the month of April.  Enjoy.....
1 Email- Hiro, Sony, stuff..... I don't remember. Opps. Oh yeah! Another accident.Reallly!!! THE NEW video for the NEW AET'S is under way. 2 Email - New stuff to some, actually, just about all of you. It may seem a bitcryptic, but hey, that's me. Free stuff?Checks? Tables? Doors? What's thelink? Here's a hint, they're all in the same place. What a hint huh. :) 
3 Email- Ma got to see it! She was here! She was here! How about that! I didsomething right and got the proff! How about that! Pumped!  4 Email - Maria in Sweden wanted to know how things were going and well, they'zgoin .... did think I'd tell ya did ya? Come on! How could I disappointyou by telling you before you clicked.......
5 Email- Marker emailing himself? Huh? What's goin on here? As you have nowread....the family has arrived. Marker comments on one of his favoritetopics.... beer.....6 Email - The trip----- p1  
7 Email-  The trip----- p28 Email - The trip----- p3
9 Email-  The trip----- p410 Email-  The trip's thank you.....
11 Email- What's this? A new poem? Was it poetry night again? Hmmmm....... couldbe. Indeed there is (was) only one man to contact for this misson. Thatman.... none other that... Beetljuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejui...... udnwocdnownsvdn ewfo   SAHhhA!!S AHHH! Damnn! I couldn't get him outta here.He cought me on the last part. OK, so it wasn't beetljuice. HA got ya.Oh I have to say it 3x's again.... bummer.....12 Email-  Mare was back in CT while I was in JPN....... AGAIN! This israther strange. it happened the first time I came here with Kazi in 95-96.And now it happens again in 98. Strangeness........
13 Email- That strange Bettle..... Sorry, had to try again.14 Email- D. 
15 Email- This came across strangely in text. I wasn't hurtin but it sure seemslike I am. Give a read if ya like....16 Email- Midori no hi. Check it. Rather, click it.

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