Sunday, June 28, 1998
June 1998 - email10
From: Gary Ploski
Subject: sayonara no spiichi
To: me

Fact: I am the ame-otoko. (think of dustin hoffman saying "yeah, definitely yeah." you'll get the title) Fact: I went to 5-chu today. (5 = go go go go go --- count em) Fact: Philip and I gave our good-bye speeches. (that's bye-bye speech) Fact: Ame o furimashita! (it rained)

It is truly a fact that is going to be laughed at for years to come. Whether that be between Liz, Philip, Watanabe, Saitoh, and myself will be fine. It's a maddening thing when it rains EVERYTIME one goes to a certain school. It's truly an interesting experience. Oy vey. Where does it come from? Up above... lucky me. have a crazy day. ciao cito
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