Wednesday, September 12, 2001
September 2001 - 09/12/2001

A day the world will never forget. A day I am still coping with being reality. I am reeling with reactions to this despicable turn of events. America and all that it stands for was attacked yesterday. It is now time for America to stand together and pick ourselves up off the ground. We will overcome this and we will find out who did this.

To all those that are able, a moment of silence for those directly impacted from the terrible cowardly attacks. Below are various links related to the events...

CNN.com - Attacks draw mixed response in Mideast - September 12, 2001
CNN.com - World expresses horror at U.S. attacks
CNN.com - Chronology of terror
CNN.com - Text of Bush's address

CNN.com - Survivors pulled from Manhattan rubble Wednesday
CNN.com - Gasoline prices skyrocket in some parts of the country

We will have our day... <- meaning -> out

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