Tuesday, November 13, 2001
November 2001 - 11/13/2001

No breasts fo'you

Get this, some scientists believe that "...the first few months of life are critical to the development of obesity." So, if you're going to have a kid you're thinking, which is better breat feeding or formula? Well kids, as always it's the breasts that come out on top! YEA genetics! Take a read:

Babies' Rapid Weight Gain Linked to Obesity
''We know that breast-fed infants gain weight more slowly and it also appears to protect against obesity."

On a 'BLACK & WHITE' note, or a 'PIG' note as the situation may be; I saw 6, that's right 6, cops on the way TO work yesterday. After I left work I saw 3. WTF!? So that means they were alllllllllllllllll worried that people would be out and about on LABOR DAY - a day off for most - at 7:30 AM. I don't know of anyone that was up unless they needed to be up. 5 0's, you're killin me.


Men Get 'Bulge' Jeans to Enhance Their Assets
``The (jeans) are designed for the ultimate in bulge enhancement...so men can put their assets on display.''

Personally I'm feeling pretty damn good. I saw a friend this past weekend that I have not seen in a long, long time. I guess it's difficult when she lives in Venezuela. As it seems to happen we only had a few hours to hang out together. Luckly this time no vehicles died and no strange happenings took place. Instead we had a few hours of conversation in a small bar/restaurant. Only took 3 visits for us to have the opportunity. Patience can be a wonferful thing. Mare, I had a great time. Thanks for the visit. Look forward to the next one - which'll probably be in another year or two.

More locally the door is still around is doing all good. Keep up the randomness lass. Ha. Cha. Cha. Work? Well, I've found a way to let the iritation go from me into nothingness. Apathy - it's Fannnnntastic...<- meaning -> out

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