Friday, January 30, 2004

After walking to work the past two days I have great respect for my roomie. She walks to the train station daily to get the train. I have a little more than double the distance to walk to work should I hoof it. As it is, I definitely began to feel the climate impacting my face after I was well past the station, I can imagine how a daily dose of bitter cold temperatures and gusts of wind can spoil a morning. Yimminy.

I'm now at work after a 35 minute walk where my face felt the bitter cold and wind. Fortunately the feeling in my face is almost completely returned too. I was quite surprised when I realized that my cheeks and forehead were pretty much numb. Guess that's what happens when you walk for 35 minutes when it 'feels Like 0∞F' (according to weather.com). Good morning sunshine.

01-30-2004 09:25 am

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