Wednesday, July 07, 2004
To Do's

So many things I need to write. Matt's visit. Various movies I've seen. Random thoughts about my fears, etc. Sadly, as it is 12:37 AM I find myself exhausted because I just uploaded a boatload of pictures onto Matt's site for him. Oh yea, PIX, SO MANY PIX from the past week.

)big breath - big sigh( oh boy

SO much to do. Another night to do it. Work is going to take a lot out of me over the next month (at least) so I'm going to need rest.

More thoughts... later tonight/tomorrow. Mmm, sleepy.

Perk up! That sound? Oh, it's only the sound of your blood hissing from your jugular. Such a beautiful sound. - Lone Wolf and Cub reference. = D

07-07-2004 12:37 am

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