Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Hearing Aid

The other day I was at Lori's, Emma's friend, for a homemade vegan dinner. While the dinner was pretty tasty the dessert turned out to be extremely "WTF!!"

My recollection put the event within 10 minutes of me saying, loudly, across the table to Lori's dad, the fact that I don't drink. Emma said it as well. Lori's pop stopped what he was doing, attempting to get some alcohol for me to try, and sat down.

Dessert was served. "Yum!" I thought. Sorbet and homemade chocolate. Mmmm. WRONG. The sorbet was oki doke and the chocolate was mmm except for one thing... Lori's mom decided NOT to tell anyone that there was a small amount of alcohol in the mix. I said "no worries, it's cooked out." To which she replied, "Actually no. It wasn't cooked out."

My temperature rose and my interest in the evening became nonexistent. We soon left, with my new friend ñ a headache.

I don't understand how something so important can be overlooked so easily by anyone. What if someone was allergic, it went against their religion, or they just don't want to ingest the stuff. Needless to say I was much more than upset with her action. The kicker of it all is that she prepared these chocolates for a bake sale where kids would have bought them! She told us that nobody bought them... GOOD!

ARGH! She was completely inconsiderate. I didn't feel nauseous or ill in anyway instead I felt anger and frustration. Lesson learned. Next time I'm at someone's house where everything is homemade I'm asked what is in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. End of line.

12-07-2004 01:47 am

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