Tuesday, June 28, 2005
11o1 - Take... Um...

It's now my (counts) sixth night here at 11o1 and it's still unreal to me. Despite the pain that my ankle is (still) causing me the floor was attacked this eve. How so? The E V I L carpet was beat up real good! The floor has been revealed! Well, 1/3 of the floor in the bedroom has been revealed. And? And it is Good.

On another note altogether - The Tick (the animated series) is showing on Toon Disney. WATCH IT if you have the station. Contact Disney via feedback@dvd-videosupport.com and tell then you want The Tick on DVD A.S.A.P. already! This is a must, must, must! Oki. Now I go to tempur land. Heheh. At 11o1. = )


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