Wednesday, January 28, 1998
January 1998 - email15
What is a PROP? Am I? Could be that I feel that way....

From: Gary Ploski                                1/28/98 7:39
Subject: Re: It's not 11:11,
To: ApeRille
You'll be back (finished at least) in about 30 minutes. I on the other hand will be wrapping up my morning activities. Odd huh. Last night as I was falling asleep I thought of something that I wanted to tell you, but I figured that I'd write about it this morn' -- and now i am.
        I feel like a PROP! In one teachers class I'm a living breathing PROP! IT IT HORRIBLE. I'm cynical, that's not good. I just have to hope that I get out of this 'funk' soon. It's hard wanting to go to class when I'm just used as a time filler. TIME CHECK - 7:37, hmmmm. If your tummy hasn't been hurting then something is workin'.... I think I have an idea of what's goin on now. I'll tell you later. Your gonna think I'm nuts!
        Time for me to shower, sooooo I'll chat with you lata. A short and sweet email from the sensei that isn't sure what a, well if I knew I would be able to write about it... TOU w/*g*. I'll chat with you sooon babe. ciao cito HEY
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