Saturday, January 24, 1998
January 1998 - email10
A birthday was kinda forgotten about...well it was forgotten about by the general population of the world.

From: Gary Ploski                                    1/24/98 13:35
Subject: Tanjobi omedito! (that's happy b-day or something)
To: April Harvey
244 as I recall from the radio. That's right, Mozart is like 244 today! WAHOO! Today in the states I think...I don't know. It was announced on Rick Dees Weekly Top 40. Gooo Mozart!!! The subject means literally. Birthday congratultions. Wahhooo!!  lata babe. hope tomorrow is a good relaxing time for you. I woke up REALY late today - not. I got up at 11:40. It felt like 2 or 3 to me. I had cool morning hair though and took a picture of it. I'll send it in the package. heeheehee. ciao cito with X's and O's. IMU
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