Saturday, April 11, 1998
April 1998 - email5
From: Gary Ploski
4/11/98 9:55
Subject: B.S.#2
To: Ucsc2n2

yes we all arived here in Japan of  Flight WAS LOOOOOONNNGGG (long !!) took 27 hrs from home to gary's apt.  but so far everything is real cool  we are traveling to Tokyo today and also going to Yokohama for some Chinse food.  Train system is neat runs like clock work.  food is so much different  lots of fish shit. well i am sure i will not starve. well every one is waiting for me to finish up.  good luck Please stay up on top of LU ... IT May be worth while to send scott a list of stuff you have like tax returns etc.    good luck  work hard and we will  see you soon... note:  you can buy JPN beer on the street corner in vending machines.  cool !!!  see ya.
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