Wednesday, July 01, 1998
July/August 1998

July 1998 & Aug 1998

What can happen in a month? I don't know.... if I knew I'd have to told you last month... geesh always so impatient. Shhhhhhoooooouuuuulllllldddddd  iiiiiiiii  wwwwwwaaaaaaaallllllllllkkkkk tttttoooooo   tttthhhhhheeeee ssssttttttooooorrrrreeeee  wwwwiiiiiitttttthhhhhh yyyyyooooouuuu??? They have the speed serum you want. ew it's a duzy! Come on baby light my fire! Yickes!

Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of July98.  Enjoy.....

1 Email -  eigo de sayonara no spichi desu.2 Email -  nihongo de sayonara no spichi desu.
3 Email-  Who is this email written to????? Bikurishita!4 Email -  Some info about CA. WOOOOOW I got fried on the beach with Homie-T!Worst sunburn EVER!!! Never doin that again. Stuck on the floor cause Icouldn't move without PAIN!

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