Wednesday, April 25, 2001
April 2001 - 04/25/2001
evening post

My head hurts, does that mean I get to have a freebie? I mean, it wouldn't hurt anybody... right?! Wow, my head really hurts and why do feel like I'm accomplishing less and less with every second that passes? Hmm.

Recently I had someone 'taken' from my life and I have to say I do not like it. Not one bit. Enh uh. I do not like. Nope - don't like it. What can I do? I can... I can... I... can... do... ........nothing. = ( It's strange. Losing something yet never really... I don't want to say too much more. I'll just end this thought with the movie title, "When Harry Met Sally" -- nuff said. <--- meaning --> out

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