Wednesday, July 18, 2001
July 2001 - 07/18/2001

Totally forgot to mention that while on my trip to VT I re-learned and learned a couple things.

A - I re-learned that 3rd gear maxes out at 90. Nifty

B - I re-learned that patience is virtue

C - I learned that there ARE roads in VT that have heavy traffic. WHO KNEW!?

D - I learned that when you wash your car it is possible to have ALL the scenarios happen during the same day. A bird crapped on the left fender. It began to rain withing minutes of me washing my car. I then drove through 3 different storms adding to the insult. Lastly, I was lucky enough to drive through various large puddles adding even more an insult. Oy.

E - I learned that 4th gear maxes out at 120. Nifty

F - I re-learned that driving alone for more than an hour or two gets to be pretty damn boring. <- meaning -> out

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