Thursday, September 18, 2003
And now for something completely different - Pain

Ok so last night I did something that was very silly of me. I dropped a 20 pound dumb-bell on my foot while doing dips. Last night it hurt. A LOT! Today... it hurts A LOT! I wish I were in a position where I could sit with my foot up, but there are too many people coming in here (academic computing) for me to just sit with my foot up while I work on laptops, etc.

So, I sit here wincing every now and then hoping for the swelling to go down. Ahh yes... silly me.

Let the lesson be learned - when doing dips with a 20lb weight make sure you have your feet wide enough so that it falls on the floor ONLY! That's enough of a thought for now. >sigh<

09-18-2003 01:15 pm

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