Tuesday, November 11, 1997
November 1997 - Rille's Reaction
Rille's Reactionary Words were...
Quite, shall I say, interesting...
  1. "Your are insane. Oh my god, how did U carry on that conversation ??? r u nutz."
  2. "I cant talk!  Your are, just, oh my god!  I am so, i don't no what to say."
  3. "I don't even no where to begin. You have so outdone yourself. OHH MYY GOOD!  I should have done my research but i didn't."
  4. "im so ..... impressed, that's not the right word.
  5. "I can't function." -- this is a good one
  6. "I liked the whole presentation."
  7. "It was very ingenious."
  8. "Your glad you've incapacitated me for the rest of the day?" -- this is my favorite

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