Sunday, January 11, 1998
January 1998 - email1
A reply to Cheryl Poulter telling her about my new found talent.... April was still here. So we watched Highander together, it was fun.  Well, a happy thing.....


Just ate my first (gary ordered) pizza. Now before you laugh at that,let me explain a little. THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH AT PIZZA HUT in JAPAN. Talk about doing something and then not realizing how much it was taken for granted. They did use a little English, but all the rest of it was in JPNese. I've had pizze here, the kind that is delievered to the home that is --- and have throughly enjoyed it, but I wasn't the order. This was my first, GARY ORDERED PIZZA. How about that. Glad to hear about the skiing stuff. I feel good about the fact that I could understand some, not all -- some of it was the HAI that is just a hopeful "yeah that's right, ..... i think" Anyway, Im gonna go shower and stuff now --- yes its late but all i did today was watch HIGHLANDER (via videos sent to me from a friend in CT) with my girl, April. I WAS(AM) happy!! haha. ciao cito
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