Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Juice - Addendum

Something I didn't add in my previous post needs to be added... Regret. I don't feel any. Especially for The Door. I said certain things many years ago and know that I wouldn't change a word. I'm not ready for spawns and I still don't know if or when I may want one/any. Humph. It's a monumental relief to feel no sense of regret. Sometimes things work out and sometimes a break is needed. Granted sometimes that break may last years and years and years but hey, it's just a beat in the monologue of life. LOL! OMG "that's pathetic" 'Mark in Rent' LOL, that really is pathetic. Alas. Time to start the day job. >BAMF<

10-06-2004 09:17 am

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