Wednesday, December 10, 1997
December 1997 - Email 1
This email was typed by the lovey and talented, nah... it's more fun to say the love in my life ---- April. She wrote it to our friend Sarah filling her in on what's happened so far. It' starts on the 20th of December...... Enjoy. Thanks babe . (for typing this to Sarah -- 64!)

    I have a little while to write you and say hi. I have been so busy, we have been going pretty much non stop since i got here.  I wil give you a quick run down of what we have done.

D1 = Dec. 20 -- D2 = Dec. 21-- D3 = Dec. 22 -- D4 = Dec. 23 -- D5 = Dec. 24 -- D6 = Dec. 25 -- D7 = Dec. 26 -- D8 = Dec. 27 -- D9 = Dec. 28 -- D10 = Dec.29 -- D11 = Dec.30 -- D12 = Dec.31 -- D13 = Jan. 1 -- D14 = Jan. 2 -- D15 = Jan. 3 -- D16 = Jan. 4 -- D17 = Jan. 5 -- D18 = Jan. 6 --

        So that is where i have gotten to so far.  Two full weeks with my hunee...as you see we have been super busy.  today gary and i are taking the day just to rest before we go out tonight.  i am glad to hear that you and mike aren't fighting as of your last email.  I am sorry it has taken this long for me to write you back.  talk to you soon...

        OH YEAH!!!  interesting piece of random inforamtion for your brain....you know that hanging thing without a purpose in the back of you throat called the uvula? Here, if you translate the japanese word for it directly you would get something called a swallow dick.  Yes that is right. There are a couple other fairly funny ones like, snot is translated into nose shit and ear wax is ear shit.
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