Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Ummpa Ummpa

I have NO idea why I chose - Ummpa Ummpa - as my title today. Matter does it? Noooooo! Of course not.

Well the good news is I just put on hold another flight for one Sha-None to visit CT and see New Zenith's production of Equus - SEE THIS SHOW! Happy happy! Details? Ah what the hell...

----- Flight 1 -----
Depart : Fort Lauderdale (FLL) at 07:35 PM - 10/29/2003
Arrive : New York (LGA) at 10:16 PM - 10/29/2003

----- Flight 2 -----
Depart : New York (LGA) at 07:45 PM - 11/02/2003
Arrive : Fort Lauderdale (FLL) at 10:51 PM - 11/02/2003

Freedom of Information Act my ass! Suck it! Where was I... ah yes, all is well and I smile. Why? Well obviously there were concerns that the cost would be to great. And let me tell ya - the prices I saw first from PBI to LGA were INSANE! $1900+ Un-friggin-believable!

Fortunately my web fu proved strong enough to make smiles bigger than a clown stuffed in a cab with his 20 friends. = )

10-07-2003 03:46 pm

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