Monday, April 12, 2004
Work Work and Work

Hoo-ha! The thoughts are just rolling out now. Rock. Last night, not during the dream stuff, or even before the dream stuff I had the chance to speak with Emma about something that's been racking her mind and body - the idea of a future job. HELL is what it is. There are things that suck and there are things that rip up apart inside. In my opinion this is one that grabs hold, rips, and then drops salt into the wound.

Over the past week she'd been preparing for a job interview which she was extremely excited about. Sadly it won't come about due to certain requirements. To those other worker bees out there you know that this can be one of the worst things. Rejection is bad, but disappointment is even worse.

I felt awful for her. She had her hopes up so high but was forced back to the ground only to find her world spinning around her. Everywhere she went she faced the 'what will i do' questions. = Totally sucks.

Happily, I think that there is a light of hope in her future. While we talked a couple ideas came about that's to that novel concept - brainstorming. There is no answer until something is definite but at least there is a light. I think.Yo yo yo Em, I hope it helped.

Speaking of a definite... Ms. None has decided to push forward with Diznee until January. Pending her acceptance of course, this shouldn't be a problem. If all turns out as desired I may be able to see her performing for Diznee. = O Now wouldn't that be a hoot! W3rd.

I feel as though I could keep writing for some reason this AM but I need to stop. Must stop. Stop me. Stop. Damn it, I'm not stopping. How will I stop. AH! I should have just read the Title of this post... WORK! The Mobius Strip strikes again. Dun dun dunnnnn.


Smiles today. Lotsa smiles.

04-12-2004 09:55 am

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